Can’t add any menu items on live server (no item list)

I can’t add any items to menus on live server (can’t even see items to add list – there is list of dropdown "titles" like posts, pages, custom post types etc, but when I expand it – list is empty).

Locally it works. Another weird thing is that if I add items to menu locally and export whole wordpress installation with AIO WP Migration to live server, items are there, added to menu. But I still can’t add any other items (on the live server).

Any ideas what is going on? As I said, I have EXACTLY the same site on live server as I’m having locally (exported with AIO WP Migration), but still can’t add menu items on live server, while locally I can…

Can a raging barbarian carry live rabbits to kill them, in order to keep his rage going?

One of my players, a human barbarian, came up with the idea of carrying captured rabbits, feeding them and treating them nicely, so that he can rip them apart mid-battle if he knows he will be unable to attack during the round. Does this sound balanced or does this sound like breaking the rules?

How can live fire exercises be made safer?

My group is in Waterdeep, and our wizard would love to help train the world-famous griffon cavalry, especially in evading fireballs. That is, he wants to hurl fireballs at them that they need to evade.

I think this kind of live fire exercise is eminently worthwhile. (A nice spectacle for the populace, too.)

However, the griffons involved (and their riders) presumably would prefer some assurance they will not be singed too much.

How can we make this kind of live fire exercise safer for the targets?

  • One immediate possibility would be Protection from Energy, which confers resistance from one kind of energy, like fire. Prior to the exercise, someone could cast this spell at the griffon and rider. Unfortunately, even resistance only halves the damage involved, which can still be somewhat painful.
  • Enhance Ability (Cat’s Grace) would help with the Dexterity saving throws.
  • Something like the Rogue’s or the Monk’s Evasion ability would also be useful, but the griffons don’t have that. The Ring of Evasion requires attunement, and with the griffons’ Intelligence of 2, I don’t quite see how they would attune to the ring (on a claw?).

Multi-step, live updating search

I’m creating a website and want to set up a multi-step (live) filter for searching companies, industries etc and now I’m starting to explain…

I have 3 categories. First category has 5 criterias. When you choose one of them (it should be possible to choose ONLY one in the first stage) there are more criterias on the first sub-category and when you choose one criteria from the first sub-category (also should be possible to choose ONLY one) there comes the second sub-category where you can choose more criterias. It would be the best if you get the results LIVE. I’m searching for days and still can’t find anything. Hope it’s understandable and someone can help me. Thanks

Can the people who live in this maze get lost in their own maze in Tomb of Annihilation?

I hope the title isn’t so ambiguous such that it doesn’t actually resemble what I’m asking, but I’m trying to keep the title spoiler free.

So, in the Tomb of Annihilation adventure for D&D 5e, there is a location in Chult called Dungrunglung (pp. 49-52). This location includes a maze.

So, the moment the party step into the maze (which surrounds the grung settlement of Dungrunglung), the grungs "greet" them immediately and escort them to the centre, which of course means they are going through the maze with the party. On page 49, it has this to say about the maze itself, and what one may expect whilst trying to navigate it:

The maze’s passages are open to the sky and magically change configuration every minute or so, turning passageways into dead ends, and vice versa. Whichever character is leading the way through the maze must make six successful DC 15 Wisdom (Survival) checks to find the entrance to the settlement (area 2). Each successful or failed check represents 1 minute of searching the maze.

This, to me, implies that the grungs themselves can get lost in their own maze (and after apparently having just travelled through it already to greet the party). Is this true?

Is there anything that I’ve missed that might imply that, while being guided through the maze by the grungs, the (escorted) party and grungs do not get lost? Or do the party or the grungs still need to make Survival checks, potentially getting lost?

Would an Ettin and Otyugh live in the same area?

According to the 3.5 monster manual –

Ettins like to establish their lairs in remote, rocky areas. They dwell in dark, underground caves that stink of decaying food and offal. They tolerate other creatures, such as orcs, if these can be useful in some way.

Otyughs are grotesque subterranean monsters that lurk within heaps of refuse. Although primarily scavengers that can eat almost any kind of refuse, they never object to a meal of fresh meat when the opportunity presents itself.

An otyugh spend most of its time within its lair, which it keeps filled with carrion, offal, and all manner of similar trash. An otyugh usually covers itself with this vile stuff, leaving only its sensory stalk exposed (the stack also carries the otyugh’s olfactory organ) and lies there for hours, shoveling food into its mouth.

Intelligent subterranean beings sometimes coexist with otyughs, which they regard as convenient garbage disposals: They dump their refuse in the lair of the otyugh, which generally refrains from attacking them.

Based on the rules as written would it be far fetched to think that these two creatures would live around each other?

I was specifically thinking of using the otyugh as a kind of guard-dog for the ettin.

Burp not intercepting live video stream

I have set up Burp proxy to intercept requests of an Android app. I am able to intercept app API calls except for live video streams. I am not aware of how the video stream is implemented but assuming there should be WebSocket or HTTP requests made to stream video.

Please help me how can I intercept live streaming. My aim is to stream video on a laptop.

How to make `Manipulate[]` to show me the result of expression evaluation live?

I have code that works the way I need:

Manipulate[  Plot[-3*x + 2, {x, from, to}, AspectRatio -> Automatic,    PlotRange -> {{-20, 20}, {-20, 20}}], {{from, -10, "frm"}, -10, 10,    1, Appearance -> "Labeled"}, {{to, 10, "t"}, -10, 10, 1,    Appearance -> "Labeled"}] 

Now I need to make Manipulate to also show me the result of expression (-3*x + 2 in our case) evaluation. I mean, when I move sliders I need also a field which is updated live and has the result of evaluation of expression. How to do that?