Allowing users to select large items to export from a paginated list

On a website I’m designing, users have access to a search function that lists items with potentially much content inside (they’re meant to be grammar exercises, and so multiple grammar problems can be listed in each item). The current view uses pagination (6 items per page) and looks like this:

enter image description here

Users should be able to enter a special mode in which they select the items to export to a file. While there could potentially be hundreds of items and multiple results pages, I want the design to be usable at no more than 40-50 items, suggesting to narrow down the search query if the result set is larger.

This leaves me with a problem: allowing users to select items for exporting from a list that doesn’t fit on a single page, because the items are so large. While there are many questions (1, 2, 3) and solutions about selecting items from a long list, those items are typically just small, simple text labels one-two words long, in which case list builders or a grid-based layout with checkboxes can be used; here, this is impractical.

The solution I thought of was to switch from using pagination to infinite scroll, and, when the user clicks the ‘export’ button, load all items from the server if the user hasn’t scrolled to the bottom yet, and then simply allow individual item selection via checkboxes (that is, a checkbox appears next to each item; if the item is to be exported, the checkbox should be checked).

  • Are there any significant downsides to this approach? One problem I can see is that beyond around 10 items, there will likely be a lot of scrolling involved, because of the height of each item. How much of an issue is this?
  • Is there another solution I could consider?
  • I believe my solution should be usable on mobile devices as well, since it doesn’t require anything more refined than checkboxes. Are there any difficulties I’m missing?

how to make a password list like the icloud keychain using crunch

i changed today the admin password of my server. To make the password difficult I used the password generator of my iPhone (icloud keychain), but now i can’t log in. Have no idea what happend and i cant also reset my password

so i found a brute force attack software on kali linux which probarly works i think, have seen a few videos on youtube. But to start the attack i need a list off passwords using crunch. i dont know much about programming, maybe you guys can help me? please?

a sample of the password:


as you can see the 5 first charachters are letters, then comes a minus (-) etc. THERE IS 1 CAPITAL LETTER INSIDE AND 1 NUMBER nothing more and less. no other symbols. the place of the number and the capital letter changes

thanks a lot

How to show list of available choices on a sharepoint form

I have a simple sharepoint form added called ‘laptop borrowing request’ which has employee name, date and laptop as fields. Laptop is a choice column: surface, thinkad and laptop. There are only three devices physically present at client.

Now the following seems difficult to implement for me: 1. Let’s say if couple of users have put in request and they have acquired possession of thinkpad and laptop ,so only surface is available to request.

If the next person puts in a request for thinkpad, how do I show that its not available or restrict to put in a request for thinkpad.

Please share thoughts if any, thanks. I am working SP online modern.

Tasks do not disappear from My Task list

Has anyone an idea why tasks do not disappear from the My Tasks list?

In our SharePoint environment many task lists exits for our users. Most users use their own My Tasks list to maintain the tasks assigned to them. When a task is marked as complete in the original task list or in My Tasks, the task is updated and disappears from the My Tasks list.

But sometimes tasks are removed from the original task list and keep existing in the My Tasks list. Trying to mark that task as complete in the My Tasks list does not work.

Does anyone have an idea how I can re-sync these lists?

I already deleted the user profile and created it again, but that did not help.

i will scrape yellowpages for business list for any for $10

I will search and collect the Yellowpages business database for any business categories from any country data extracted that you will get contain: Business NameAddress (country, city, state, postal code) Business Email (if available)Phone Number website (if available) DATA collected directly from Yellowpages

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I am retrieving items from a list and want only 4 to show on my page

I am retrieving items from a list, which has 5 items, but I only want 4 to show and every time I add a new item I want the new item to show first and then the other 3 items to follow and the fifth item must not show.

<div id="phishing" class="row"> <!--Injected content--> </div> 
$  .ajax({         url: "/cyberSecurity/_api/web/lists/GetByTitle('phishingExamples')/items",         method: 'GET',         headers: {             'Accept': 'application/json; odata=verbose'         },         success: function(data) {             var items = data.d.results;             var phishing = $  ('#phishing');             var phishingCards;             for (var i = 0; i <4; i++) {                 phishingCards = '<div class="col-sm-6 col-md-6 col-lg-3 mb-3">' +                    '<div style="background-color: #004685; height: 340px; position: relative;" class="card backImg2 ">' +                     '<div style="color: #fff;" class="card-body ">' +                      '<h5 style="color: #ffe01a;" class="card-title ">' + items[i].Title + '</h5>' +                     '<p style="margin-bottom: -5px;" class="card-text ">' + items[i].Description + '</p>' +                     '<div style="width: 100%;  margin: 0 auto; position: absolute; bottom: 0;right: 0" class="row "><a style=" background-color: #ffe01a!important;  color: black!important; border: none; width: 100%;" href= "'+ items[i].Image.Url +'"class="btn btn-primary btn-sm"  target=_blank>More Info</a></div>' +                     '</div>' +                     '</div>' +                     '</div>';                                  phishing.prepend(phishingCards);             }         },         error: function(data) {             console.log('Error: ' + data);         }     }); // End Service Icons  //End Service Icons [![Items from list][1]][1] 

Can i prevent modifying 2 fields when editing a list item using list validation

I am working on a custom list inside a classic team site. and inside the edit form i added this jQuery code to disable 2 fields (so those fields will only be set when creating the item):-

$  ("input[id^='ESTCompletion']").attr('disabled', 'disabled'); $  ("input[id^='Completion']").attr('disabled', 'disabled'); 

enter image description here

but since the users can disable javascript and bypass the validation and modify these fields..

so can i write a validation rule inside the list validation to make sure that those 2 date fields will not be modified when editing the item?

In the on-premises farm, i use to write an item-updating event receiver to do such checks, but in the online world implementing those will require lot of efforts and hosting cost.. so i was thinking if i can do these checks inside the list validation?