Customize native loader

I would like to challenge the template structure of Magento 2 loader which is declared in the lib/web/mage/loader.js but I can’t find where this widget is calling by Magento to override the javascript ?

I mean, I’m able to extend the widget with this code :

define(['jquery','jquery/ui','mage/translate'], function ($  ) { 'use strict';  $  .widget("custom.loader", $  .mage.loader, {     options: {         icon: '',         texts: {             loaderText: $  .mage.__('Please wait...'),             imgAlt: $  .mage.__('Loading...')         },         template:             '<div class="loading-mask-custom" data-role="loader">' +                 '<div class="loader">' +                     '<img alt="<%- data.texts.imgAlt %>" src="new path">' +                     '<p><%- data.texts.loaderText %></p>' +                 '</div>' +             '</div>'     } });  return $  .custom.loader; }); 

And to call it from the Magento_Theme module in app/design but I still have the native one (loading-mask class)

front loader machine

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front loader machine

Checkout Process is Stuck and loader never disappears in magento 1.9

I have created a replica of production environment,but on dev environment checkout process is stuck and loader(shipping,payment and review) never disapears but everything works fine on production environment.I tried almost every solution but nothing worked.I cleared cache and reindex,but issue still persists. Production URL: Dev URL:

The code based and DB is same,so ideally there is no code level issue and no console error also.Any guide to resolve the issue would be really helpful.

Loader is stuck on Onepage Checkout

Basically the loader inside this page does not disappear after the page is loaded, some have fixed this by fixing console errors (I have none) other by fixing their onepage.phtml (Looks good to me) with nothing else to go off i’m hoping to find some kind of solution here.

What the loader looks like before its fully loaded, looks normal. What the loader looks like before What the loader looks life after, now missing its data-mage-init enter image description here

Inside app\design\frontend\pcnametag\pcnametag_canada\Magento_Checkout\templates\onepage.phtml

<script>     require(['jquery'],function($  ){         $  (document).ready(function() {             ga('send','event','Checkout','Step 1 - Checkout Method', {nonInteraction: true});         });     }); </script> <div id="checkout" data-bind="scope:'checkout'" class="checkout-container">     <div id="checkout-loader" data-role="checkout-loader" class="loading-mask" data-mage-init='{"checkoutLoader": {}}'>         <div class="loader">             <img src="<?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $  block->getViewFileUrl('images/loader-1.gif') ?>"                  alt="<?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ __('Loading...') ?>"                  style="position: absolute;">         </div>     </div>     <!-- ko template: getTemplate() --><!-- /ko -->     <script type="text/x-magento-init">         {             "#checkout": {                 "Magento_Ui/js/core/app": <?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $  block->getJsLayout() ?>             }         }     </script>     <script>         window.checkoutConfig = <?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $  block->getSerializedCheckoutConfig() ?>;         // Create aliases for customer.js model from customer module         window.isCustomerLoggedIn = window.checkoutConfig.isCustomerLoggedIn;         window.customerData = window.checkoutConfig.customerData;     </script>     <script>         require([             'mage/url',             'Magento_Ui/js/block-loader'         ], function(url, blockLoader) {             blockLoader("<?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $  block->getViewFileUrl('images/loader-1.gif') ?>");             return url.setBaseUrl('<?= /* @escapeNotVerified */ $  block->getBaseUrl() ?>');         })     </script> </div> 

No errors in the console, everything in network tab coming back as 200 enter image description here

Dual boot hijacked, possibly by Grub loader

OK, have a little crisis here, long story: I Was running dual boot Mac OSX Mojave/Ubuntu 18.04 with rEFInd bootloader using a late 2014 intel iMac 5K. Everything working fine for a while until I got a folder called “Snap” on the Ubuntu desktop. After that I was locked out of all my user folders. Tried a few commands (recommended in this forum) in Terminal to remove “Snap” folder, but did not get any access to my user folders even after “Snap” was removed. Repaired Ubuntu by booting USB-stick from rEFInd and Ubuntu started after re-boot, then everything went wrong. The rEFInd bootloader disappeared and Ubuntu booted only, no means of choice between OS. I tried to install rEFInd again, but got a load of gibberish in Terminal and something about rEFInd not being installed properly (I am not much of a Terminal guy). Also, Ubuntu did not find/configure WiFi so I had to use wired network to get updates – which did not resolve any of the problems. Then, to enable booting into Mac OSX, I used terminal to change boot order and was able to boot into OSX. Now I have OSX booted and being locked out of any means to get into any recovery menu what-so-ever (OSX or Ubuntu). Tried OSX key commands “Cmd-R” and “Cmd/Option-R” but get a Firmware padlock wanting password and not responding. Tried holding “esc” key when re-booting but end up at the same padlock. I have tried to re-boot OSX by re-starting with RAM sticks out, holding Cmd/Option R-P but only get a repeated beeping and not the OSX boot noise – Ending up with the same padlock after inserting memory and re-booting holding in “Cmd-R”. To make matters worse OSX does not recognise the USB-stick with 18.04 mirror on it, so I am out of the option running Ubuntu from the USB stick and maybe save the day that way. So here I sit wondering what to do hoping somebody have a solution: Preferrably me having the blissful OSX/Ubuntu rEFInd dual boot giving me access to both on demand or at least an option where I can reach the OSX recovery menu and start all over……. Please?

I’m looking for a “nice” looking grub loader

I’ve recently installed both Elementary OS and Ubuntu on to a laptop I had. When the grub screen loads up to choose which to load, it’s very plain. Just the command line look with Elementary, Ubuntu, and a few other options written out in text. I’m sure most of you know the screen I’m talking about. My question is, is there any way to change it and make it “nicer”? I’ve looked and I keep getting suggestions for Burg and a couple of others, but they all seem to be abandoned. Anyone have any suggestions? If you have a screen shot, that’d would be greatly appreciated also. Thank you in advance.

How do solve issues on “download boot loader 0%” on splash tool

In my case l was sent an update via OTA,which l downloaded d and installed ,since then the phone began to drag ,apps refuses to run smoothly finally the phone got softbrick,it boots to the phone logo and never goes beyond the logo.l tried to flash it with the stock rom using spflash tool,on spflash tool it will display the red bar”Download Da 100%” and after that it got stocks on “download boot loader 0%” which eventually translate to “STATUS_DOWNLOAD_EXCEPTION (0xC0050003)”after 15 minutes of waiting. Please how do l get to recover the phone to its initial state. l use umidigi a3.

how to Add custom js after execution of google chart loader js in drupal 7?

Under hook_preprocess_page function, added custom js file used for adding a chart on the page.

    drupal_add_js(drupal_get_path('theme', '****') .'/js/loader.js', array('type' => 'file', 'scope' => 'header'));     drupal_add_js(drupal_get_path('theme', '****') .'/js/compare-fund.js', array('type' => 'file', 'scope' => 'footer', 'weight' => 1));  

Loader.js execute first and compare_fund.js is called at last. But these loader.js file call which get loaded after my custom js. Due to which it give error

compare-fund.js?pog52v:169 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'arrayToDataTable' of undefined compare-fund.js?pog52v:278 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'DataTable' of undefined