Software License geneators

Can someone suggest any license generators that can spit out a legally sound license?

What I want is a turnkey solution for making licenses. So I can selectively choose to include things like “open for reading but not selling”.

I would prefer if it works for both open source and proprietary software.

So a braindead person like myself can create software, but not get ripped off easily.

Can I license code I contributed to an open-source project under my own name

I have been a contributor to an open source project for some time. When I wrote code for that project, I would start each file with something like:

// Copyright (c) 2019, The Project Developers // // Please see the included LICENSE file for more information. 

Now, I am creating a new project, and would like to re-use some code I wrote for the open source project. Since I wrote the code myself, can I replace that copyright header with something like…

// Copyright (c) 2019, Zpalmtree // // Please see the included LICENSE file for more information. 

In this case, I think both the license of the original project, and the new project are the same – GPLv3. I’m not sure if that would make a difference.

If a file has multiple contributors, I imagine I would have to leave the original copyright intact. I am mainly interested in cases where the file was only written by me.

I have not found much info regarding this on the web – I seem to only find results on re licensing code which was originally under your own copyright, which I think is a little different.


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Can I Change My License Name

Hi guys 1st Question Comes Here Why Do You Need To Change Your License Name
I Had A Client And I Have Done Alot OF Work For Him And He Had A Website Created And Now Its Offline And He Also Had Gsa Ranker And Gave That to me , Free No No Actually i told i have done work for him so he given me the software as for the work i have done for him and So Guys Can I Change My Username of that license and change it to mine

Does using a package of Affero GPL license in a large app mean the entire app has to be GNU?

I can’t figure out if Affero GPL only applies to any modifications made of the Affero GPL licensed software or ALL software that touches ANY Affero GPL software.

For example: I have a SaaS app where server side I have a function that responds to customer input, and modifies customer input using a Affero GPL licensed package.

from gplPackage import gpl  def myFunction(x):     x = x + 1     x = gpl(x)     return x 

So myFunction, which I wrote, calls a Affero GPL licensed function. Does this mean I have to release myFunction to the public under a Affero GPL license? Or would I only have to give away / give people the code for gplPackage?

I would like to use a Affero GPL licensed package in my app, but do not want to make my entire application, even stuff that I wrote myself, public.

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simulation of a software license overuse: cloning of the license manager virtual server

I’m working in a small company, which is an independent software vendor. Our license manager handles floating licenses, it is hosted on a server in the client company. We check the mac address and the host name of the server to validate the installation. I try to simulate the case of an overuse of the licenses: the licence manager server is installed on a virtual machine, with, for example host name=A and mac address=X. It handles 10 floating licenses. This virtual machine is cloned. The cloned machine has a host name=B and a mac address=X. Both machines have different IP address. The machine B has also a licence manager but it can’t run because of the host name which is not compliant to the licence file. I change the host name of the cloned machine from B to A. But the first server doesn’t work anymore probably because there are two machines on the network with the same host name. I’m not specialized in licensing neither in network, so I write this message here to gather any ideas, in order to have a better comprehension of the underlaying mechanisms and orient my tests. I’m focusing now on establishing a sub network to avoid conflicts, but it looks tricky. Thank you.