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Is it worth it to publish articles on LinkedIn? I don't want to write articles for LinkedIn but I could use the feature to share my research essays on the platform. I have them uploaded already on an electronic portfolio that I utilize. This would be me just sharing my original content elsewhere. There is a documents feature too, do I just upload the word document that way or paste the essay into articles submission? Thanks.

Easily create LinkedIn bots and automate operations.

Hey all,

I want to share with you a new GitHub project. This is a NodeJS API wrapper for LinkedIn unofficial API.

This project helps developers building some cool LinkedIn bots/services.
All you need is a working LinkedIn account and some basic knowledge of Javascript/NodeJS/TypeScript

Those are the features my API provides (so far):
* Search for people, companies, and connections
* View profiles
* View sent and received invitations and send new invitations to any profile.
* Navigate…

Easily create LinkedIn bots and automate operations.

LinkedIn connection marked unsafe

From time to time my LinkedIn connection gets marked as unsafe: no green lock next to the URL.

First, I believed this was a browser issue, but after I switched to another browser, the warning did not disappear (for now, my browsers are Opera and Chrome).

First, connection is always safe, but once I enter job search section and start scrawling through job offers, every now and then, although not often, the safe connection status turns into unsafe. Any one has an idea of what may cause such change?

Thanks for your attention.

The enclosed images further illustrate my question.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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