Can a character with the War Caster feat call a bolt with Call Lightning instead of making an opportunity attack?

One of my players has a 6th level druid character, and he asked me if, as long as he had the War Caster feat, he could invoke an active Call Lightning spell and use a reaction to call down a new bolt of lightning as an opportunity attack.

Is it possible to use War Caster and Call Lightning this way?

What are some proposed privacy features coming to the bitcoin lightning network?

If I’m correct, a bitcoin sent into a lightning channel technically looks like any Bitcoin transaction. From there if the channel never closes, the Bitcoins can essentially stay in a “locked” state in that channel which can give it some interesting properties such as the most needed feature in Bitcoin, privacy & fungibility.

What are some projects that are currently implementing privacy features into the Bitcoin lightning network? If there aren’t any, what has been discussed that could be possible?

How Lightning Networks protect itself from ‘Selfish Mining’?

It is a well accepted fact that mining pools do engage in ‘selfish mining’ by not broadcasting a block to the network when they find a PoW solution, but building on top of that block so as to maximize revenue. Now from the point of view of lightning nodes that are creating a HTLC, assume that the blockchain height is ‘h’. A HTLC is forwarded by the origin node and each node on the way uses 1 block of CLTV_expiry_delta (say there are 5 intermediary nodes). But soon after the final node reveals the pre-image to its peer, 3 blocks gets relayed simultaneously. Now, it may be the case that even after including a buffer, some nodes along the path can get exposed as its peer can relay the transaction to the blockchain due to timeout. Is there a protocol in place to stop intermediary nodes from getting vulnerable due to selfish mining?

How can I create HTLCs below dust_limit_satoshi in Lightning Network?

BOLT#2 documentation for open_channel message has two points (dust_limit_satoshi and htlc_min_msat) in the data message that I found confusing. Below is the statement related to dust_limit_satoshi:

dust_limit_satoshis is the threshold below which outputs should not be generated for this node’s commitment or HTLC transactions (i.e. HTLCs below this amount plus HTLC transaction fees are not enforceable on-chain)

and for htlc_minimum_msat

htlc_minimum_msat indicates the smallest value HTLC this node will accept.

My question is how will I be able to accept a htlc with value that is in sub-satoshi, if my dust_limit_satoshi is in Satoshis? As per my understanding and the first statement in quotes, my node will not accept HTLC transactions that are below the dust_limit. If that is the case why not enforce that htlc_minimum_msat > dust_limit_satoshi?

Eclair Lightning Node With Core Version 18

When attempting to open channels in lightning network I get Signrawtransaction was removed in v0.18. Clients should transition to signrawtransactionwith key and signrawtransactionwith wallet (code: -32) I know that Signrawtranaction was a depricated RPC call in version 0.17 but could still be used however was removed in version 0.18. Is there a workaround for this this for Eclair v0.2-beta9?