Is Custom Lineage Unbalanced at low levels?


Our group prefers to adopt AL rules for our home games because we feel it starts us off with the right mix of fun and balance (multiclass allowed, feats allowed, rolling for stats disallowed, fixed hp on level up, PHB + 1, no Aarakockra, etc.). We initially thought that Custom Lineage was allowed (as part of the "customizing your origin" rules presented in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything), and only after getting excited about our character builds realized it was excluded from AL play. That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily unbalanced mechanically, after all, many whole sources and other balanced races are excluded from AL play this season; it seems (not having played AL myself) that they limit it to races that thematically fit the campaign. It does mean that it hasn’t been proven balanced either though, it could be in the same boat as Aarakockra for low level play, so I wanted to take a closer look at the actual mechanics myself.


The obvious comparison to make is between Custom Lineage and Variant Human. They share the same language proficiencies, walking speed, lack of armor/weapon proficiencies, skill proficiency, and feat. Custom Lineage has the advantage of being able to trade the skill proficiency with Darkvision, but so many races have that I doubt it’s unbalancing. Custom Lineage can also be small (but retain 30 ft speed instead of most(all?) PHB races I’ve seen which have 25 ft), but I don’t see that as innately problematic.

It seems like it comes down to one major question: Is +2 to a single ability score with a feat significantly more powerful than +1 to two different ability scores with a feat, given that players are limited to Point Buy or Standard Array character generation methods? Variant Human is widely considered one of the strongest races, so being stronger would be a good indication Custom Lineage is too strong (and could possibly overshadow other PCs if one took it, and others did not).

The obvious consideration is this enables any character to start with an 18 in their primary ability score (15 point buy + 2 from race + 1 from half-feat), and reach 20 in their primary ability score by level 4. That means better odds of hitting on every attack, better damage on every attack, better AC for DEX characters, better saves for all casters, etc. This difference largely disappears by level 8 *, when a variant human with a starting 16 could also reach 20 in their primary ability score. As such, I’m only interested in looking at levels 1-7 (mostly 1-5, since that’s what the Lost Mine of Phaldever-which is our next adventure-is supposed to take you through, but I’m interested in hearing what happens up through 7 as well).

The half-feats introduced in Tasha’s seem quite good anyways (Skill Expert seems universally useful for expertise on any class at level 1 in their favorite skill, while fey touched and shadow touched also give great low level spells 1/day for casters), so being forced to take a half feat doesn’t seem like a huge cost for the opportunity to start with 18.

While this definitely seems strong, I’m not sure if it’s obviously too strong, or just another valid alternative. Going for an 18 in this way means your second best ability score cannot be higher than 15 (point buy 15, no racial or half-feat increases left), vs the variant human who could have 16 in both their primary and a secondary stat and still have a full feat to spend (or even 16 across three stats if they point buy 15/15/15/8/8/8 and use a half feat to bring the third 15 to 16). I don’t think I can resolve this question by analyzing the numbers, without the benefit of actual play experience.


Is the Custom Lineage unbalanced to the extent that typical characters with Custom Lineage noticeably outperform other typical PCs at levels 1-7, including other strong-but-AL-legal races like Variant Human, given that all characters must use Point Buy or Standard Array?

I’m primarily interested in answers backed up by direct experience playing with a Custom Lineage at the table, but if there was a source that proved (for example) Custom Lineage was playtested but considered too unbalanced for AL play that would also be interesting.

* Having 20 by level 4 does mean a Custom Lineage could multiclass more freely without worrying about getting the level 8 ASI, but getting into the weeds of specific multiclass builds is probably going too far off-topic. Fighters and Rogues are also different, etc.

Does a Character with a Custom Lineage belong to a race, for the purposes of racial requirements?

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduces new character options. In the Customizing Your Origin subsection, there is a side panel that details the Custom Lineage options.

This option allows you to, "instead of choosing one of the game’s races for your character at 1st level", select among a few options to shape your character’s origin.

It is unclear if the resulting character is actually part of an official race, for the purpose of picking racial feats, attuning to race specific magic items, or picking race specific subclasses.

Can Magical Lineage reduce a spell’s level multiple times?

Oh wise brains of the internet, I implore thee

Magical Lineage states "Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level."

If applying multiple metamagic feats to a spell, such as Maximized + Empowered, would Magical Lineage reduce the total adjusted level by 2 (once for each application of a metamagic feat) or only once regardless of the number of metamagic feats?

My initial take is that it only applies once, regardless of the number of metamagic feats applied, but might as well double check and make sure it’s right.

I just want to know whether I should be preparing Maximized Empowered Battering Blast into a 7th level slot or a 6th level slot.

Thank you.

Can you use Wayang Spellhunter and Magical Lineage to make shocking grasp a level 0 cantrip?

One of my players is attempting to use and His goal is to make Shocking Grasp a level 0 spell/cantrip Is this interaction legal RAW?

Xiaomi TWRP error 255 flashing lineage

Hey guys i recently bought an Xiaomi Mi A1. The OS needs 8GB plus much goggle on it (I hate google) so I decided to flash a custom rom. I figured some how out how to boot and afterwards flash the TWRP recovery (Version 3.1.1 By Mohan CM-Mi A1). Through TWRP I want to flash Lineage OS which throw the error 255. Confused with this, I tried different TWRPs, ROMs and also formated all partitions exept recovery and boot (so I formatted Data, Cache and Dalvik, System, and Internal Storage) and even tried sideload. None Worked… so now I have no system to boot on and dont know what to do to get Lineage running.

SOLUTION: The lineage wiki always links the TWRP they are using in the tutorial (Mi A1: which also links to an TWRP build. This build should normally work.

Issue trying to flash lineage OS on Samsung s6 through heimdall on terminal – mac

Trying to flash lineage OS to my Samsung galaxy s6 but for some reason the Mac cannot detect my device.. The only way I can cannot it to transfer data files through USB is by enabling USB debugging in developer options but I never had to do this before. I have bought a data transfer cable thinking this could be the problem but it wasn’t. I’m trying to flash lineage via heimdall which works in conjunction with heimdall through download mode. The command to see if heimdall is working on device is heimdall print-pit but I keep receiving an error ” failed to connect compatible download mode device then I tried again and the error was: failed to send! Releasing Device interface” anyone know what could be the issue here and how to resolve it?

Thank you

Anyone?? Advice would be much appreciated.

Properly Unroot Lineage OS 16

Lineage OS 16 Developer Settings As you all well may be aware, I don’t mean ‘all’, but that is if you have ever been on Lineage OS and you have ever tried using an app that doesn’t run on rooted phones, Lineage is kind of by default rooted. Even after manually deleting the su scripts in system or even using any modern way of unrooting, root can be accessed through ADB. An option in Developer Options. Is there a nice way to use the ADB and hence unroot it completely since I don’t wanna root to just to unroot it using any app? Note that I’m on Lineage OS 16.1

Does Lineage OS 16 runs on Nokia 6.1?

I am looking to find if the Nokia 6.1 is able to run Lineage OS 16. I didnt find a Nokia section in the official list of supported device. I looked online and find this list from thedroidguru:

List Of Nokia Devices Getting Lineage OS 16

Nokia, or HMD Global, has already maintained a nice record when it comes to providing Android updates. Though these devices did not receive any support from LineageOS 15, it is expected that LineageOS 16 would support the Nokia 8, Nokia 6 2017, Nokia 1, Nokia 2, Nokia 3, Nokia 5.

As far as I know, the Nokia 6.1 is the name of the Nokia 6 2018. Is this list accurate? If the Nokia 6 2017 can run the rom, the 6.1 should be able to do so, shouldn’t it? So, Does Lineage OS 16 runs on Nokia 6.1?