wp_insert_post fails at return statement (nothing is returned to the caller, the error displayed is: The Link You Followed Has Expired)

there is a WooCommerce site where we try to add the Wholesale Pro plugin, which upon activation creates two pages (login, store). For this task it calls the wp_insert_post from a static method. The wp_insert_post does its stuff, and we even log every part of the wp_insert_post procedure to debug.log, comes down to return statement and then the WordPress fails with "The Link You Followed Has Expired" on the plugins.php screen. The return statement returns nothing to the caller static method, but the page/post is created in wp_posts table.

The plugin itself is proven to activate and work properly on another site.

How to link value pairs to formula

I got this formula rij= ri/2+ dri+ rj/2+ drj+ kij+ 10Log[ss/(1 lij)]

The values for Ri, Rj, Kij are frequency-dependent, so there are 21 different values ( 1 for each frequency ) How do I tell Mathematica the values so I don’t have to rewrite the calculation every time?

Can you help me get a Table, where I just Fill In my Values so that they connect to the Formula. Thanks.

I use few link lists here..then i used to build my own link list.. now?

Like i tiled on the thread i used to build great link list by few list providers here. But recently i found mine unique links are not allowed for future use… backlinks are there… everything fine.. but just GSA SER don’t support them anymore…
for this reason now i am paying $ $ $ for quality link lists..i know its good and worth..but i like it used to be
any opinions ? 

Output a specific link in WordPress post if the single post’s category’s name contain certain word

I want to output a specific link in every post, depending on the post’s category. For example, If a post is in "travel" category, then the link to https://www.example.com/travelbooking will be displayed in this post. If a post is in "hotel" category, then the link to https://www.example.com/hotelbooking will be displayed in this post.

I tried this code

    <?php    $  category = get_the_category();   $  firstCategory = '$  category[0]->cat_name';   if (strpos($  firstCategory, 'travel') !== false) { echo '<a href="https://www.example.com/travelbooking">Visit travelbooking</a>'; }        if (strpos($  firstCategory, 'hotel') !== false)  {     echo '<a href="https://www.example.com/hotelbooking">Visit hotelbooking</a>';    }          else {      echo '<a href="https://www.example.com">Visit homepage</a>'; }       ?>  

But it doesn’t work, any suggestion?

Link custom post type to users membership

I’m building a medical lab site, I’d like to link a custom post type – results to users. How can I link results CPTs to a user?

The idea is to be able to associate multiple test results to a single user/member. Currently using woocommerce membership to power the membership.

Please, any idea(s) or just point me in the right direction would be helpful. Thank you in advance!

When my Google search lists landing page, the Title and link is for Home page

I’ve created 2 landing pages with target keywords web design eg web design strathfield. I entered the meta tags using Yoast plugin and I’ve checked the HTML and the title and description tags are correct. Landing pages are optimised.

But when I enter to google the search term web design strathfield it lists in the serp an entry with the Home page title and Description and the link is to the Home page.

The site: command lists the landing page. I’ve reindexed with the Console.

Can you help with why is Google listing the Home page in serp instead of the landing page?

How to securely share a link to a video on my server

I’ve created a web system for daycares on which the educators can upload videos of the kids, and then share those videos with the parents.

Currently the way I’m doing this is very simple. My system generates an email (to the parents) with a link to the video where it resides on my server. The educator clicks a "Send" button and the system fires off the email with the link.

For example: https://www.timesavr.net/companies/1453/dailyreports/randomvideoname.mp4

The video is not password protected, but the video name is randomly generated so impossible to guess. My question is, is this a security risk? And if so, what would be a better way to share these videos?

I’m missing something basic relating to broken link checker

Broken Link Checker finds these links in my page OK

<a href=”https://google.com”>Google/a>
<a href=”about-us”>About</a>

But does not list these in results – either as Online or 404 (even if eg the image does not exist)

1. <a href=”page04#topic”> 
2. src=”images/img-city02.jpg”

Both of the above show as blue hyperlinks in my browser when viewing source. When I click these links I get the valid full URL and the page or image opens
1. https://mydomain.com/page04#topic
2. https://mydomain.com/images/img-city02.jpg

I have tried an online link checker and it does return a broken link if eg the image is missing.

What have I misunderstood or what am I doing wrong?

Should I add link to copied text for SEO?

Should I prevent my users from ‘stealing’ my content by adding a link as a source when a text is copied?

I am just wondering, because I see a lot of spammy website using my content. If I would do this, I am afraid that those websites will now be linking to me (because of my source) and negatively affect my ranking / SEO.

What would you do in my situation / what is best for SEO?