Why do people hide their license plates in the EU?

I often recognise that people blur their license plates on pictures on the internet in Germany. I can’t figure out what’s the fuss. The information is public nevertheless (I mean it’s on your vehicle), nobody but appropriated authorities can get any data out of it, and people also do it on platforms where they are identifiable anyways (Facebook, car selling platforms etc.).

So what’s the problem of having your license plate visible on the internet (in Germany/EU)?

GoMoviesHub.co for sale! Contents + Great Potential Domain + Dooplay License

Why are you selling this site?
I am starting another projects!

How is it monetized?
I took all my ads off, but using affiliates, button ads works really well.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
It's pretty much auto.

What challenges are there with running this site?
No challenges, maybe an hour a day will do.

Is a German travel license in Florida valid?

Morning everyone, I have a German driver’s license and am planning to do a trip to Miami for 2 weeks, I was looking online for car to rent and I’ve found this:

General Rental Information

Driver’s License Requirements

Driver’s license printed with non Roman Alphabet (Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Cyrillic etc) must be complemented by an international driver’s license. For driver’s licenses from countries not part of the international driver’s license treaty, an official translation of the license must be presented with the original license.

so, is my German license valid to rent a car in Miami??


Can I consider a license that is gpl-2 with no mention of “only” or of “any later version” as gpl-2 or later version?

I understand that the gpl-2 only license cannot mix with the gpl-3 license. On places like github, gpl-2 licenses are not labelled as gpl-2 only or gpl-2 or later licenses. Can I treat the gpl-2 license without a mention of “only” or “later” as a gpl-2 or later license and mix it with gpl-3 code under a new gpl-3 license?

Making complex UI easier – User License

  • I have an admin portal for a Staff / Tech Support to check USB Dongle license information and help customers solve problems

  • The client interface is much simpler, but due to legacy data and how the hardware was built years ago I can’t reduce these fields for the staff users

  • If the account has multiple licenses, then I display a series of
    accordions, so each one is a license/dongleenter image description here

I moved the important information to the top.

Some options I thought to improve user experience:

  1. Contextual (can hide some fields in some cases, but my dev says it could be very expensive), like Network licenses could be hidden if the product level is not network, the same thing for lease
  2. An inexpensive option could be tabs or nested accordions, but I wonder whether those are really user-friendly
  3. Working on visual hierarchy

License Issue

Hi Sven,

I tried emailing about this,  but your answers are horrible and just accusing.

But as you should know sven,  i have over 40 copies of SER that I’ve BOUGHT.  I also have over 40 copies of Captcha breaker that i’ve BOUGHT as well.  Now when i switched hosting providers and you shut down my license because of multiple IP address’s of course there would be.   IF there are issues with my provider of course I’m going to switch.

When I tell you that i’m switching providers this is the email i get in reply.

“well indeed it is an ongoing problem with license you own. It’s always the same, you keep abusing them all the time and I also can not belive it is stolen or cracked or whatsoever.

With Best Regards

Sven Bansemer”

Mind you this is only the 3rd time i’ve switched hosting providers well since SER came out.  The last time I switched hosting providers You gave me the same response. Now you are forcing me to buy another 2 licenses because you deactivated the others.  I’ve always been a great supporter of SER and active in the community as well as buying more licenses than I actually need mainly because I don’t feel like you are getting the money that you should from SER. But to accuse me of Stealing or Using cracked software.  Well I’m a bit offended by that.

Night vision camera got a picture but it was just a blank white rectangle from the license plate lights. Is there any way to get the numbers?

Recently, we had a problem with people doing donuts in our parking lot. We have the cameras in place but the night vision camera couldn’t see the license plate because of the lights that illuminate the plate. It looked like a blank, white rectangle where the license plate should be. ​

Is there anything I can do in Photoshop or something of the sort in order to get the plate numbers?

Will my “violation of restricted license” charge mean I can’t get a Canadian transit visa?

I had a violation of restricted license charge in 2005. I had to go to court. Since it was my first offense, the judge did an “Adjudication Withheld” and I only had to pay a fine. Will that deny me entry to Canada, even if I am just transferring planes in YUL? I have a US Passport.