Use a Cell Phone Number Listing to Get the Truth Behind Your Spouse’s Strange Calls

Google will inform you that many people are currently the usage of the online reverse cellular phone appearance up directory today and  Phone Number List . There can be several reasons for utilizing the carrier among the ones the maximum common are finding out whom a prank caller is or if a spouse is cheating. Reasons range from all of us, but either manner what their motive, the manner they get entry to the online opposite cell cellphone research is the same manner.

[Image: Bahamas-Phone-List.jpg?w=1000&ssl=1]

An on line reverse cellular Bahamas phone number list  lookup provider is said to be the very nice manner due to its comfort and in cost as compared to the numerous other methods that could price you a fortune and are difficult to apply.

Among services provided to, you that provide the same facts’s as a opposite cell smartphone look up are as follows:

Detective – They will follow your accomplice and supply the desired facts however are you able to truly have the funds for what they’re going to charge for this? In addition, possibilities are your spouse will discover.

Reading the frame language of your partner- if you may do this you possibly might not have married them to start with.

Therefore, with the available options the handiest one that makes experience is the opposite cell telephone online lookup. Just honestly pay for a one-time search. Input the suspect number click on on seek now and within a few seconds, you may recognise who is at the other give up of that mysterious telephone call. You can ease your thoughts and both confront your partner or let dozing puppies lie.

User defined function for creating Row only listing first column of matrix or first element of a vector

I cannot figure out why my rowNameValue[] is only listing the first part of a column or vector. Below is the code.

objectName = Function[Null, SymbolName[Unevaluated[#]], {HoldFirst}]; ClearAll[m, b] m = {{1, 0, -5}, {0, 1, 1}, {0, 0, 0}}; MatrixQ[m] b = {1, 4, 0}; VectorQ[b] rowNameValue[symbol_, name_ : Null] := Block[{id, fn},    id = If[Head[name] === String, name, objectName[symbol],       objectName[symbol]];    id = If[MatrixQ[symbol] || VectorQ[symbol], Style[id, Bold], id,       id];    fn = If[MatrixQ[symbol] || VectorQ[symbol], MatrixForm,       TraditionalForm, StandardForm];    {Row[{id, " \[Rule] "}, " "], Apply[fn, symbol]}    ]; dataIn[m_, b_] = Block[{}, Grid[{     rowNameValue[m, "m"],     rowNameValue[b, "b"]     }]] dataIn[m, b] 

Pentesting Webserver Dead End (MySQL White Listing Bypass)

I am currently pentesting a webserver running MySQL, managed to obtain its db configuration (w/ login credentials) but the hostname is in a Local Area Network. The server has white listing enabled, so i cannot login remotely.

Is there anyway to bypass the servers MySQL whitelisting?

“ERROR 1130 (HY000: Host ‘XX.XX.XXX.XXX’ is not allowed to connect to this MySQL Server”

can one obtain a file listing from a protected directory when one has not authenticated

I am monitoring a webdav service that has been probed repeatedly since the beginning of February. The Apache 2.4 httpd server hosts just this one application. Access to the application is only possible over https and is controlled by an .htaccess file. Various directories in the web site directory tree are further restricted by an .htgroup file.

The probes have not actually retrieved any files. All attempts to GET result in a 401 Forbidden code. However, the probe is using actual file names found in the directory tree.

There is no ssh service to this host available except when explicitly manually enabled; and then only to internal private ip addresses.

My question is: what technique is/was used to discover the file names and directory structure? I have been trying to find a way to accomplish this and I cannot discover it. But clearly, there must be some way this information was obtained by the probing party.

Search a Reverse Phone Number Listing to Easily Get the Name of a Cell Phone Caller

Are you searching in an effort to get the name of someone who made a cellphone call from a cell? Did you now you may seek a reverse telephone variety phone number list  to easily get the call of a cellular telephone caller? This works for regular phones as properly. Read on to discover how to effortlessly try this.

[Image: 2.png]

There are any range of motives that you may have for trying to reverse seek a phone listing to get facts on a range of. The most important cause that people do that is to get the call of a caller. You may be inquisitive about doing this due to the fact you’ve got been receiving calls which you might alternatively no longer have to deal with. May be you have got a person who receives their kicks out of calling you at extraordinary hours of the nighttime, or repeatedly calling then placing up. Another superb purpose to do that is that you can have noticed a brand new wide variety all at once appear for your phone invoice. A number that you do now not apprehend. This could be a warning sign of identification robbery.

Whatever motives you have got for the use of a reverse quantity list for phone caller statistics, there definitely is most effective one sort of region to get this without difficulty. These reverse search sites are specialized in offering the largest listing of cellphone client records this is publicly to be had. They are extraordinarily smooth to use as properly. You virtually enter the number into their website and you will have get admission to to the facts that you need within seconds. Definitely the high-quality way to get this data is to search a reverse telephone wide variety list.

Event listing, filtering events with search

I’m working on UI for an event listing website. I have a dilemma. I want to include filters, without making the user think they have to use the search bar.

I curently have something like this

  1. Event listing when search is not being used: enter image description here

  2. Event listing when search is being used enter image description here

Anyways, the problem is this:

When the user visits the site – the “Today” filter is set as default. There is no “All events” filter button available to the user (too many events to list).

However, when the user uses search – the “All events” filter appears and becomes active.

My logic is – if the user uses search – he is most likely interested in all the instances of the keyword (let’s say the user searches for a band – he most likely wants to know WHEN are they playing and less likely to answer if they are playing “today”).

  1. The problem is, would the user get confused because of the sudden apperiance of the “All events filter”.

  2. The second problem is: if the user is interested in “this month”. So he changes from “all events” to “this month”, and then wants to search for something else – should the search jump again on “all events” or stay on “this month”.

Why the service –status-all is not listing this working service?

I am absolute not into Linux system administration (I am a software developer) and I have the following question for you about services.

On an Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS machine there is installed a software as service. I mean that I can run it performing this statment in the shell:

sudo service wso2ei start 

and I have the service configuration file into:


that contains something like this:

[Unit] Description=WSO2EI  [Service] Type=simple WorkingDirectory=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0 User=root Group=nogroup Environment=JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/jdk/jdk1.8.0_192 Environment=CARBON_HOME=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0  StandardOutput=syslog StandardError=syslog  ExecStart=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/bin/ ExecStop=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/ stop  #TimeoutSec=130  [Install] 

it is working fine and I can start and stop the service by the following statments:

sudo service wso2ei start 


sudo service wso2ei stopt 

So this service is working fine…but…I tried to list all the services by this stament:

service --status-all 

I expected to find my wso2ei service into the output list but there isn’t !!!

This is my output:

$   sudo service --status-all  [ - ]  acpid  [ + ]  apparmor  [ + ]  apport  [ + ]  atd  [ + ]  cntlm  [ - ]  [ + ]  cron  [ - ]  cryptdisks  [ - ]  cryptdisks-early  [ + ]  dbus  [ + ]  ebtables  [ + ]  grub-common  [ - ]  [ + ]  irqbalance  [ + ]  iscsid  [ - ]  [ + ]  kmod  [ - ]  lvm2  [ + ]  lvm2-lvmetad  [ + ]  lvm2-lvmpolld  [ + ]  lxcfs  [ - ]  lxd  [ - ]  mdadm  [ - ]  mdadm-waitidle  [ - ]  ntp  [ - ]  open-iscsi  [ - ]  open-vm-tools  [ - ]  plymouth  [ - ]  plymouth-log  [ + ]  procps  [ - ]  rsync  [ + ]  rsyslog  [ - ]  screen-cleanup  [ + ]  ssh  [ + ]  udev  [ - ]  ufw  [ + ]  unattended-upgrades  [ - ]  uuidd $   

Why my wso2ei is not in this list? What is wrong? What am I missing?

Moreover: if I check the status of this particular service I obtain this output:

$   sudo service wso2ei status ● wso2ei.service - WSO2EI    Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/wso2ei.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)    Active: active (running) since Fri 2019-10-11 21:03:06 CEST; 1 day 22h ago   Process: 56854 ExecStop=/usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/ stop (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)  Main PID: 56912 (     Tasks: 179 (limit: 9486)    CGroup: /system.slice/wso2ei.service            ├─56912 /bin/sh /usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/bin/            └─56958 /usr/lib/wso2/wso2ei/6.4.0/jdk/jdk1.8.0_192/bin/java -Xbootclasspath/a: -Xms256m -Xmx1024m -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -X 

So I think that the service statment find the wso2ei service in some way.

I think that I am missing something…

Listing multiple events with sub-events on a page

I have a fairly large collection of martial arts events that I’m listing on a page.

Each event happened on a given date and in a given location (country, state, city).

Each event has one or more tournaments, which has a division, the number of fights and the number of unique fighters.

When I had much fewer events I simply listed the events in chronological order with a heading for each year, a smaller heading for the event country, date and name, and the event’s tournaments as a list below that heading.

Now that I am dealing with hundreds of events this has become a pretty bad way of displaying the results, so I’m wondering about what would be a better way to display all this data.

The naive implementation would be to use a large table for everything. The benefits of that would be that it’s open to sorting, filtering, etc. but it would also mean a lot of redundant data (event name and year repeated over and over) or empty cells.

I’ve tried googling for existing examples, but I’ve been unable to find anything that matches what I’m looking for.

Current layout

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