move header links to dropdowndialog widget

I want to move the header links to a dropdowndialog widget, this is the code:

<div data-block="dropdown" class="minicart-wrapper">     <i class='fas fa-user-circle action' data-trigger='trigger'></i> </div> <div class="block block-minicart"      data-mage-init='{         "dropdownDialog": {             "appendTo": "[data-block=dropdown]",             "triggerTarget":"[data-trigger=trigger]",             "timeout": 2000,             "closeOnMouseLeave": false,             "closeOnEscape": true,             "autoOpen": true,             "triggerClass": "active",             "parentClass": "active",             "dialogContentClass": "mycontent",              "buttons": []         }      }'>     <div id="minicart-content-wrapper">     </div> </div> 

The problem is that I want that a specific element, the class mycontent, should be inserted into the dialog content, with the option dialogContentClass but this is not happening.

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How can I download all downloadable links in a list on a website? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How can I download all MP3 files from a web site? 3 answers
  • Download all linked files at once from a website in Safari 4 answers
  • How to download a webpage's all images at once? 5 answers

enter image description hereenter image description hereI need to download all files listed in a url I received (each link basically contains a pdf file, a “.rar” file and a text file.

Is there a way to download all of them at the same time in this long list?

These are all small files.

How to show contextual filter / quick edit links for blocks – D8

I’m building a Drupal 8 template/theme from scratch, and it is not showing the contextual editing options for my blocks when I view a site page. I.E., the little circles that are clicked to see options like “edit view,” “configure block,” etc.

I cloned the block.html.twig from the Bartik theme, so it has the attributes token that I thought was enough, like this:

<div{{ attributes.addClass(classes) }}>  {{ title_prefix }}  {% if label %}    <h2{{ title_attributes }}>{{ label }}</h2>  {% endif %}  {{ title_suffix }}  {% block content %}    <div{{ content_attributes.addClass('content') }}>      {{ content }}    </div>  {% endblock %}  </div> 

I can confirm the Contextual links module is active.

I have global access, so it shouldn’t be a permissions issue.

Is there something more I need to do for this feature to be added in?

Why have symbolic links between files in folders at same depth?

I noticed that on OS X, the /usr/local/Cellar folder contains binaries installed using Homebrew, and that /usr/local/opt has symbolic links to a bunch of those binaries. I haven’t used symbolic links much, but as I understand it, the purpose of them is to create a link in a convenient location to a file/folder that acts as a copy of that file/folder, without having to move that file/folder from its original location.

So my questions are:

1) Am I correct in my understanding of symbolic links there? ^^

2) If so ^^, why would you create symbolic links in one folder (/usr/local/opt) to binaries in another folder (/usr/local/Cellar) that is at a similar location/depth in the file structure? Under what circumstances would you use these symbolic links where you couldn’t just use the binaries?


Possible parent values for parent of links

I am trying to create links in my Drupal 8 module, following this tutorial. So far, I have a link as follows in my file:

module.admin_settings:   route_name: module.adminForm   title: 'Module Configuration'   description: 'Set up module on your website'   parent: system.admin_config_system 

My question is, how do I find all possible values for the parent property? I looked in the docs but couldn’t find one. However, there is a paragraph in the above tutorial which says:

Determining the parent menu_link name can be a little tricky at first. If you know the path of the parent menu item, you would need to search for it in all available *.routing.yml files (most text editors and IDEs should allow you to search all files in a project) and find the route name for that path. Then, you would need to search for the route name in all available * files. The menu_link whose route_name matches is your link. Alternatively, if you know which module is defining the parent menu link (or one of the parent menu link’s children), you can go straight to that module and perform your search.

But I am not sure I understand as I am new to Drupal. Is there an easy way to find the set of possible parent values?