Firefox loads google searches quickly, but website loading is slow

I’m brand new to Linux and Ubuntu and I have this issue on both my laptop and desktop, both run Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS. When I run a speedtest it shows that I get 250Mbs+ but websites take forever to load. When I switch to Windows 10 everything is back to normal. Suggestions?

Update: I tried Chromium and it’s lightning quick. So it is definitely a Firefox problem.

Flash Player loads object/videos slow on all browsers

So i have a user who is trying to load an E-Learning course that uses Flash as a slideshow type of thing and it takes forever to load on his PC. I tried it on another PC that is in the building and it too took forever to load no matter what browser you launch the course on.

Now i tried the same website on my office PC that’s offsite elsewhere and it loaded the flash objects instantly.

The user claims that he had the same issue last time and claims it was the firewall but based on the past tickets he’s submitted, it was not. They have a Cisco ASA 5505 and the only thing that would, if any, affect it would be traffic policing but its only policing up to their total bandwidth.

I have tried:

  1. Clearing Temp with CLEANMGR.
  2. Clear Browser Cache, History, Cookies.
  3. Try IE, Chrome and Firefox (IE so far is doing way better).
  4. Double Check firewall to make sure nothing is being blocked.
  5. Ran speed test to make sure he doesnt have slow internet, currently has ~40mbps x 40mbps.
  6. Tried different user accounts.
  7. Toggle on/off HW Acceleration on Flash setings and on Browser settings.

None of this has ever made flash load fast enough compared to my office PC.

Any ideas what could be the cause and if there is a fix for this?

IE shows loads Self signed Certificate for api

I am using an SOAP API provided by a local vendor , the api is only accessible through https the old certificate expired , so they gave me a new one i installed it on the server using msc console and removed the old one. But when I access the api it gives me certificate error and loads the old certificate which was expired, when I click on view certificate old one is shown.

PHP works perfectly fine, it says it loads mysqli but PHPMyAdmin tells me mysqli is missing

I got PHP installed through Apache Lounge on Windows 10 x64. I installed PHP, I enabled and made sure the mysqli line is not commented. PHP seems to work, PHPMyAdmin tells me:

The mysqli extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration. See our documentation for more information.

Why when access my virtual machine, it loads the link without a slash?

Hi there, let's say my site is

when I access it for the 1st time with chrome in laptop or with android browser it loads this

www.example.comhello/index.html (if I fix it in the second time will load)

therefore an error, how to fix it? what is wrong in the server files or redirects?

thanks in advance

Style Sheet loads intermittently only on Microsoft Edge Browser

I am using the Advanced CSS/JS Aggregation module to load css once the page has loaded:

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="/sites/default/files/advagg_css/css__fQOpwieSv5u9MLUdCJW8AX3ysBkVaiLC0mNO9bCuF8c__FLUdFFsRYhU7NN2T4QA7b0pMyQP1W1hRmVlZ5H2Saxs__sq6B6dIZCxhnK6op34i0_MkLadmDDYLWNc-Y9yWUjsQ.css" media="all" as="style" onload="window.advagg_mod_loadcss = function() {if (window.jQuery) {if (jQuery.isFunction(jQuery.holdReady)){jQuery.holdReady(false);}} else {setTimeout(advagg_mod_loadcss, 100);}};setTimeout(advagg_mod_loadcss, 200);this.onload=null;this.rel='stylesheet'"> 

The problem is that sometimes only on Microsoft Edge, the stylesheet does not get loaded (I don’t see the styles getting applied on my site). Once I reload the page, it works fine. It’s hard to replicate because it does not happen all the time and it only happens one time per page.