UBUNTU LIVE CD with .config and .mozilla inside the LIVE ISO

I need an UBUNTU LIVE CD VERSION with my own configuration files on it.
Even an UBUNTU standard distro version is OK. MUST NOT BE MINE PERSONAL.

When I boot with a live distro and copy that inside the /home/ do the LOGOUT AND the LOGIN it works fine, but i’ve to do this every time and that just drives me crazy… and sometimes i forget to bring with me those config files.

So I’m trying to insert

.config and .mozilla inside UBUNTU / LUBUNTU LIVE CD

(that is the config that I already have configured myself from OpenBox, panels, Mozilla plugins etc. and so on).

I’ve looked everywhere and just can’t find the solution. I tryed on my own, but no luck. In worse case scenario, it will not boot. I just don’t know what to touch and what to do.

AND NO, I am NOT INTERESTED TO ASSIGN ANY ADDITIONAL SPACE FOR IT ON LIVE USB (from zero to xyz GB), as you can do that with Pen Drive Linux aka Universal USB Installer and others.

Why? Well from my experience:

  1. Well because it makes it too slow immediately. USB FLASH even if USB 3.0 is too slow for me. It drives me nuts like win10.
  3. I want to inject everything into a RAM (my 16 GB DDR4 works fine with it).


Access files in Home directory from live mode

I have Ubuntu 18.04 installed on my computer. Recently it stopped booting into GUI mode due to low disk space on the HOME directory. For some reason I’m unable to boot it into terminal mode either. The next solution I am trying is to use a Live CD and then delete some files from the HOME folder to free up some space so it can boot into GUI mode again .

How do I access the files in the HOME folder of the Ubuntu which is installed on my comp via the Live Mode ?

Questions around migrating to a live replicated database from an existing log shipping database in SQL Server 2016 SP1

I have two large databases, one on my production server named S1 and the other on my reporting server named S2.

S1 is the live database used for our customer orders and accounting, and S2 is the reporting database, which is a one-way, read-only copy of S1.

Every 2 hours, S2 is taken offline, then a log shipping job runs on S1 and updates the last 2 hours of transactions into S2 on the reporting server. It works, but isn’t quite up to date enough any more for my users’ needs, and having it go offline every 2 hours and interrupt any queries running at that point is less than ideal, so they end up running queries on S1 and causing untold problems.

I need to set up simple replication such that S2 is updated as soon as there are any changes in S1. I’ve never done this before so I’m quite nervous.

I can set up a new database on my reporting server, there’s plenty of capacity, so I’m in the process of setting up a live read-only transactional replication named S3. When I’m happy it’s working and matches S2, I just want to do a straight swap and start using S3 for all my reports etc.

Is it as simple as just detaching S2, then renaming S3 to S2?

Provided the tables and indexes etc were all identical, Would all my users’ queries just work at that point?

Instead of doing this, is it a better idea to reconfigure the existing DB from a log shipping model to a transactional model, or is that painful?

Try Ubuntu 18.04.2 from live USB – screen and hardware frozen

I am attempting to install Ubuntu 18.04.2 from a live USB onto my Dell Inspiron 7000. I am trying to dual boot with Windows 10. I was able to boot successfully into “Try Ubuntu” (I did not do any of the installation steps), but when I tried to restart the computer, the screen froze. I have no mouse or keyboard input, and I can’t long-press the power button to shut down either. I am currently waiting for my frozen computer to run out of battery, and the processor appears to be running at full speed.

Could this be an Ubuntu issue, or is it more likely to be a hardware problem?

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efi session failure for live boot repair Gigabyte mobo

Am trying to recover boot for an install of 18.04 and every attempt returns me to an error saying that I am booted in legacy mode and need efi session. I have a gigabyte 990-UD3 motherboard. Can someone help me figure out how to set this up? I have changed the boot options for usb to uefi only and my flash drive no longer shows up to boot then set it to auto and still get the same message as when I set it to Uefi first then legacy… Frustrated…

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LMOP: what beasts live in Neverwinter Wood?

I’m DM’ing for the first time, for a group of first-time players. I chose the LMOP-campaign because it would be the easiest both for them as for me.

This week, we had our first session. 3 of the player-characters got humiliated (mainly because of bad rolls, but still… it was funny), but one player, who was a druid, was the star-player, killing 3 of the 4 monsters in the first encounter (I’m trying to be vague enough to avoid spoilers).

This druid will play a Moon Circle druid at level 2, which is (so I read elsewhere on SE) the most overpowered subclass in 5e.

We talked a while about how Wild Shape worked, and how strong it was, but after a while I noticed something that we both somehow missed all the time:

Starting at 2nd level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before.

So the druid must have seen the beast before. I guessed that this would mean that the character must encounter the beast while playing, before it can shapeshift into it (when playing RAW). However, the player argued that in her lore it says that she lived in Neverwinter woods all her life, and that she would have seen lots of creatures already. I have to admit, this makes a lot of sense.

So… how should I handle this? Is she allowed to shapeshift into any creature of the list? Or is it required for her to see them during the adventure?

Or… what I was thinking: maybe I should make a list of creatures that we can assume roam around in Neverwinter woods, and that she can use. (For example: we can expect wolves, but probably not camels…) I looked for resources on this, but can only find this information for plants. Not animals.