Is it a good idea to have a large footer containing many links?

In recent years, it’s become quite a common design pattern to have a large footer on every page, containing a ‘mini sitemap’.

For example:

enter image description here

This has supposed SEO benefits but would also seem to be a legitimate use of page estate. However, such footers contain many, many links, and I’m wondering if that’s a hindrance to screen readers and/or keyboard users.

Any thoughts?

How do i redirect or cloak affiliate links?

Hello all.

I bought a domain name, which i use to point it to my affiliate link.

What i would really like to know is, if i was wanting to use one domain name to point to multiple affiliate links, how would i do it?

I want to create links like MYDOMAIN.COM/AFFLINK1 and MYDOMAIN.COM/AFFLINK2 etc etc???

………. /AFFLINK would be product name of my affiliate product.

Thanks again.

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External links: Whether & how to distinguishing them from internal links, and to open them

How do other IAs/UXD’s treat external links & what are the perceived pros/cons of different options. Specifically looking for recommendations on:

  • whether & how to visually distinguish external links from internal links
  • whether to open them in the same window/tab or a different window or tab

I’ve found some great feedback re these questions on &

Looking for additional opinions, thoughts & especially any usability test findings contributors of this site might have re these questions.

Are “print” links needed on a website?

What do you think, does a website for a general audience need a “print” link or will the users know how to print the page for themselves (using the browser controls)?

Some background:

  • It’s not a content-heavy website, so printing won’t be a primary usecase.
  • The design has a quite heavy background that can make people stop and think before printing the page, therefore having the print option may also give the right signal to the customers that the page can be printed properly.

How to make “Edit Links” visible again

As part of our Sharepoint rebranding project, the 3rd party which was doing our template changes, made the edit link option invisible . Now as the site collection admin I am wondering how am I going to simply edit the top navigation links. I tried created a subsite which is not inheriting permission from the parent site but it the same. I know this script might been used to hide the edit link , but is there any way to change it ( at least for a subsite to be able to see the option? )

< style> .ms-displayInlineBlock{ display: none; } < /style>

Thank you!


GSA Ser Decreasing Submission/Verification Links

Hello Members,

I don’t know if anyone can face the thing i am going through in GSA Ser, I noticed many times that my GSA SER was making links and i was getting 500+ LPM (Attached in below S.S) but from last 4 days its decreasing Submitted/Verified Links by itself.Have tried with many methds & even Restored Default Settings but i haven’t got any benefit from it. If someone have any knowledge about this issue please look into it.