Changing sign of elements of a list on even positions

I have a list of lists of equal sizes (odd or even), e.g.


I would like to change signs of every element which is on even or odd position. In the example above, for the choice of change on even positions, it should give the following result:


What is the most effective way to achieve this? (The length of list may be huge here).

Select list of attributes that exist in all groups

select distinct(p) from Pub; /* phdthesis article proceedings incollection inproceedings www book mastersthesis */ select * from field limit 20; /* tr/meltdown/s18,0,author tr/meltdown/s18,1,author tr/meltdown/s18,2,author tr/meltdown/s18,3,author tr/meltdown/s18,4,author tr/meltdown/s18,5,author tr/meltdown/s18,6,author tr/meltdown/s18,7,author tr/meltdown/s18,8,author tr/meltdown/s18,9,author tr/meltdown/s18,10,title tr/meltdown/s18,11,journal tr/meltdown/s18,12,year tr/meltdown/s18,13,ee tr/meltdown/m18,0,author tr/meltdown/m18,1,author tr/meltdown/m18,2,author tr/meltdown/m18,3,author tr/meltdown/m18,4,author tr/meltdown/m18,5,author */ 

pub and field join on column k (primary key)

I want to write a query that returns only those attributes (author/journal/year etc.) that have at least one record in every publication type: phdthesis, book, etc.

Iterate through a list of strings In SQL scriipt

I’m trying to create a sql file that iterates through a list and get me the information from a group of servers and save it on CSV file. The DB is Oracle, just in case :S.
I’m running the file using sqlplus in a playbook, so I’m able to change the query.

So far, I was able to do the following:

set markup csv on spool 'playbook-dir/roles/instances_db/files/servers.csv'  SELECT * FROM   (<some_internal_query>) WHERE  ROWNUM <= 600000 + 1 ORDER  BY server_name;    spool off 

This query will bring all 5000 servers and I just need 100 or so. I tried to add an array and loop around it Something like this:

DECLARE    arrayvalues sys.odcivarchar2list; BEGIN   arrayvalues := sys.odcivarchar2list('Matt','Joanne','Robert');   FOR x IN ( SELECT m.column_value m_value                FROM table(arrayvalues) m )   LOOP     SELECT *     FROM   (<some_internal_query>)     WHERE  ROWNUM <= 600000 + 1     ORDER  BY server_name;     END LOOP; END; 

But I got this error:

Error report - ORA-06550: line 7, column 1: PLS-00428: an INTO clause is expected in this SELECT statement 06550. 00000 -  "line %s, column %s:\n%s" *Cause:    Usually a PL/SQL compilation error. *Action: 

I’m not entirely sure if I’m doing the LOOP correctly.
Any help will be appreciated.

Taxonomy list inside the query

Is it possible to get a list of the "terms of taxonomy" or "just used taxonomy types" defined within that archive without looking at all pages of an archive query in a loop?

What I mean is this:

Custom Taxonomy Types and their terms:

colors (red, green, orangge, yellow, pink) sizes (xs, sm, md, lg, xl) 

An archive an post_type:

posts found 100 per_page 10 

In this case, the posts in the archive may be matched to any term of any taxonomy type, or they may not contain any.

When we want to use these terms to filter, it is necessary to remove the terms that do not exist in the current archive query (100 posts).

To be more precise, considering that there are 1000s of posts and 1000s of terms, it will take up unnecessary space on the screen (negative user experience) and in fact no posts will appear when filtered.

The goal here is to get a list of term or just taxonomy types in the query with the query.

Is there a configurable setting for this? Or should a new SQL query be written? Please help me.

Can an arcane trickster use a spell scroll from the wizard spell list?

Basically, we have a haste scroll, 2 warlocks, a druid, a cleric, and me, an arcane trickster.

To use the spell scroll it must be on your spell list. The arcane trickster gets his spells from the wizard spell list. Nobody else has haste on their spell list and I can’t cast 3rd level spells…yet. Potentially, I can choose haste as a spell at a higher level.

Does this count as being part of my spell list for the purpose of attempting to use the spell scroll? If so, would I cast it by making an ability check with my spell casting ability, as per the rules of casting a spell from a spell scroll that is on your spell list but is of a higher level than you can cast?

Create region/limits for NMinimize from list

NMinimize can accept a region to optimize over. I’m looking to create an expression that represents a region from a list of limits e.g.

limits = {{500, 5000}, {1000, 4000}, {1000, 10000}, {1000, 50000}}; 


{500<t[1]<5000 && 1000<t[2]< 4000 && 1000<t[3]<10000 && 1000<t[4]<500000} 

However, I can’t do it from the list, this is the best I can do

variables = Table[t[i], {i, Length[taus]}]; limits = {{500, 5000}, {1000, 4000}, {1000, 10000}, {1000, 50000}};  limits = Flatten[   Table[{limits[[i, 1]] < variables[[i]] < limits[[i, 2]] "&&"}, {i,      1, Length[variables], 1}]]  (* Output is wrong: {500 < t[1] < 5000 "&&", 1000 < t[2] < 4000 "&&",   1000 < t[3] < 10000 "&&", 1000 < t[4] < 50000 "&&"} *)  

ScrapeBox Comment List

I am scraping and making lists by scrape box. But I am facing an issue
when I create “list A” I then post comments on that list. It gives me success links the I check success links it gives me the very short number of found links.
Ok I save that “Found links A-List”
Now next day I try to post on that “Found links A-List”. But it doesn’t give me success it again shows most of the fail postings and a very less number of success links. when I check these success links it gives me a very short number of found links.
Anyone, please guide me about 

  1. “Success inks”¬†and “Found links”
  2. once I created the “found list” then why is not giving me a 90-100% success and found links ratio?

Please guide me about it.

How to allow certain role to view Customer list

I have custom user role called Salesman. Whenever a Customer create order, a salesman was assigned to that Customer.

I need to allow user role Salesman to access WooCommerce -> Customer page.

I’ve search all available capabilities using User Role Editor plugin but none about list customer. list_users display User list page, but not the WooCommerce -> Customer page.

Can you foresee any balance issue with a Stars Druid using the Cleric spell list instead of the Druid’s?

Homebrewed campaign where tinkering with class mechanics is encouraged to suit your character, I just want to make sure it isn’t horribly unbalanced.

I have an idea for a divination/stars/universe/fate obsessed character, lumbering, slow, strong, wise, warm. Heavy armour melee/mid-field support. However, I don’t really like the Twilight Domain’s Channel Divinity.

The Stars Druid subclass abilities seem like a good match but the spell list leans towards the terrestrial/battlefield control/summoning rather than astral/divination and I don’t see this character ever using wildshape.


  • make a Stars Druid that uses the Cleric spell list and loses wildshape etc

  • make a Twilight Cleric and swap the Channel Divinity (twice per rest resource for most of the game) for one of the Stars Druids abilities?

  • your idea?

Any input and ideas welcome. When homebrew is encouraged I like to troubleshoot for balance.