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API to download documents from shared links

I was trying to download documents from a shared link via API. I couldn’t find any other way except adding download=1 inside the url parameter. However, that doesn’t work if the shared link has restricted access, I couldn’t download the file even when I’m authenticated via oauth2.0. Questions: Is there other API ways to download via share links? How to I authenticate myself using api for share links.

Thanks in advance

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Azure App unauthorised to download file from shared links in Sharepoint

I am currently doing an integration which requires me to download files from shared links.

Users can create share links to their files in SharePoint, and to download the file, I just need to add download=1 in the url parameters.

My program (Created from app registration) is able to download files that are set to public. However, if any restrictions are set, for example group/specific users, I will receive ERROR 401 Unauthorized even though I have already done Oauth2 authentication (I am able to call other REST APIs to view folder etc.).

I have a feeling that when the links are restricted to a certain group, my client isn’t recognised as the user I’ve login to. I tried elevating my client’s API permissions to both delegated and application but it still doesn’t work. Any help here?

Thanks in advance!

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How can I create jump links in same page?


I want to create a list of items and while people click on the list, it will take user to the list of item in the same page's content.

I had tried to create it with this way:

But the problem is about scrolling. When I click on the top link to send it bottom, it didn't go fully. Besides, the bottom class # link works perfectly.

Can anyone please help me to fix out? Or is there any more easy to create jump…

How can I create jump links in same page?

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