NGINX failing some asset requests while acting as a load balancer for two servers

My NGINX config uses an upstream and a proxy_pass to act as a Loadbalancer, however I am having issues with some network requests in which some are cancelled and others are failed.

upstream myapps {             server XXX.XX.XXX.XX;             server X.X.X.X;     }  server {        location / {             proxy_pass http://myapps;             proxy_set_header Host $  http_host;             proxy_redirect off;         } } 

Unable to load crlnumber when creating CRL with OpenSSL

currently I am trying to create a CRL with my own private CA with OpenSSL. I have to work on a windows machine from the binary. I give the command:

$ openssl ca -gencrl -config root-ca.conf -out root-ca.crl

which gives me the error:

unable to load number from root-ca/db/crlnumber error while loading CRL number 20192:error:0D066096:asn1 encoding routines:a2i_ASN1_INTEGER:short line:crypto\asn1\f_int.c:151: error in ca

I use the config from ,but I changed the home = ca-root under [ca_default], s.t. it fits my directory.

The file crlnumber exists (in the given path) and contains just 01. All answers I have found so far recommend that. I have also tried 1001. But it does not work for me. I am very grateful for any suggestions. Thank you!

Kind regards


Google Chrome doesn’t load website’s correct Google Fonts and ‘’ itself doesn’t show any fonts. How to fix this?

Software Information:

  • Google Chrome Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit) installed using official .deb from Google.
  • Ubuntu 19.04 With Gnome 3.32

What I tested:

Removed all extensions, cleared history and cookies and reset settings,purged and reinstalled chrome, installed chromium. But problem persists.


  • 1 (
  • 2 ( with console)

Firefox works fine. All google fonts are displayed perfectly and I can see fonts on but I can’t figure out why font’s don’t display on chrome or chromium.

nested loop load variable data name and mat file name for plotting (Matlab) [on hold]

I have the following: 1- different mat files named by the users as Ref1.mat, haapy.mat, 123.mat etc. 2- each mat files contain variable name and number such as R3=0.45, G3=4, B=3.2, H=24, L=32, S=0.32 etc I have used nested loop to load mat file 1- file name 2-variable name 3- variable number

My questions:

1- my loop doesn’t load all variable data from all files i.e. if I have 21 mat files and each file has 9 variables data this means 21×9= 189 data. Apparently my code just loads 21 variable data instead of 189. Help appreciated? 2- I am trying to plot as subplots all data on the mat files for comparisons i.e. R,G,B as one graph, R Vs. G, scatter H Vs. S, H Vs. L. I have tried different plot, surf syntax to include in the loop, so it will plot each assigned variable data of every mat file but no success. Help appreciated? 3- Finally I am trying to reference each point plotted on each graphs with its mat file name. Please see my code below.

please see attached picture as an example of how i want to each ploted points to its named file ploted points with its reference name on the top right hand

Thanks in advance

clear PathName = uigetdir; AxesH = axes(‘NextPlot’, ‘add’); file_all = dir(fullfile(PathName,’*.mat’)); matfile = file_all([file_all.isdir] == 0);

allData = cell(size(file_all));  N = length(file_all) ; 

filenames = cell(N,1) ;

matfile = file_all([file_all.isdir] == 0); %clear file_all PathName

for ii=1:length(file_all)

for i = 1:N      for iii=1:length(matfile) 

%aFileData = load(files(ii).name); %allData{ii} = aFileData.r3; aFileData = load(file_all(ii).name); % names of the variables stored: variableNames = fieldnames(aFileData); % use the first name and “dynamic field names”, i.e., (…): allData{ii} = aFileData.(variableNames{1});

%for i = 1:N filenames{i} = file_all(i).name ; data = load(file_all(i).name) ;

          % start w/ an empty array %for iii=1:length(matfile) load(matfile(iii).name);   % read/concatenate into x %if true    %iFile = 1:length(matfile)      %File = fullfile( sprintf(matfile, iFile));    % Data = load(File) 

% plot(R3, G3,B3′-o’) % set(R(3),’facecolor’,’g’) % set(G(3),’facecolor’,’y’) % set(B(3),’facecolor’,’y’) %set(H(4),’facecolor’,’r’)
% n=num2str(R,’File’); % for k = 5:9 % Re=strcat(‘0′,num2str(k),’0’); end end end

Ubuntu installer boots from USB but does not load

I’m having a weird problem when I try to install Ubuntu on my laptop. I have created a bootable USB drive, with the iso imagen of Ubuntu 18.04, and I also accessed the BIOS and changed the boot order so that the laptop will boot from the USB. After restarting the computer, it does indeed open Grub with the usual options (try Ubuntu, install Ubuntu…), but when I select “install Ubuntu”, the screen turns black and that is the end of it. No matter what key I press or what I try, nothing works, and I need to switch the computer off by pressing the power button.

I am at a loss. What can be the issue here?

PowerPivot Management Dashboard Processing Timer Job failed with error, “We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Data Model”

All of sudden PowerPivot Management Dashboard Processing Timer Job has started failing in my SharePoint 2013 server.

I have verified below:

  1. The Power Pivot SQL server instance is running SQL Server.
  2. Data Model Settings of the Excel Services application in SharePoint Central Administration has the PivotPoint server configuration.

What could be the reason for this failure and how to resolve this?

I found below errors in SharePoint hive logs.

Opening workbook model for refresh for url http://central admin site url/PowerPivot Management/GUID/PowerPivot Management Data.xlsx (session policy: CloseSessionOnDispose, KeepActiveSessionAlive)

Setting the ECS context scope to the following url: http://central admin site url/PowerPivot Management/GUID/PowerPivot Management Data.xlsx

EXCEPTION: NoAvaialbleStreamingServerException: we cannot locate a server to load the workbook data model. -> Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPClient.Interfaces.ExcelServicesException: we cannot locate a server to load the workbook data model…..

The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPAddin.UsageProcessingTimerJob (ID 292a186b-c54e-4f4b-9e41-4592bd3c300a) threw an exception. More information is included below.

We cannot locate a server to load the workbook Data Model.

[GET][NULLED] – WP Rocket – Make WP Load Fast in a Few Clicks v3.3.1.1


[GET][NULLED] – WP Rocket – Make WP Load Fast in a Few Clicks v3.3.1.1

Posso dar load de static files utilizado modulos do DJango

É possivel eu criar um modulo no django e utilizar a admin page para mudar imagens no meu webiste por exemplo: Eu tenho uma images no meu index.html mas gostaria de adicionar uma maneira mais facil de modificar essa imagem sem ter de abrir o ficheiro e eu queria implementar isso na admin paga fazendo com que se eu mudar a images na admin page ele tambem altera no index.html! Espero ter escalrecido a minha duvida!

Need to fetch custom customer attribute load via SOAP API ‘customerCustomerRepositoryV1’

I used SOAP API '{$ baseUrl}soap/default?wsdl&services=customerCustomerRepositoryV1' to get customer attributes values. I am successfully getting these attributes values like name, email etc all default values but i have not able to get custom customer attributes