How to host WordPress Website on Amazon Lightsail Windows_server_2016

I want to host my running wordpress website on a amazon lightsail windows server 2016.

I have created one instance at Amazon Lightsail where Platform is Linux/Unix and choose WordPress as an application. Using this WordPress, I have designed one website and it is running using Lightsail instance IP[xx.xx.xx.xx]. I have created another instance at Amazon lightsail in Windows server 2016. I have installed Geoserver 2.11.0 in this server, where Tomcat 8.0 is working as server let. Some vector Layers I have added at Geoserver. In my wordpress website I have added Google Map. Now I want to fetch those layers on to Google map.This is my actual target point. To do this I want to host wordpress website on Amazon Lightsail windows Instance. Is it possible? If possible then how?

How to change the FQDN on a Lightsail instance?

I’ve spent the last number of hours trying to work out what’s causing the error “hostname: Name or service not known” to be produced when I run the command “hostname -f” on the latest version of Debian 9. When I run “hostname” I get the hostname ok though and I suspect that it is something to do with the fact that lightsail automatically alters the FQDN hosts.debian.tmpl file (I think). How to I change the FQDN on a Lightsail instance successfully?

How to migrate a website from Azure to Aws Lightsail

I have a portfolio website and manage its hosting – and I’m horrible at it. I first used godaddy where I bought my domain and set up the DNS and all that stuff. Godaddy was supper easy – just upload my website files and done. However I decided to try Azure which seems to be more ‘application’ based vs web hosting. After about a year I feel Azure is too complicated for my skill level and too pricey. Aws Lightsail starts at a very low price point and from what I can tell can offer more memory than I need at this point. However trying to get my website from Azure to Aws is eluding me.

Does anyone have any experience with this can can offer advice?

Linking an existing Amazon Lightsail High-Availability database to Plesk (lightsail instance)

Posting this in case it helps someone else as well:

I’m trying to link an existing amazon lightsail high-availability MySQL instance to a Plesk (v17.8.11) instance (located in the same region and AZ).

Going to Tools & Settings-> Database Servers -> I’m adding the database server instance, however it fails with:

“Error: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known”

What init system do Amazon Linux AMI Lightsail instances use? And how to auto-respawn services?

What init system do Amazon Linux AMI instances use on Amazon Lightsail?

The AWS documentation says to use “User Data” scripts, which doesn’t apply to Lightsail I don’t think.

I know that it’s based on RedHat, which I understood to use systemd, but there’s no /etc/systemd.

There’s no /etc/init, and the files in /etc/init.d/ don’t end in .conf (or look like upstart files), so it’s not upstart, but yet /etc/init/rc.conf makes mention of upstart.

I know there were about a hundred different systems before upstart. I think Sys V Init is the classic… I don’t even remember what Sys V Init looks like. Is that what it is?

It’s got all the /etc/rcx.ds, a prime suspect for sysvinit, and the /etc/init.d/ files look like sysvinit, and ‘chkconfig’ is installed, but yet the comments in /etc/inittab again mention upstart and say that the config is ignored… I’m so confused.

Is it some “special” version of sysvinit? Or are the comments wrong?

If it is a non-standard sysvinit, how do I get services to respawn?

How to find out RAM speed and L2 L3 cahce sizes of AWS EC2 & lightsail instances

On my desktop

$   sudo lshw -short -C memory H/W path              Device     Class       Description ======================================================== /0/0                             memory      64KiB BIOS /0/27                            memory      16GiB System Memory /0/27/0                          memory      [empty] /0/27/1                          memory      8GiB DIMM DDR4 Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered) 2133 MHz (0.5 ns) /0/27/2                          memory      [empty] /0/27/3                          memory      8GiB DIMM DDR4 Synchronous Unbuffered (Unregistered) 2133 MHz (0.5 ns) /0/29                            memory      768KiB L1 cache /0/2a                            memory      4MiB L2 cache /0/2b                            memory      16MiB L3 cache 

shows RAM speed( 2133 MHz ), L2 cache size(4MiB) & L3 cache size(16MiB)

But the same command on AWS EC2 instance

$   sudo lshw -short -C memory H/W path    Device  Class      Description ========================================== /0/0                memory     96KiB BIOS /0/1000             memory     4GiB System Memory /0/1000/0           memory     4GiB DIMM RAM 

and AWS lightsail instance

H/W path    Device  Class      Description ========================================== /0/0                memory     96KiB BIOS /0/1000             memory     8GiB System Memory /0/1000/0           memory     8GiB DIMM RAM 

do not show these values.

How is it possible to know these values on AWS EC2 and Lightsail instances?