Run function after loading components into gutenberg editor sidebar

I would like to run a function after I load the meta box/components into the sidebar just in the gutenberg editor.

I know I could do it with add_action(‘add_meta_boxes’), but the function I want to run only works in the gutenberg editor. So how do I make this shot on Gutenberg’s JS?

Tried something like below, but doesn’t work.

wp.hooks.addAction('add_meta_boxes', 'cgb/generic-call-block', function () {     console.log(         'after the editor sidebar components have loaded'     ) }) 

TranslatePress plugin delayed translated language loading?

I installed the TranslatePress plugin on a website to translate the site into one language using manual translation only. This setup was tested on a dev site and all seemed to work well. However, on the live site there is a delay of around 2-3 seconds where the translated pages initially display the default language before then displaying the translated text. This looks terrible and I need to find a fix.

I have cleared all website caches, browser cache, saved permalinks, set file permissions & ownership, and tried different server settings without success.

Debugging the issue, it seems to relate to the TranslatePress ajax call (trp-ajax) returning no data, which in turn appears to be the result of a database call being blocked at line 26 of the trp-ajax.php file, causing the error output to display from line 38, which I verified via logging.

I copied the website in full onto a very similar server, which doesn’t display the problem, which is therefore pointing me towards an issue with the server environment. However, nothing seems amiss.

Checkout Page Is Keep Loading After Integration Of Payment Gateway In Magento2

Checkout page is Keep loading after integration of any payment gateway. I have tested with multiple payment gateway using module when i try to checkout the product keep loading.

[Loading Page Snap of checkoutpage]

[Console Snap of checkoutpage]

Which Sword Coast port has bugbears loading and unloading ships?

I remember reading in some published book (most probably from the 3e era but I’m not sure; surely not from 5e) that in a certain port in the Sword Coast (I’d say Waterdeep, but Neverwinter and Luskan are also possible given where our characters were located at that time) bugbears sometimes look for employment as load workers at the docks, but they often get into trouble because other people around there treat them as stupid just because of their looks.

Bugbears have average intelligence and wisdom, so they’re rightfully enraged by the accusation, but they have a bad temper and fights ensue.

Where did I read this piece of lore, and which was the town?

Prevent Mathematica from playing an animation upon loading

When I load a notebook that I’ve previously saved containing lots of animations, Mathematica will automatically begin playing all of them. (Typically, I’m animating plots, so my code would look something like this:


This leads to a lot of lag and it is time-consuming to have to pause them all before I can continue working. Is there an option or method to prevent Mathematica from automatically playing animations when loading a notebook?

Oracle 19c express manager not loading, listener will not register https port after exec dbms_xdb_config.gethttpsport()

We just set up a new oracle 19c install on a VM Windows Server 2020. I have been struggling trying to get the Express Manager working. At the end of the installation Oracle notified me that I can access the Express Manager at https://%localhost%:5500/em But upon visiting the website in chrome the connection is refused. I disabled the firewall and receive the same message. I went through the oracle documentation and ensured that dbms_xdb_config.gethttpsport() outputs 5500.

After running lsnrctl status I noticed that under listeners I am missing port 5500. I searched other users with the same issue they all have an entry for port 5500 like the following.

(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcps)(HOST=HOSTNAME.domain)(PORT=5500))(Security=(my_wallet_directory=C:\ORACLE\admin\ecoomdb\xdb_wallet))(Presentation=HTTP)(Session=RAW))     Services Summary...  

According to Oracle documentation when I run the command dbms_xdb_config.gethttpsport(5500) the listener should register the port. But after running the command muliple times this is not happening.

Loading Data From Lobby Scene to Gameplay Scene with Photon Network

As the title suggests, I am currently stuck trying to program a way to load some game mode preferences (ie. what type of game mode/players on each team/ etc…) from a player lobby scene to the actual gameplay scene.

Currently, I have taken the approach of creating a DontDestroyOnLoad prefab that successfully passes the preferences over; however, when mixed with the Photon Networking API, this becomes very annoying as the Prefab becomes unsynced, resulting in players connecting into the game not spawning into there correct positions and teams reading empty, etc…

Is there a more proper and reliable way to approach transferring player game mode data from the lobby scene to the gameplay scene? I’ve heard that PlayerPrefs could work but am unsure whether or not they should be used when networking is involved.

do_action hook is not loading the template parts from child-theme

I have the same exact file/folder structure in my child and parent them but there is this template-functions.php that is still being loaded from the parent theme.

The hook that is calling the function looks like this, do_action('underboot_branding_menu'); and underboot_branding_menu is a function in template-functions.php and this file is located in a folder called "inc". I know includes don’t search the child-theme but it doesn’t look this file is called using include().

I have tracked all the template parts and pieces and they are all being loaded from the child-theme expect for template-functions.php.

This is how the code calling the function looks like if it helps:

<?php             /**              *               * @hooked underboot_site_branding              * @see template-functions file              *               */             do_action('underboot_branding_menu'); ?> 

what kind of locks are applied by Azure Synapse when loading data using COPY INTO

what kind of locks are applied by Azure Synapse when loading data using COPY INTO, if we are running extract from synapse dw (say from table A) and simultaneously loading new data into a some other (say table B). Will it cause any locks, will we face slowness or any locks while extracting data from table A