Local Search Techniques (Local Optimality)

I am currently reading about local search techniques. I understand that local search algorithms tend to get stuck in local optima and therefore usually do not find globally optimal solutions. Thus, there are more sophisticated approaches that enable us to leave local optima and may improve the overall solution quality (e.g. simulated annealing or genetic algorithms). What I’m thinking about is the following: As far as I understand it, the simplest approaches like hill-climbing (best-fit) are at least guaranteed to find locally optimal solutions with regard to the specified neighborhood. Don’t we lose this property when using simulated annealing or genetic algorithms? Even for the first-fit version of hill-climbing it is no longer guaranteed to find a local optimum while getting the advantage of a possible runtime reduction. Is it a tradeoff between an increased possibility to reach globally optimal solutions (or a reduced runtime in the first-fit hill-climbing case) and a higher risk of not even getting a locally optimal solution?

How to Prevent Access to Local Machine’s Data

Please excuse the terminology as I’m no expert in information security. My question is pretty straightforward:

How can I guarantee* that I am the only one with access to my local machine’s data (screen, microphone, camera, files)?

* With the assumption that no one will physically come into my apartment and mess with the hardware.

I own a Macbook Pro running macOS. I have heard of cases where a laptop’s data (camera/microphone etc..) has been accessed remotely without consent. I wonder whether it is possible to absolutely prevent such attacks.

Up to recently I thought that the hard drive’s content was safe, but I don’t think so anymore.

The simplest procedure I came up with is turning off the WiFi, reading/writing data to an external drive (like a thumb drive), unplugging the drive (and turning the WiFi back on).

Does the method above guarantee that no one beside me can access the external drive’s data? Are there any easier methods?


copy file from sharepoint to local folder with vba

I need urgently help with VBA and SharePoint.

I want to copy a file from SharePoint to a local folder. The script below is running on my PC. But I am a local admin. I figured out that on a “normal” PC with a “normal” user (no local admin) the script is not working. It stops at WinHttpReq.Send.

If the user is going directly to the SharePoint there is no problem to copy the file.

Does anybody can help me?

Many thanks

Sub DownloadFromSharepoint_DB()  Dim myURL As String  Dim WinHttpReq As Object  myURL = "sharepoint/link/test.accdb   Set WinHttpReq = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")  WinHttpReq.Open "GET", myURL, False  WinHttpReq.Send   If WinHttpReq.Status = 200 Then  Set oStream = CreateObject("ADODB.Stream")  oStream.Open  oStream.Type = 1  oStream.Write WinHttpReq.ResponseBody  oStream.SaveToFile ("C:\test\test.accdb"), 2  oStream.Close  End If   End Sub 

Local SEO help

I run a local cleaning service and notice competitors have webpages that are all the same except inserting a specific towns name. They rank really well and are crushing me.
Is this a good idea? will I get penalized for such tactics?
mycleaningco.com/town one cleaning
mycleaningco.com/town two cleaning
mycleaningco.com/town tree cleaning

All exact same content except inserting towns name into the body of text.

Is it possible for DHCP in one network interface to assign a local IP address that overlaps with the subnet of another interface?

iface eth0 inet dhcp  iface eth1 inet static   address   netmask 

Is it possible for a host to connect to eth0 and get assigned an address that is part of eth1‘s subnet domain (anything from to

What averse consequences will this have in practice and is the expected (mis-)behavior deterministic?

Is there something that can be done to prevent this while leaving the static and dhcp methods unchanged? I couldn’t find anything on the man page.

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Is it possible to send packet to IP address behind NAT if you know public and local IP?

So I’m playing with WebRTC and I’ve found that you can get public IP and local IP of other computer.

Here is my code that show IP https://codepen.io/jcubic/pen/yvMeRg?editors=1010 (the code is used to transfer the files between computers but it also show the IP of other party).

Can I with this information some how send a packet to the other party? Or the route the packet travel is something that is decided by routers and protocols.

Can anyone do something with this information to harm the person behind the NAT?