Adjacency List list of linked list or can be repesented in other ways?

I am new to graph data structure. Everywhere on google it is said to be list(or array ) of linked list. My question is can not it be represented as list of list(in java array list of array list) or map of list(in java HashMap with key as node and value as array list of connected node ) ?

In all three mentioned approach I see time complexity

To find if two nodes are connected – O(v) To find all connected nodes – O(v)

Also space complexity will also be more or less same .

So why Adjacency List is said to be list(or array ) of linked list not as list of list or map of list ?

How to attach attributes to a list of network objects?

I have a list of network objects and a list of dataframes that include vertex attributes. I would like to attach the vertex attributes to the network objects.

In the code below I show how to complete this task for each network object individually. However, I cannot figure out how to complete this task when I have the network objects and vertex attribute dataframes in lists. In reality, I have a large number of network objects which is why I would like to use lists. I have tried to use lapply but couldn’t figure out the solution.

# Use the network library library("network")  # Create first dataset data_frame_1 = data.frame(event1 = c(1, 2, 1, 0),                           event2 = c(0, 0, 3, 0),                           event3 = c(1, 1, 0, 4),                           row.names = letters[1:4])  # Transform first dataset to matrix and to network data_matrix_1 <- as.matrix(data_frame_1) data_network_1 <-, matrix.type='bipartite', loops=FALSE, directed = FALSE, ignore.eval=FALSE, names.eval='weight')  # Create first vertex attribute dataset attribute_1 = data.frame(attribute1 = c(2, 5, 7, 1), attribute2 = c(4, 1, 0, 2), row.names = letters[1:4])  # Attach attributes to network data_network_attr_1 <- network::set.vertex.attribute(data_network_1, names(attribute_1), attribute_1)   # Create second dataset data_frame_2 = data.frame(event1 = c(0, 1, 2, 0),                           event2 = c(0, 3, 1, 0),                           event3 = c(4, 2, 0, 1),                           row.names = letters[1:4])  # Transform second dataset to matrix and to network data_matrix_2 <- as.matrix(data_frame_2) data_network_2 <-, matrix.type='bipartite', loops=FALSE, directed = FALSE, ignore.eval=FALSE, names.eval='weight')  # Create second vertex attribute dataset attribute_2 = data.frame(attribute1 = c(4, 1, 2, 1), attribute2 = c(5, 0, 2, 1), row.names = letters[1:4])  # Attach attributes to network data_network_attr_2 <- network::set.vertex.attribute(data_network_2, names(attribute_2), attribute_2)   # Repeat the previous steps using lists.  # Create a list of the two networks list_dataframe <-list(data_frame_1, data_frame_2) list_matrix <- lapply(list_dataframe, as.matrix) list_network <- lapply (list_matrix,, matrix.type='bipartite', loops=FALSE, directed = FALSE, ignore.eval=FALSE, names.eval='weight')  # Create a list of the two attribute datasets  list_attributes <-list(attribute_1, attribute_2)  # How do I attach the list of attributes to the list of networks? 

How to make updates to data and return list of updates without breaking Command query separation or DRY?

I have a use case to make updates to a slightly complex JSON object and then return the list of changes made (not the updated data). The process of finding the list of changes is extremely similar to the process of making the changes and it would bring in some redundancy if I chose to separate the two methods. So I’m wondering if there is a way to do this without choosing DRY over CQS and SRP.

How do I reference other list in calculated column?

I am new to SharePoint.

This is List A where the calculated column (Supplier) have to refer to list B enter image description here

This is list B enter image description here

This is the formula in the excel that I tried with: =IF((Sheet1!A:A = A2) * (Sheet1!C:C = “pass”), Sheet1!B:B, “no result”)

I understand when referring another list, the syntax is different in SharePoint slightly.

How can I change the formula for the SharePoint?

Kindly assist.

Thank you.

Make a list of up servers and pass that list to work with my actual playbook?

I have an ansible playbook as shown below and it works fine most of the times. But recently what I am noticing is it is getting stuck on some of the servers from ALL group and just sits there. It doesn’t even move forward to other servers in the ALL list.

# This will copy files --- - hosts: ALL   serial: "{{ num_serial }}"   tasks:       - name: copy files         shell: "(ssh -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no 'ls -1 /var/lib/jenkins/workspace/copy/stuff/*' | parallel -j20 'scp -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no{} /data/records/')"        - name: sleep for 5 sec         pause: seconds=5 

So when I started debugging, I noticed on the actual server it is getting stuck – I can ssh (login) fine but when I run ps command then it just hangs and I don’t get my cursor back so that means ansible is also getting stuck executing above scp command on that server.

So my question is even if I have some server in that state, why not just Ansible times out and move to other server? IS there anything we can do here so that ansible doesnt pause everything just waiting for that server to respond.

Note server is up and running and I can ssh fine but when we run ps command it just hangs and because of that ansible is also hanging.

Is there any way to run this command ps aux | grep app on all the servers in ALL group and make a list of all the servers which executed this command fine (and if gets hang on some server then time out and move to other server in ALL list) and then pass on that list to work with my above ansible playbook? Can we do all this in one playbook?

Extract list of SharePoint lists and libraries

i am using below code the extract all lists and libraries under a site collection . However i need to get the lists and libraries URL too. all other properties return coorect information except URL, its just empty!! Can you please help?

(get-spsite -identity http://uatsp11/sites/harristest).allwebs.lists | select title, URL , LastItemModifiedDate, itemcount | Expo-Csv -Path C:\temp.csv


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Sharepoint 2013 task list sync to outlook is throwing error

When I try to click on sync to outlook on sharepoint 2013 task list. It is throwing this error:

We couldn’t start syncing your tasks because we need to get a few things set up first. Click here to get started, and then retry syncing your tasks.

When I click on click here link. it is navigating me to “Edit your profile page”.

What should I do to fix it.

Create List item Sharepoint 2010 REST with Choice column

I am trying to create one new list item in Sharepoint 2010 using REST.


var itemProperties = { 'Title': ;Raja;, //Single line String 'Expiry_x0020‌​_Date': "02/02/2016", //Date 'Permission_x0020‌​_Type': 'Add' //Choice Column };  createListItemREST('http://xyz:5000/sites/n/', 'L2', itemProperties, function(task){  console.log('Task' + task.TaskName + ' has been created');}, function(error){ console.log(JSON.stringify(error)); });  function createListItemREST(webUrl,listName, itemProperties, success, failure) {     $  .ajax({         url: webUrl + "/_vti_bin/listdata.svc/" + listName,         type: "POST",         processData: false,         contentType: "application/json;odata=verbose",         data: JSON.stringify(itemProperties),         headers: {             "Accept": "application/json;odata=verbose"         },         success: function (data) {             success(data.d);         },         error: function (data) {             failure(data.responseJSON.error);         }     }); } 

i am getting following error.

400 Bad request

{“code”:””,”message”:{“lang”:”en-US”,”value”:”Error processing request stream. The property name ‘Expiry_x0020‌​_Date’ specified for type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.DataService.L2Item’ is not valid.”}}

Note: When trying with only Title column this coding is working.

Column Details

Title – Single Line Text

Business Justification for Access – Choice Column

Expiry Date – Date and Time

Permission Type – Choice Column

 <ViewFields xmlns="">       <FieldRef Name="Attachments" />       <FieldRef Name="LinkTitle" />       <FieldRef Name="Business_x0020_Justification_x00" />       <FieldRef Name="Expiry_x0020_Date" />       <FieldRef Name="Permission_x0020_Type" />  </ViewFields>