Support Gallery link to pages

Hi i am new in wordpress i am try to show small gallery (like services) on home page and i want them to link them with pages not with post. currently i am working on theme. it has a services option but i am not able to link those with pages. i can link them with posts. please suggest any plugin enter image description here

Render field link

I have a paragraph with the field link and I’m supposed to get the url and name of that link field and render it in twig as a redirect to a different page fe. “read more”. How can I achieve this using twig templates? I tried multiple ways : content.field_link[‘#items’].value fe. – it did not work.

Since the changes on 21st Feb 2018, is it possible to add a link to my website from my YouTube video?

I’d like to add an overlay of some kind to my videos, so people can directly click through to my website if they wish.

But all the tutorials I’ve found on how to do this, with annotations, cards, etc seem to be out of date – even ones from only December last year.
When I try to add a card, the ‘link’ option is disabled until I become part of the YouTube partner program, but I can’t become part of that without 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Neither of which I’m close to.

I don’t want to make money from my videos, I only want to link to my own website. Can anyone tell me if that’s possible now, and if so, how?

Reverting to the classic Google cache link in search results via userscript

I would like to ask if it is possible to bring back the “Cached” link in Google search results (back next to the result title).

So does anyone know of (or if it’s possible to make) an extension or userscript that will move the Cache link, widen the search results container and maybe even remove the hover preview thing?

I saw some time ago that there were some userscripts to revert the google theme back to white instead of this new google-plus-marketing gray theme.

My main point, was that I consider the moving of the “Cached” button a huge step backward for the cost of some marketing of a small new feature (the annoying hovered-preview); because frankly, there’s no other reason why Google would have tempered with its previously perfect position.

  • this is what Google is doing: makes me break flow, move pointer towards an invisible button, hover, move pointer again upward, click on “Cached”.

  • this is what Google used to do: make me move the pointer just about 10 px from where it naturally sits while reading the result and click on “Cached”.

I want the latter back. Even if I have to write a damn userscript or extension myself.

But is it possible?

concatenar um link em um Map

Puxo dados de uma API do The Movie DB, da qual devo pegar um link de imagem,o poster do filme. O problema é que o dado dessa imagem só me gera metade do link.


class FilmePresentation extends StatelessWidget {   final Map _FilmeData;   FilmePresentation(this._FilmeData);   @override   Widget build(BuildContext context) {     var link = [""];     return Scaffold(       appBar: AppBar(         title: Text(_FilmeData["title"]),         backgroundColor:,       ),       backgroundColor: Colors.white,       body: Center(         child:["poster_path"]),     ),     );   } } 

perceba que tentei criar uma variavel “link”que possui a primeira parte do link e o vetor [“poster_path”] contém a segunda parte. Porém tentei os seguintes meios e não consigo concatenar:

_FilmeData+link+["poster_path"] //ou _FilmeData[link]["poster_path"] //ou _FilmeData+""+["poster_path"] 

existe algum meio de colocar esse link na do [“poster_path”]?

input/output error when copy or link from home directory to a nfs system

Suppose that I have a home directory /home/mydir(not have sudo permission),which have some file contain time format (YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS) in filename, when I try to copy or link these files to a nfs directory, it will report an error,something like

cp: cannot stat './2013010206/NARR_3D:2013-01-03_00': Input/output error cp: cannot stat './2013010206/NARR_3D:2013-01-03_03': Input/output error cp: cannot stat './2013010206/NARR_3D:2013-01-03_06': Input/output error cp: cannot stat './2013010206/': Input/output error cp: cannot stat './2013010206/': Input/output error cp: cannot stat './2013010206/': Input/output error cp: cannot stat './2013010206/': Input/output error 


$   cp ~/tests/2013010206/met_em.d03.2013-01-02_12\:00\ . cp: cannot stat './': Input/output error 

I think that it is related with the symbol \ in the time format (12\:00\:00)or say the \: for all file, since when I use this command

$   cp ~/tests/2013010206/met_em.d03.2013-01-02_12\:00\ met_em_2013-01-02_12 $   ls met_em_2013-01-02_12 

It is ok. So the problem is how to deal with it, it there some setting in the NFS can modify, because this kind of time format file is needed for a lot of my running exe.

And the following is the setting in /etc/fstab

IP:/share1   /share1     nfs     rw,sync,nosuid,rsize=65536,wsize=65536    0 0 

Pegar id de um link e criar div em outra página

Bom, to tentando pegar id de um link que está mais ou menos assim


<ul class="nav">    <li><a href="#" id="o-v">Teste</a></li> </ul>   $  (document).ready(function() {     const o_v = document.getElementById('o-v');         o_v.addEventListener('click', function(e) {         var video = document.createElement('div');         video.className="video";         video.appendChild();         console.log(video);         // alert(o_v, video);     }); }); 

até ai tudo bem, oque eu precissaria era jogar essa div dentro da minha .box só que essa .box é a noticia.php, seria algo mais ou menos assim, como eu recupero a class video sendo que ela está em outra página?


$  (document).ready(function() {     const box = document.getElementByClassName('box');     video.className="video";     video.appendChild(box);     console.log(video); }); 

why my script in /etc/init.d with K symbolic link in rc0.d and rc6.d and S symbolic link in rc5.d is not working on shutdown?

I’m writing a script which I want to run before every shutdown of my ubuntu system. I have placed my script named myscript inside /etc/init.d folder and then created symbolic links in rc0.d and rc6.d as K01myscript and S01myscript in rc5.d. But the problem is that the script is not running at all.