Will moving a PDF and Word Document library to a CMS negatively effect SEO on site redesign?

I’m redesigning a website built on an outdated platform, going from Asp.Net Web Forms to Gatsbyjs. The site has a PDF and Word Document library that is stored locally on the web host, so a link to a pdf would be something like:


It would be much easier, and more dynamic for my client, to store the PDF’s and documents on the Contentful cms. However, I’m concerned whether Google will look negatively on these resources no longer being located on the domain itself.

Any info on this would be appreciated.

How to remap one of the TinyMCE Advanced Editor button to open the wordpress media library?

I am using the TinyMCE advanced editor for my WordPress site. I want the users in the frontend to be able to upload images using the WordPress media gallery, and for this purpose I would like to remap the Insert/edit image button, or add a new button (whichever is more feasible) to open the WordPress media gallery, so that the Authors can add captions and alt text to their images:

enter image description here

I have been searching on the internet about this, but haven’t found anything fruitful yet.

Can someone help in this regard?

Dequeue Gutenburg Block Library CSS (‘wp-block-library’) in Admin

I am working on removing the default Gutenberg block library stylesheet and replacing it with custom pared-down styles. I do not want the original stylesheet to load on either the front or back end, as it means I’d need to add unnecessary bulk to the custom styles in order to override styles in the default stylesheet.

I’ve successfully dequeued the styles from the front end using the standard in a wp_enqueue_scripts action:

function test_function(){     wp_dequeue_style('wp-block-library'); } add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'test_function' ); 

However, this does not dequeue the styles from the block editor. I have tried dequeuing from an admin_init action as well, and that also does not remove the styles from the block editor.

Is it possible to dequeue this stylesheet from both the front-end and the admin block editor?

Unity 2D animated tiles library: IsSelected variable not working or not present within RuleTileEditor.cs

I have just tried downloading a library which will allow me to add animated tiles to unity. I have been following this tutorial:http://shadowpeakstudios.com/2018/10/22/unity-tutorial-animated-tiles/

It told me to download this library in order to work the animated tiles: https://github.com/Unity-Technologies/2d-extras

After this the tutorial told me to unzip the library and place it into my assets folder. It loaded into my assets folder and then got the following error:

Assetsd-extras-masterd-extras-master\Editor\Tiles\RuleTile\RuleTileEditor.cs(277,26): error  CS1061: 'ReorderableList' does not contain a definition for 'IsSelected' and no accessible extension  method 'IsSelected' accepting a first argument of type 'ReorderableList' could be found (are you  missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) 

Does anyone perhaps know why this error is occuring.

Disabling Media Library and Bypassing it

Actually I am facing an issue and I am new to WordPress. I want to disable the Media Library for non_admin Users. I want that the Users on my site can upload images without having to upload it through WordPress window. I simply don’t want "Upload featured image" Window to show up every time a user wants to upload an image. I researched this topic a lot but couldn’t find a correct answer. enter image description here

How to prevent WordPress Media Library from removing image?

I have a custom post type that must have its feature image. Its feature image also appears in the Media Library where user can delete the image/attachment file permanently. But I want to prevent user from deleting the feature image of my custom post type. So I use the following hook to intercept the ajax request, validate if user is deleting the image of my custom post type and stop the process by using wp_die().

add_filter('pre_delete_attachment', 'check_my_custom_post_type', 0, 2); function check_my_custom_post_type($  delete, $  post) {     if (Yes it is image of my custom type) {         wp_die('My message', 'My title', ['response' => 400]);     } } 

It works fine on the server side. The image of my custom post type cannot be deleted. But Media Library, on the client side, still removes the image from its views even the image on the server side has not been deleted and an exception 400 has been thrown.

How to prevent Media Library from removing images from its views on the client side if image has not been deleted on the server side?

To all html & css lovers. We made this UI Library for you :)

We announced Frontendor.com HTML blocks & templates library last days after we focused on three essentials gaols:

✦ Neat code, easy to customize
✦ Separate blocks, easy to integrate
✦ Create landing pages by COPY-PASTE.

This way, we can build a new landing page every time just by copying the HTML & CSS from our library.

We would love to hear your very honest feedback and suggestion. Thank you.

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To all html & css lovers. We made this UI Library for you :)

What is the possible character set for the jsonwebtoken nodejs library?

I see a lot of folks using the following for a private key when using the jsonwebtoken library:

const hexStr = require('crypto').randomBytes(64).toString('hex') 

But this returns a character set of only 0-9 and a-f. Not a good practice it seems.

jwt.sign({ name: kennedy }, hexStr); 

However this approach is seeming a much better, more secure approach as now we’re using the full character set as binary data:

jwt.sign({ name: kennedy }, Buffer.from(hexStr, 'hex').toString()) 

Thoughts on this? Is the second approach a better one? I’m just looking for affirmation (or not!) that I’m doing it correctly.