Selecting elements of sublists or reshaping a list of lists

I have this list

{{{0.05792, 0.31744}, 0., 0., 0., 0.,    0.}, {0., {0.28832, 0.49024}, {0.17173, 0.386393}, 0., 0.,    0.}, {0., {0.17173, 0.386393}, {0.104, 0.352}, 0., 0., 0.}, {0., 0.,    0., {0.30752, 0.38464}, {0.322232, 0.260264}, {0.214663,     0.107331}}, {0., 0.,    0., {0.322232, 0.260264}, {0.392, 0.496}, {0.277128,     0.415692}}, {0., 0.,    0., {0.214663, 0.107331}, {0.277128, 0.415692}, {0.2, 0.4}}} 

or in the matrix form: enter image description here

I would like to convert this list to a list of two matrices, each of the same size as the input matrix, i.e. 6 by 6, where the non-zero entries for the first matrix are given by the first element of the lists in the input matrix and the same for the second matrix.

If it helps I can also create a matrix where the zeros are replaced by a list of two zeros to match the dimension.

Links lists updates are not getting picked by GSA

Hello, I’ve subscribed to one of the verified list providers and they sync files via Dropbox. And I have the issue that GSA cant catch up with the updated files automatically. I have to manual via context menu trigger a new import from global site list – then it starts to push them. But I assume that this should be automatically after the DP sync appeared. 

Did anyone face such an issue? 

Basic manipulations with lists

Suppose I have a list of the following form:


I have two questions:

A) How can I convert this to a list of the following form:


B) How can I access, say, the elements a,d,g,j,m,p?

This is probably a very basic question but I do not have previous experience with Mathematica.

Thank you,

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Mathematica shorthand for mapping function over two lists simultaneously

I am still relatively new to Mathematica, so please bear with my question. I have the following statement that works perfectly well:

Table[findcvec[phif, phit, v1[[i]], v2[[i]], +1], {i, Length[v1]}] 

Now, I would like to make a Mathematica shorthand version of this statement using #, &, etc. But this attempt fails:

MapThread[findcvec[phif, phit, #1, #2, +1]] & {v1, v2} 

Could someone please tell me the correct way of doing this?

This might be a duplicate, but I couldn’t any previous question that addresses this specifically. Thank you!

Is there a resource anywhere that lists every spell and the classes that can use them?

There are now a number of resources that provide lists of spells, the PHB, Tashas Cauldron, XGTE etc. As well as spells that are included in specific adventure or campaign books.

There are also new classes that come with new spell rules, artificer is one.

Is there a single resource anywhere that lists all the spells currently published for 5th edition, the classes they can be used by and the level? I am not looking for the spell rules just an updated list as per the PHB that includes every published spell by class.

Or a list that lists out every spell and the classes that can use them.

A glitch with importing a list of lists of polynomials

Would anybody know how to import a list of lists of polynomials which I exported earlier?

d = {{3*t^2 + 2*t^(-1), 5*t + 6*t^(-2) + 7*t^(-4)}, {7*t^2 + 8*t^(-1), 9*t + 10*t^(-2)}}  Export["mydata.dat",d]  Import["mydata.dat"]  Out[]={{"2/t", "+", "3*t^2", "7/t^4", "+", "6/t^2", "+", "5*t"}, {"8/t", "+", "7*t^2", "10/t^2", "+", "9*t"}}  imp=Import["mydata.dat", "List"] Out[]={2/t + 3*t^2  7/t^4 + 6/t^2 + 5*t, 8/t + 7*t^2    10/t^2 + 9*t} imp[[1]] Out[]= 2/t + 3*t^2  7/t^4 + 6/t^2 + 5*t imp[[1]][[1]]  error: Part::partd: Part specification 2/t + 3*t^2  7/t^4 + 6/t^2 + 5*t[[1]] is longer than depth of object. Head @ imp[[1]] Out[]=String 

Exporting as "List" does not help.

Random Hyperlinks Not Working in Nested Columns with Lists

I am new here and have beginner level experience with WordPress so please bear with me if I am leaving out any pertinent information.

Towards the lower portion of this landing page, I have a series of containers with columns and nested columns. Within these nested columns I have included hyperlinked text to list items. Ideally, all of the hyperlinked list items would click out to their respective landing pages.

However, for some reason unbeknownst to me, most of the hyperlinks are not working properly and the text items are un-clickable.

Does anyone know why this might be and how I can fix it? Are there any additional details I can provide to help resolve this issue? Is this forum even meant for questions like this?? Many thanks in advance!

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