Where do you break long contact details that run over one line?

For example an email address for one area of the company is something like “businesssupport@ourcompanyname.com”

Though we can do many alternatives (links, forms etc.) so you don’t see this long contact, we’ve found that people want to know where it’s going.

The longer contact address proves a challenge on mobile and in different components of the page.

  1. Where’s a good breakpoint for email?

  2. What’s an alternative approach when you have to display a really long single word?

Exim mainlog meaning of the auth_relay log line

In /var/log/exim/mainlog was two lines related to my hosting account with username "user" and account domain "domain.net".
it is claimed to be related to SPAM and i want to ask if you can please explain in detail how to read these log lines so i can find exactly how the site is exploited by the spammer so i can fix this. Thank You

 messageid1 ** me@gmail.com F=<user@domain.net> R=smart_route T=auth_relay H=smtp.mailchannels.net [] X=TLSv1.2:DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384:256...
Code (markup):

Exim mainlog meaning of the auth_relay log line

Is there a way to forward unknown land line callers to a specific number in a manner similar to nomorobo?

My parents are getting up there in age and recently, my dad asked me about a message on his answering machine from “Apple” saying his account was “compromised”. After having educated him on phishing calls, I’m somewhat exasperated that he thought the message was authentic, so I had an idea to manually screen calls for him that aren’t from a whitelist.

I looked through the features from his landline voice provider to look for an unknown caller forwarding option, but there does not appear to be a way to forward calls from callers not on a whitelist. You can only forward specific callers or all callers. Nor did I want to enable the ‘accept selected callers’ feature because there’s no way to screen legitimate calls, including calls from 911.

I set up nomorobo for my parents about a year or so ago (but it doesn’t seem to block spoofers like the “Apple” caller) and I was wondering if there was some service that did something similar, but instead of working from a list of known scam numbers and block them, I’d like it to check the caller against a whitelist I set up and if not on the whitelist, forward the call to me and allow me to decide whether to let the call through or not (e.g. press 1 to add the caller to the whitelist and forward the call back to my dad – or 2 to blacklist them & hang up).

As a person with elderly parents and increasing phishing on the elderly, it seems like such a service would be popular, at least for this niche group. I found a service in the UK called “Fuss Free Phones” that has operators that essentially do what I’m proposing, but they’re shutting down (probably because it’s a bad business model to employ real-person operators to handle today’s scam volume). But if you crowd-source the “operators”, to those who actually care about the person being called, maybe it could work.

When gpg encrypt is called from the command line, how is a key chosen to do the encryption?

I am using GnuPG. When gpg encrypt is called from the command line, how is a key chosen to do the encryption? It appears to me that -r, or –recipient, supplies a user id and that is the simple answer. I believe all of the examples I have looked at they show an email address for recipient, which is required input when creating your key. However, I was able to create 2 keys with the exact same user name, comment, and email address. How does gpg pick a key if there are two keys that have identical email addresses and that email address is used for the recipient? It seems to me like using key id would be the best way to do this, but I do not see that option.

Emitir Audio que proviene de line in por salida hdmi en ubuntu

Tengo una ubuntu 16.04 que tengo conectado a un proyector por hdmi, he configurado el sonido seleccionado el output para el hdmi,

como en esta web https://itsfoss.com/how-to-fix-no-sound-through-hdmi-in-external-monitor-in-ubuntu/

el caso es que si reproduzco video de youtube o cual otra aplicación el audio se reproduce por el proyector pero lo que quiero es

enviar al proyector el audio que entra por el line in de la tarjeta de sonido y eso no puedo. Si selecciono los speakers, el audio que entra por el line in

si se reproduce correctamente. El caso es que los vumeters de configuracón de las entradas si se mueven por lo que si entra el audio, el problema es no sale por el hdmi.

He mirado el alsamixer y parece que está ok, ¿Puede ser problema del driver de la tarjeta grafica que es la que tiene la salida hdmi? El sistema está recien instalado y por defecto. La tarjeta de sonido es integrada en placa base. He Probado con una tarjeta USB sencilla y lo mismo.

Alguna idea? (El mismo equipo en windows lo hace bien.)


3D line segment AABB collision, with hit normal?

I’m embarrassed I can’t find this, but I’m wanting to detect intersection with a 3D line segment (not an infinite ray) with a 3D AABB, the AABB being defined as two Vec3f’s which represent the Min and Max extents. So the AABB can be arbitrarily-sized. I also need the surface normal of the AABB, if there was a hit.

From looking at similar algorithms I at least know it seems good to calculate the inverse direction of the line beforehand, at least, if you’re needing to check against multiple AABBs per frame.

I have

struct AABB {     VEC3F min;     VEC3F max; };  // a and b representing start/end points of the line segment // returns true if intersects, also fills out "normal" if true bool LineIntersectsAABB(const VEC3F& a, const VEC3F& b,     const VEC3F& inv_dir, const AABB& aabb,     VEC3F* normal); 

The implementations I’ve found either do not find the hit normal, and/or they’re intended for boxes/cubes where the three dimensions of the box are always equal length, which doesn’t work for me. Implementations seem to vary greatly, which is confusing for me (who is trying to understand it), and, considering that I need the hit normal, I’d imagine that that may rule out certain implementations.

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