Will dm-verity protect against firmware malware on storage devices likes HDD or SSD?

Malware on the firmware level can potentially mess with data on the storage device. There is no point in doing that for encrypted data except maybe corruption. But what about a smartphone or other device with dm-verity where the system partition is not encrypted. Could this kind of malware break dm-verity?

Group with split likes in DnD game: role playing and combat

I’m running a game for 4 people, 1 of which has played DnD before. I have only ran a 1st session. This session lasted for about 5 or 6 hours, and it seems that it was a lot of fun for them. I will run the "Dragon of Icespire Peak" campaign, but haven’t even started the 1st town or quests.

At the end, one of the people told me that he basically enjoyed substantially more the role playing than the combat. Almost as if he disliked the combat (he is a half elf warlock drag queen with a very interesting back story). From his interaction with the group, it was clear that he loves role playing, he acts it all out, and it is great fun for everyone when this happens. But the others also like fighting.

So I’m wondering how you would go about making it fun for everyone in this way? What to do in this situation? I understand that the obvious answer is "Run a story driven campaign with a few combats here and there", but perhaps there is better solution?

Why do we need security measure likes control flow integrity and buffer overflow guard if we have good access control protocol in place?

Reading into information security, I noticed two branches. Access control when communication with external device by using some type of cryptographic authentication and encryption mechanism and things like control flow integrity. My question is why do we need the latter if former is good enough. Are there example of control flow exploits on access control protocol implementation themselves? My focus is mainly on embedded devices.

Fetch likes count

I’m using Buddypress with rtmedia plugin. What I’m trying to achieve is to display total media likes count of each members’ gallery on their respective header. I tried this code but it always displays 0… Maybe someone can help

function custom_rtmedia_likes() {     global $  rtmedia;       $  likecount = intval( $  rtmedia->likes ); ?>   <p>     <span id="media-likes"><?php echo $  likecount; ?> Likes</span>   </p> <?php   }   add_action('bp_before_member_header_meta', 'custom_rtmedia_likes'); 

Modern Page Likes – REST API

On a SharePoint Modern site, at the bottom of each page there is a small footer that contains the Like button and number of views.

Where does this like count go though?

It is not stored in the classic LikesCount column as I expected and I cannot find any documentation on it anywhere.

Can this data even be retrieved by the REST API?

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