Why when access my virtual machine, it loads the link without a slash?

Hi there, let's say my site is www.example.com/hello/index.html

when I access it for the 1st time with chrome in laptop or with android browser it loads this

www.example.comhello/index.html (if I fix it in the second time will load)

therefore an error, how to fix it? what is wrong in the server files or redirects?

thanks in advance

Style Sheet loads intermittently only on Microsoft Edge Browser

I am using the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module to load css once the page has loaded:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/sites/default/files/advagg_css/css__fQOpwieSv5u9MLUdCJW8AX3ysBkVaiLC0mNO9bCuF8c__FLUdFFsRYhU7NN2T4QA7b0pMyQP1W1hRmVlZ5H2Saxs__sq6B6dIZCxhnK6op34i0_MkLadmDDYLWNc-Y9yWUjsQ.css" media="all" as="style" onload="window.advagg_mod_loadcss = function() {if (window.jQuery) {if (jQuery.isFunction(jQuery.holdReady)){jQuery.holdReady(false);}} else {setTimeout(advagg_mod_loadcss, 100);}};setTimeout(advagg_mod_loadcss, 200);this.onload=null;this.rel='stylesheet'"> 

The problem is that sometimes only on Microsoft Edge, the stylesheet does not get loaded (I don’t see the styles getting applied on my site). Once I reload the page, it works fine. It’s hard to replicate because it does not happen all the time and it only happens one time per page.