How to protect my ubuntu linux computer from screen capture programs or keystroke loggers?

I have a Ubuntu home PC. I often use this system to enter passwords to various websites. Some sites also offer a graphical on screen keyboard to protect from keyloggers. However, I suspect that even the on screen keyboard is not safe from malicious software which records the computer screen. I want my passwords to be safe from such programs. Of course, I do ensure that I don’t install insecure programs but I would like to have an additional layer of security.

Does FreeRTOS replace linux or run ontop?

I am looking into FreeRTOS, just for personal learning and I am stuck on how the fundamentals of how it works with Linux.

So for example, I am able to build FreeRTOS on my linux ubuntu machine. Now the part I am stuck on is: it must be running ontop on Ubuntu, so how do I get the real time performance from it? Wouldnt it be limited by what Ubuntu OS scheduler does behind the scenes?

Secondly, I have an embedded linux device from my company to experiment with. If I wanted to put an application/program running/using FreeRTOS does it replace the (custom) embedded linux OS that is already on this device?

Can I install Metasploitable 2 on a machine other than the one running Kali Linux?

I use a kind of POTATO LAPTOP with highly limited resources so when I installed Kali Linux I simply ruled out the idea of using a Virtual Machine (running an OS on an OS is resource-heavy, isnt it?).
Now, I want to install Metaspoitable 2:
1. Can I install it without a VM? (Probably I could not and maybe I should not)
2. Since I can not install Kali on my laptop in a VM (i don’t want many kali, that’s again a waste of space and resources), is there a VM that could be installed in a installed (not in VM) Kali LInux system? (like running metasploitable in VM along with Kali Linux as the base OS) – Maybe that does not make sense at all 🙁

How one can find I am using virtual box Virtual Machine linux through Anydesk remote application?

I recently created a virtualbox virtual machine of Ubuntu 18.04 and installed Anydesk remote desktop app in it. An IT guy accessed my computers desktop via Anydesk app, but he is actually inside the Ubuntu Virtual Machine on Virtualbox. I don’t even mentioned anything about Virtualbox, but after asking me my laptop model and brand, in less than one minute he asked me “Are you using Virtualbox VM?”. I startled, he even mentioned which virtualization software I am using( virtual box) even there is VMWARE, Parallel, Nutanix and manymore. My host machine is Linux Mint. Can anyone explain how our IT guy managed to know that I am running Ubuntu 18.04 inside virtualbox as a Virtual Machine.

What’s a great way to escalate privileges on a Linux server?

what’s a great way to escalate privileges when you have a meterpreter session on a Linux system. The exploits I use to try to escalate privileges don’t work and when I use the “upload” command to try to upload a msfvenom payload I get the error “core_channel_open: Operation failed: 1”

I’m using the newest update of Kali Linux

And I’m using Metasploit-Framework verion 5.0.80-dev

The Linux machine is a Server and the user I am is: www-data

Hope y’all can help me

Ettercap DNSpoof not working for literally no reason (Kali Linux)

I have no idea.

I’ve done everything. Literally the same as everyone in every single tutorial and youtube video. Ones from 2016 – 2019. (None from 2020 yet)

I’m using ettercap (graphical). I edit the conf file and do the firewall thing (where you remove the hashtags, and made the guid and uid things 0) I’ve edited the the etter.dns file, I’ve left it as is and just gone to with my other device (iphone btw, using google chrome), I’ve done *.com and just spammed characters and gone to .com. Nothings working. I’m using the right adapter (wireless, it’s the default on my computer. But I’ve also tried a new one I just bought that should work with Kali) I click arpspoof, sniff remote connections, and yes I double click on the dnsspoof plugin. The other device is target one, the second target is my router.

i . d o . n o t . u n d e r s t a n d

I’ve done the same thing for almost a year every day (I’m not in any kind of post-secondary yet, just doing this for fun). I know how a dnsspoof works as well. I check wireshark and the only things showing up under dns from my phone is all stuff my router has sent to my phone. None of it is what I’ve googled. There’s literally nothing related to what I’ve googled showing up under dns fitler. But the MITM is successful, because I get TCP stuff meant to be sent to my iphone, which stops when I stop the attack. I’ve tried this with and without ip forawrding on though I’m 90% sure ip forwarding has to be on. (I actually don’t know that be cool if someone could tell me) I’m using Kali Linux on a USB

this is insanely annoying and if someone could help me out that’d be awesome.

Mathematica 12.1 start-up time in Linux extremely slow

I installed Mathematica 12.1 on my Linux machine and the start-up time is extremely slow. I see the Spikey logo and messages like:

Initializing Kernel connections 

It takes about 45 seconds to open a standard small notebook.

Running SystemInformation[], I get:

{ {" Version", "12.1.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit) (March 14, 2020)"}, {" Release ID", " (6765490, 2020031402)"}, {" Patch Level", "0"}, {" Activation Key", "XXXX"}, {" Machine ID", "XXXX"}  }  { {" Machine Type", "PC"}, {" Operating System", "Unix"}, {" Processor Type", "x86-64"}  } 

I also can see under Packages & Files that 88 packages and 221 files were loaded.

Is someone else experiencing the same problem?

I also have Mathematica 11.2 installed and there, the start-up time is about 3 seconds or less. All the messages from the Spikey logo are shown really fast. Looking at how many Packages & Files have been loaded, I see 30 packages and 183 files.

Could this be the problem? I have 16GB RAM and an Intel i7-8650U CPU.

Securing a Linux VPS: is it rational to be terrified?

Like so many others on the web, I’m an intermediate web developer who is starting to get into the security side of things and I’m looking to start running a VPS. For years, I’ve resisted the move to VPSs because of the security implications. There are many, many guides available on the internet and even questions on this StackExchange.

However, I’m still terrified about exposing the server by missing something (because as we all know just because somebody writes a blog post doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about). Am I overreacting by making a mountain out of a molehill? Is hardening a VPS actually possible for a non-expert?

Hashcat and naive-hashcat Kali Linux CPU/GPU driver issue

I am trying to run hashcat and naive-hashcat in Kali linux, but I am having problems with cpu/gpu divers. If I run hashcat i get this error:

Device #1: Not a native Intel OpenCL runtime. Expect massive speed loss.              You can use --force to override, but do not report related errors. 

while if I run naive-hashcat I get this error:

* Device #1: Not a native Intel OpenCL runtime. Expect massive speed loss.              You can use --force to override, but do not report related errors. * Device #2: Outdated or broken Intel OpenCL runtime detected! 

I am running Kali in a virtual machine. I have an intel 7500U CPU, its integrated GPU (HD 620) and an AMD R7-M445 dedicated GPU. Looking in the hashcat wiki “I may have the wrong driver installed, what should I do?” makes me confused about which are the correct packages to install (Intel OpenC from apt or from intel’s site, amd driver from apt or from ROCm’s, and so on…).

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