Msg 8114, Level 16 , State 5, Line 1 Error converting data type nvarchar to float error

Just having some issue when trying to combine table using the union function keep getting this error as above

Msg 8114, Level 16 , State 5, Line 1
Error converting data type nvarchar to float error

SELECT * FROM dbo.['202004-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION ALL  SELECT * FROM dbo.['202005-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION All SELECT * FROM dbo.['202006-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION all  SELECT * FROM dbo.['202007-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION all SELECT * FROM dbo.['202008-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION all SELECT * FROM dbo.['202009-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM dbo.['202010-divvy-tripdata$  '] UNION ALL SELECT * FROM dbo.['202011-divvy-tripdata$  '] (UNION ALL SELECT * FROM dbo.['202012-divvy-tripdata$  ']) -----> here is where it stops working and I get an error message as shown above.  

Can I get help on this?

Collider for Unity Line Renderer

I have several line renderers that are using as gas pipelines. A user can select one end of the pipe and attach it to one connector. Now the problem is some pipes (line renderer) are overlapping and penetrating with each other. Is there any way to avoid penetration using colliders so they look realistic?

2D Isometric Movement – Straight Line to Mouse Position

I’m developing a 2d isometric game on a engine made by myself (as a way to practice Java), however i’m stuck on what it seems to be a math problem, since I’m very bad at it. I can’t figure out to get the angle and change the X and Y velocity based on the angle.

I wish I could have some help on how to implement a 360 degree movement system based on Mouse Position, but the character should move in a straight line, based on the mouse angle relative to the center of the screen (where the player will be). The screen itself should work like a compass, and where the mouse clicks on it, the character should walk on said angle.

Example, my native resolution is 512×288. Center point is 256×144. So, If I click in in the coordinate of X = 256 and Y is 0~144, the character should walk on a perfect stright line upwards. If Y is 145~288, then, a perfect line downwards.

Any help is welcome!

enter image description here

SQLite command line shell stuck on …> , CTRL+D not working

I’ve just started learning Databases, and the instructor is teaching SQLite with the command line shell. I downloaded from

When I enter false commands, like the first two you can see, I get the correct error messages. But when I enter a syntax error: ("Steve, 87654) for example, it’s stuck on …> waiting for more input.
After searching on the internet, users suggested the solution "CTRL+D", but it doesn’t work for me. CTRL+C however just exits sqlite3.

My question: How do I get out of …> to continue with my commands? Why CTRL+D doesn’t work for me, to get out of the …> because of the syntax error or other possible causes? How do I fix my problem?

C:\Users\myUser>sqlite3 test.db SQLite version 3.35.4 2021-04-02 15:20:15 Enter ".help" for usage hints. sqlite> SELECT * FROM contacts; Tim|654321| Brian|1234| sqlite> INSERT INTO contacts VALUES("Steve", 87654); Error: table contacts has 3 columns but 2 values were supplied sqlite> INSERT INTO contacts VALUES(Steve, 87654); Error: no such column: Steve sqlite> INSERT INTO contacts VALUES("Steve, 87654);  // Intentional for demonstration //    ...> ^D  // Entered CTRL+D //    ...> ;    ...>     // Entered CTRL+C // Error: unrecognized token: ""Steve, 87654)"  C:\Users\myUser> 

How to break line / add to ADMIN menu

Disclaimer: This question is not about "frontend" nav menu

I am looking for a way how to break line in a menu item label in WP admin sidebar menu, sidereason is that the custom post type label I am registering is too long for 1 line and I don’t really want to mess with the width of the admin menu.

I tried adding both "\n" and <br> into the custom post type label, but <br> gets escaped and line breaks are not converted.

I tried to look on the Internet, but I mainly found articles how to line break in "frontend" menu items which is not what I am looking for.

Is there some sort of filter or other way to do this?

Note: I would also like to avoid tinkering with anything global or special characters like nonbreaking hyphen, if possible
Note2: I know there is auto linebreak in place, however I need a manually added line break because the term is in some-thing format so it breaks on dash which is unwanted behavior

How to fix warning in php : Warning: Undefined variable $nameError in C:\xampp\htdocs\mysql\insert.php on line 84

As a beginner in PHP, I was trying to learn how PHP runs along with MySQL. So I was practicing how to insert data into a database using a form. So far this is what I did.

<?php error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_WARNING);   define( "TITLE", "GET &amp; POST" );  if( isset( $  _POST["post_submit"] ) ) {          // build a function that validates data     function validateFormData( $  formData ) {         $  formData = trim( stripslashes( htmlspecialchars( $  formData ) ) );         return $  formData;     }          // check to see if inputs are empty     // create variables with form data     // wrap the data with our function          if( !$  _POST["post_name"] ) {         $  nameError = "Please enter your name <br>";     } else {         $  name = validateFormData( $  _POST["post_name"] );     }          if( !$  _POST["post_email"] ) {         $  emailError = "Please enter your email <br>";     } else {         $  email = validateFormData( $  _POST["post_email"] );     }      } 


<head>          <meta charset="utf-8">     <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">     <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1">      <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title>      <!-- Bootstrap CSS -->     <link rel="stylesheet" href="">      <!-- HTML5 shim and Respond.js for IE8 support of HTML5 elements and media queries -->     <!-- WARNING: Respond.js doesn't work if you view the page via file:// -->     <!--[if lt IE 9]>         <script src=""></script>         <script src=""></script>     <![endif]--> </head>  <body>     <div class="container">         <h1><?php echo TITLE; ?></h1>                  <h4>Submitted via $  _GET</h4>         <form action="form_get.php" method="get">             <input type="text" placeholder="Name" name="name">             <input type="text" placeholder="Email" name="email">             <input type="submit" name="form_submit">         </form>                  <hr>                  <h4>Submitted via $  _POST</h4>         <form action="form_post.php" method="post">             <input type="text" placeholder="Name" name="post_name">             <input type="text" placeholder="Email" name="post_email">             <input type="submit" name="post_submit">         </form>          <hr>          <h4>Submitted to current page</h4>                  <p class="text-danger">* Required fields</p>                  <form action="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($  _SERVER['PHP_SELF']); ?>" method="post">                          <small class="text-danger">* <?php echo $  nameError; ?></small>             <input type="text" placeholder="Name" name="post_name"><br><br>                          <small class="text-danger">* <?php echo $  emailError; ?></small>             <input type="text" placeholder="Email" name="post_email"><br><br>             <input type="submit" name="post_submit">         </form>                  <?php                          if( isset($  _POST["post_submit"]) ) {                 echo "<h4>Your info</h4>";                 echo "$  name <br> $  email <br>";             }          ?>                                </div>          <!-- jQuery -->     <script src="//"></script>          <!-- Bootstrap JS -->     <script src="//"></script> </body> 

When I wasn’t using error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_WARNING) it kept showing this warning message [ Warning: Undefined variable $ nameError in C:\xampp\htdocs\mysql\insert.php on line 84 ].

Can anyone help me why it’s showing that there is an undefined variable? Cause I think I defined this variable at the top portion of PHP code.

And is it a good practice to use the error_reporting() function to suppress the warning message from showing?

D&D 3.5e: How exactly do you calculate changing a Line into a Cone?

Exactly as the title is asking. But to be more specific, I am asking for the purposes of the Shape Breath Metabreath feat. As the feat says:

If you have a line-shaped breath weapon, you can opt to shape it into a cone. Likewise, if you have a cone-shaped breath weapon, you can shape it into a line. When you use this feat, add +1 to the number of rounds you must wait before using your breath weapon again.

Comparing this to the breath weapon of a Dragonborn of Bahamut, which is a Line with a range of 5ft per hit die, how would you calculate converting the breath weapon into a cone? Would a 6th-level Dragonborn of Bahamut breath out a 30ft cone? Or would the length of the cone be reduced?

Plotting horizontal line on Manipulate Plot

I have the following code, which outputs a Manipulate style plot. I want to draw a horizontal line on the plot related to q, with equation: y = Roche[\[rho]].

My code is as follows:

Constants  au = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "AstronomicalUnit"], "Meters"]];  c = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "SpeedOfLight"], "MetersPerSecond"]];  Qpr = 1;  Lsun = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "SolarLuminosity"], "Watts"]];  Rsun = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "SolarRadius"], "Meters"]];  Msun = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "SolarMass"], "Kilograms"]];  G = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "GravitationalConstant"], ("Meters"^2*"Newtons")/"Kilograms"^2]];  year = QuantityMagnitude[UnitConvert[Quantity[1, "Years"], "Seconds"]];  Myr = year*10^6;  Gyr = year*10^9;  Mwd = 0.6*Msun;  Cst = 1.27;  U = 1*10^17;   Functions  L[t_] := (3.26*Lsun*(Mwd/(0.6*Msun)))/(0.1 + t/Myr)^1.18;  Roche[dens_] := (0.65*Cst*Rsun*(Mwd/(0.6*Msun))^(1/3))/(dens/3000)^3^(-1);  Papsis[t_] := a[t]*(1 - e[t]);   Radiative Drag  RDdadtR\[Rho]a = -((3*L[t]*Qpr*(2 + 3*e[t]^2))/(c^2*(16*Pi*2000*Rast*a[t]*(1 - e[t]^2)^(3/2))));  RDdedtR\[Rho]a = -((15*L[t]*e[t])/(c^2*(32*Pi*Rast*2000*a[t]^2*Sqrt[1 - e[t]^2])));   Null  RDsolR\[Rho]a = ParametricNDSolveValue[{Derivative[1][a][t] == RDdadtR\[Rho]a, Derivative[1][e][t] == RDdedtR\[Rho]a, a[0] == a0, e[0] == 3/10}, {a, e}, {t, 0, 9*Gyr},      {Rast, \[Rho], a0}];   fRDticks = {{Automatic, Automatic}, {Charting`FindTicks[{0, 1}, {0, 1/Myr}], Automatic}};   Manipulate[Column[{Style["Working Plot", Bold], Plot[fun[func, t]/scale[func], {t, 0, 9*Gyr}, FrameTicks -> fRDticks,       PlotStyle -> {Directive[Blue, Thickness[0.01]]}], Style["Compiled Plot", Bold],      If[comp === {}, Plot[fun[func, t]/scale[func], {t, 0, 9*Gyr}, FrameTicks -> fRDticks, PlotStyle -> {Directive[Blue, Thickness[0.01]]}],       Plot[comp, {t, 0, 9*Gyr}, FrameTicks -> fRDticks, PlotStyle -> {Directive[Blue, Thickness[0.01]]}]]}], {{func, 1}, {1 -> "a", 2 -> "e", 3 -> "q"}},    {{Rast, 0.005}, 0.0001, 0.1, 0.001, Appearance -> "Labeled"}, {{\[Rho], 3000}, 1000, 7000, 50, Appearance -> "Labeled"},    {{a0, 10, "a0 (au)"}, 2, 20, 0.2, Appearance -> "Labeled"}, Button["Append", AppendTo[comp, fun[func, t]]], Button["Reset", comp = {}],    TrackedSymbols -> {func, Rast, \[Rho], a0}, Initialization :> {comp = {}, fun[sel_, t_] := Switch[sel, 1, RDsolR\[Rho]a[Rast, \[Rho], a0*au][[1]][t], 2,        RDsolR\[Rho]a[Rast, \[Rho], a0*au][[2]][t], 3, RDsolR\[Rho]a[Rast, \[Rho], a0*au][[1]][t]*(1 - RDsolR\[Rho]a[Rast, \[Rho], a0*au][[2]][t])],      scale[sel_] := Switch[sel, 1 | 3, au, 2, 1]}]  

I have tried to use Epilog but no line was displayed.

Any help would be appreciated.