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Can there be a explicit expression of g as defined in the link

This is related to the paper in the link : titled Algebraic normalisation of regularity structures. In the method of re- normalization the functional $ g$ shown in page 6 plays a major role. However, in the paper there is no explicit expression of $ g$ shown (as an example for particular pde). Is there any reference where I can fund such example? Any comment or suggestion?

Synology NAS, create direct download link

I bought a new Synology NAS Drive. I now would like to create a direct link to a file. A normal Quicklink links to the webinterface of the NAS.

I would prefere if it would link directly to the file itself, like on a webserver where direclty opens the image. Or directly downloads it.

I would like it that way, as first it allows me to use images stored on my NAS to be shown on websites and second, it simplifies the download process as a few people are confused by web interfaces.

Applescript refer a link to a file in current finder window

how can I refer to a path of a file by the current file selected on the finder , or by selecting the file in a dialog ?

in the script bellow I would like to replace “{name:”~/Desktop/Time/myTime” & dayNumber & “_” & MonthLetter & “.plist”}” by a dynamic value

tell application "System Events"     set plistf to make new property list file ¬         with properties {name:"~/Desktop/Time/myTime" & dayNumber & "_" & MonthLetter & ".plist"}     set plistf's value to plistR end tell 

I know how to get the directory link but how can I have a selected file link

directory link :

tell application “Finder” activate set source_folder to (folder of the front window) as alias ##set file_path to ((source_folder as string) & “myTime21_March”) as alias end tell

Transfer from Jakarta Airport Link to MRT?

As I type this, the Jakarta MRT is scheduled to open next week. BNI City (fka Sudirman Baru) station on the Airport Rail Link appears to be quite close (~500m) to the upcoming MRT Dukuh Atas station, and this sounds pretty darn convenient for a planned business trip.

However, as previous visitors to Jakarta will know, walking 500m along the street can be quite the obstacle course, particularly if you have luggage. Are there any interchange facilities (tunnel, bridge, etc) for going from the Airport Rail Link to the MRT on foot?

Creating a URL link with href not going to the URL

We have a page that is using AngularJS. I am creating a link:

<div ng-if="breakout.AttachmentFiles">     <div ng-repeat="file in breakout.AttachmentFiles" style="display: flex; align-items:baseline;">         <b style="width: 95px; text-align: right">Attachments:</b>         <a href="file.Url">{{file.Url}}</a>     </div> </div> 

File structure is:

  else if (itemKey === "AttachmentFiles") {     var foobar = [];      angular.forEach(itemValue.results, function(value, key) {       foobar.push({"Url": $  location.$  $  host+value.ServerRelativeUrl+"", "FileName": value.FileName});     });       console.log("AttachmentFiles | foobar: ", foobar);      currentBreakout[itemKey] = foobar;   } 

enter image description here

For the text of the href displays the correct url, but the link it self goes off to a /Pages/file.Url:

enter image description here

What am I doing wrong?


I changed

<a href="file.Url">{{file.Url}}</a> 


<a href={{file.Url}}>{{file.Url}}</a> 

and that gives me a new link:

enter image description here

So for some reason is being inserted before the actual URL.


With the help from Ganash’s post about using {{}} instead of "" and adding http:// to the url, the link is now working correctly.