[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Construction loan to mortgage loan. Can I get locked rate?

Looking into getting a construction loan that we will transfer to mortgage. Can I get pre-approval for the loan and have a locked in rate for the mortgage? Or does the mortgage rate go based on when the house is completed and we transfer the loan to the mortgage?

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Vision Consultant Inc a Private Equity & Joint Venture financial company that focuses on investing in any lucrative business proposal brought forward by any investment partner. We are currently looking to invest into any large scale Real Estate, Business start-up, Mining, Oil and gas, Hotels. We are looking for “large projects” that are “Ready to Go” and require up to 100% Finance on JV basis. List of PRIORITY Projects urgently required – normally over $ 300 Million in size up and above. •We…

Loan and partnership,Finance Trade and Business.

Dimensional Modeling of a Loan Approval Process and Fact Grain(s)


I’m modeling for a lending company and I’m modeling our loan approval process. I have some basic dimensions relative to our business figured out:

  • Time(day)
  • Account
  • Opportunity
  • Channel

And I and getting to the modeling of fact table(s) around the loan approval and credit decisioning process. An opportunity will get one or more “Credit Reviews” which have a series of steps they go through before arriving at a “Credit Decision”. My instinct is to model the fact grain at the credit review step level or maybe the credit review level (or have one fact for each grain).

I’m working with some analysts who are used to using a “canned report”, one flattened table extracted from the source system that is at the opportunity level, and finds a “best credit review”, and do a lot of their reporting from that.

I’m trying to explain my credit approval fact and how it would work and they think it’s “overly complicated” and seem to want a fact table that is one-to-one with the opportunity, which is a dimension. And contains information on only the “best” credit review. In my mind that seems odd. I haven’t run across a fact table that is at the same granularity (one-to-one) with a dimension. Have you ever heard of this? It feels like they are just trying to reproduce what they are used to, a non-dimensionally modeled data mart table at the opportunity level.

I’m trying to explain the utility of having a fact table that is at a higher granularity than they are used to in order to support many questions about the data rather than one, but I seem to be running into a wall getting this concept across. I’m not sure who is right here.

My question is this: Is it every appropriate, say in this situation, to model a fact that has the same cardinality as a dimension (one-to-one) with a core dimension? What would you recommend for this situation?

How to promote a site on Google with searching request 1000 payday loan?

Good day to all.
Working on a site that is in the payday loans niche.
Link to the site itself – Get1000loan.com (https://get1000loan.com)
The question is can I bring it to the top of Google for the USA region on such requests: $ 1000 loan, 1000 payday loan?
Faced with the fact that at this moment the site does not appear even in the top 100 according to these requests. There are near 25 links from trusted resources to the site.
I'm asking for help. Tell me where to get strong and not…

How to promote a site on Google with searching request 1000 payday loan?