getting error “end expected at line 34”

the code is as follows

Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice") 

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject(“”) dim Input Sapi.speak “Please type, what you want to open?” Input=inputbox (“Please type, what you want to open.”) If Input = “youtube” OR Input = “Youtube” then Sapi.speak “Opening youtube” “” else If Input = “instructables” OR Input = “Instructables” then Sapi.speak “Opening instructables” “” else If Input = “google” OR Input = “Google” then Sapi.speak “Opening google” “” else If Input = “command prompt” OR Input = “Command prompt” then Sapi.speak “Opening command prompt” “cmd” else If Input = “calculator” OR Input = “Calculator” then Sapi.speak “Opening calculator” “calc” else If Input = “notepad” OR Input = “Notepad” then Sapi.speak “Opening notepad” “notepad” else If Input = “calculator” OR Input = “Calculator” then Sapi.speak “Opening calculator” “calc” else If Input = “oof” OR Input = “OOF” then Sapi.speak “roblox,,, really?” else If Input = “HERE” OR Input = “HERE” then “HERE” else If InStr(Input, “search google”) > 0 Then Process.Start(“” & Input) else Sapi.speak “I don’t recognize your input, Please try something else” end If

i get a error every time i try to run it keep in mind this is NOT a browser thing it is ran off the desktop on windows 8.1

GRUB installation – command line instead of menu

I am just trying to install Arch Linux. To do this, I followed the instructions in the tutorial except for the GRUB installation. This is how the installation looks like according to the tutorial:

pacman -S grub-bios os-prober freetype2 ttf-dejavu os-prober  #I have Windows grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg grub-install /dev/sda 

The grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg line didn’t want to be executed ( I was getting the error that “/boot/grub/grub.cfg” is not such file or directory ) so I skipped it. Then I went on following the tutorial, but when I finally rebooted the computer I found GRUB command line instead of menu.

Anyone can help me?

Program to check if in line are doubled words

Like in title i made program with check if in text lines are doubled words And in the end shown number of lines without doubled words.

this is example text:

sayndz zfxlkl attjtww cti sokkmty brx fhh suelqbp xmuf znkhaes pggrlp zia znkhaes znkhaes nti rxr bogebb zdwrin sryookh unrudn zrkz jxhrdo zrkz bssqn wbmdc rigc zketu ketichh enkixg bmdwc stnsdf jnz mqovwg ixgken 

I already made program, and It looks that program works. But I’m aware that in programming if something work it doesn’t mean that program is made properly.

My code:

class SkyphrasesValidation(object):     def get_text_file(self):         file = open('C:/Users/PC/Documents/skychallenge_skyphrase_input.txt', 'r')         return file      def lines_list(self):         text = self.get_text_file()         line_list = text.readlines()         return [line.split() for line in line_list]      def phrases_validation(self):         validated_phrases = 0         for line in self.lines_list():             new_line = []             for word in line:                 exam = line.count(word)                 if exam > 1:                     new_line.append(0)                 else:                     new_line.append(1)             if 0 in new_line:                 validated_phrases += 0             else:                 validated_phrases += 1         return validated_phrases      def __str__(self):         return str(self.phrases_validation())  text = SkyphrasesValidation()  print(text) 

Is my logic is good and this program is well made or maybe it looks like poop and I could make this more cleary.

eBPF Maps: How to update using bpftool from command line

I am using tc to attach my eBPF (C code compiled using clang), to network.

I am using eBPF Maps to store some data.

Specifically, I am using bpf_map_update_elem to update eBPF Maps from within the BPF Program, but I want to also change the contents of the map from outside the program.

Map structure:

struct rt_val {     int ifaceno;     int macaddr[6]; }; union key_4 {     __u32 b32[2];     __u8 b8[8]; }; struct bpf_map_def SEC("maps") lpm_map_fwd = {     .type = BPF_MAP_TYPE_LPM_TRIE,     .key_size = 8,     .value_size = sizeof(struct rt_val),     .max_entries = 50,     .map_flags = BPF_F_NO_PREALLOC, }; 

Map updation, and lookup are fine.

But i want to dynamically change the contents of the eBPF Map, from outside the program execution.

Any comments/suggestion regarding the same would be much appreciated!



System Specifics:

  • uname -r: 4.15.0-47-generic
  • OS: Ubuntu 18

Suggest Visualization for Control line & Waning line

I need to show 100’s parameter & its current value with respect to Upper/Lower Control value and warning value. Each parameter has different Control/Warning line.

  • If value is close to warning line – show it as warning parameter
  • If value has crossed warning line & close to Control line – show it as different category
  • If value has crossed control line (upper/lower) – show it as different category.

    Please suggest a better (graphical) way to visualizing this.

Internet access robust test to several different sites (command line)

It seems my ISP is a mess, blocking some relevant and renowned sites/IPs (maybe through DNS, I don’t really know) and not others, it’s been a nightmare.

Is there a command line script to test internet access to a wide (I know, fully is literally impossible) variety of known websites and IP addresses? A kind of AND amongst several pings to different credited websites and IPs, such that I can test the “health” of the DNS servers I’m using and the freedom of internet access I’m allowed to.

I simple do not want to do ping all the time and it’s been like lottery. It seems I can use a bash with wget --spider --quiet, but has anyone a script or bash ready to use that want to share?

Can someone tell me a different way of writing this line of code?

I know this is a strange question but for research purposes could anyone tell me a different way of writing this line of code? I am making a word cloud in The “forEach(s -> ignoreWords.add(s.toUpperCase()));” is the line of code I would like to change. Preferably not a lambda

Thanks very much in advance!!!!

Researched numerous pages

BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(input));

ignoreWords = new HashSet<String>();  

Stream stream = Files.lines(Paths.get(“/ignorewords.txt”));

stream.forEach(s -> ignoreWords.add(s.toUpperCase())); 

Magento pages loading in one line

This may not be a Magento issue but i am currently being asked to try and stop the our home page loading the way it does for one of my clients. I have been told the site never loaded like this before but now that its been noticed its driving my client crazy.

When our site loads you will notice it all loads in a line for a split second and then loads properly. I hardly notice it at all but i have decent connection here but my clients machine be it the internet or old machine this takes a good few seconds longer.

Has anyone ever experienced this before and is there a solution? I will be forever grateful as i am hearing about this issue daily 🙂