Add a “add Link” to a Content Editor Web part

I have used a Content Editor web part to display a scroll-down list of links.

The code I use is similar to this:

<select id="mySelect" jquery110205452414735412181="1"  jquery110209014758248214869="1" jquery1102046470813132006583="1">   <option value="-">-</option>   <option value="">Google</option>   <option value="">Facebook</option>  </select>  <script src="">  </script><script type="text/javascript">  $  (document).ready(function() {   $  ("#mySelect").change(function(){       if ($  (this).val()!='') {           window.location.href=$  (this).val();            }       });  }); </script>  

How can I implement a little “add” button that allows a user to easily add links to this list? I would not like to use a “link-list” web part.

How can I as middleman verify whether a phishing site is valid if the scam listens only on the referrer link and blocks any other access methods?

How can I as a trusted user of a middleman company (such as PhishTank) verify whether a phishing site is valid if the scam listens only on a unique referrer link(randomly created) and is blocking any other access methods?

To throw a threat scenario into scene.

An attacker sent an email to a local bank officer, the email looks very similar to a official email of an employee in their company at a higher tier and the time was planned. Later they detect it was a spear-phishing attack from an old employee. They report the attack on PhishTank (for example), but there they can’t verify it because the link doesn’t allow direct access (only with a unique referrer as in the email). How can they still verify whether it was a valid report of not?

Now the real question,

On a technical view, how does such an attack work?

18.02 Using smb:// to link in Nautilus

My 18.02LTS machine used to connect to our netapp device without problem. After WannaCry showed up, they required block signing and I couldn’t connect anymore. I went into /etc/samba/smb.conf and added a line protocol = SMB3_02 and that allowed smbclient to connect successfully. But when I use Nautilus and specify smb:DOMAIN; It displays the password box, I enter the pw and I get Unable to access location (in bold) then under that is the message Failed to mount Windows share: Connection timed out. This appears almost instantly after I enter the password.

I can connect with smbclient and transfer files but it would be helpful to be able to map the drive again.

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Go to classic results page link is wrong, where do I change it?

In the modern search at the bottom you get the “go to classic results page”.

In my case it says while the correct address should be

I went to many places to correct this (mostly the search site collection or the main root site collection in search settings) but it does not work, it is still redirecting wrong and giving a ‘page not found’ error.

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