3D Plot the result of local Minimize with varying parameter values

I’m faced with the following minimization problem: Find $ r\in[0,1]$ that minimizes $ \frac{d^2+k^2 (1-2r)r}{2(1-r)r}$ where each of $ d$ and $ k$ is bounded by zero and some positive real number, say, $ d\in[0,2]$ and $ k\in[0,0.5]$ .

I’m in need of help to 3D plot the value of $ r$ against $ d$ and $ k$ .

Here is what I tried:

Plot3D[NMinimize[{-((d^2 + k^2 (1 - 2 r) r)/(2 (-1 + r) r)), 0 <= d <= 2, 0 <= k <= 0.5, 0 <= r <= 1}, r], {d, 0, 2}, {k, 0, 0.5}] 

Will my local business schema screw up my other location pages?


I have a local business schema on the homepage of our company website. We also have multiple locations, and have pages set up for each of these locations. On these location pages I have a schema to show the reviews for each location. I am wondering if adding a standard localbusiness schema on the main homepage will screw anything up with the review schemas or the other location pages?

I do not have localbusiness schemas set up for the other locations, but I may just do that and throw it all on the homepage.

Let me know what you think,

Thanks and I look forward to your feedback 🙂

change wordpress upload url to subdomain on xampp local

Firstly, I am sorry for bad English Language

I want to make a site using wp on local with xampp 3.2.2 (win10)

To avoid future problems (e.g changing domain after moving to live or changing media file path in db) i stablish a virtual host & a subdomain by putting this code in httpd-vhosts.conf

NameVirtualHost *:80 <VirtualHost *:80>     ServerName xyz.com     ServerAlias xyz.com     ServerAdmin admin@xyz.com     DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs/xyz" </VirtualHost>   <VirtualHost *:80>     ServerName dl.xyz.com     ServerAlias dl.xyz.com     ServerAdmin admin@dl.xyz.com     DocumentRoot "C:/XAMPP/htdocs/xyz/dl" </VirtualHost> 

& this code to httpd.conf

Alias /xyz "C:/XAMPP/htdocs/xyz/" <Directory "C:/XAMPP/htdocs/xyz/">     AllowOverride All     Order allow,deny     Allow from all </Directory> 
  • then i check subdomain to making sure it’s working by making simple index.html to “dl” DIR & (dl.xyz.com) work Properly.
  • then I install wp and after some configuration I follow this article step to change WordPress default upload path:


This is my database change:





I change “dl” DIR permission according to this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX2WsUfW_x4

now when i want to upload file to media this error appeared:

Unable to create directory C:/xampp/htdocs/xyz/dl/uploads/2019/02. Is its parent directory writable by the server?

User profile local task link

How can I create a link with comments/%user in the local task in user profile page for all users.

This want to include it after the “Edit” and do it programatically in the .theme file.

user profile tab.

If I try to do it with Views the website crashes all the time with an error, I think there’s a bug somewhere in Drupal 8.

How can I fix Autodiscover for local clients in on premise Exchange 2013

After following this guide: https://acbrownit.com/2014/04/04/exchange-autodiscover-episode-2-attack-of-the-exchange-server/

My internal Outlook clients can’t connect to Exchange 2013 server. I was trying to get rid of a certificate error because of the DOMAIN.local not being included in the certificate.

I only changed ServiceBindingInformation attribute from:




Since then, I’ve reverted back hoping it would resolve the issue with the internal Outlook clients but nothing changed. OWA is having issues too. After logging in, the page, ‘Something went wrong’ comes up.

Any help is much appreciated.

Different nslookup answers on different clients in local network with local DNS

Situation: I have a few clients in a local network. I have a server named amp003 with IP address I have two DNS servers (each one on relative DC server).

On client 1 I did following:

nslookup amp003 DNS1 -DNS1's IP - nslookup amp003 DNS2 -DNS2's IP - 

On client 2 I did following:

nslookup amp003 DNS1 -DNS1's IP -node not found nslookup amp003 DNS2 -DNS2's IP -node not found 

On client 2 ping amp003 returns also node not found.

I did ipconfig /flushdns on client2 successfully, but it didn’t help me. Rebooted client2 as well. In network IPv4 settings there are DNS1 and DNS2 listed, so no other DNS is providing data.

Any clues?

Do 10 Local Citations Seo Or Business Listing for $5

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How to convert range of image file path from local folder as comment in the selected destination range?

I’m asking for your help. My research ended up in 2 different macros that combined will give a good utility for my work.

  1. This VBA code will insert image as comment.
  2. This VBA code will fetch Hyperlinks(Local folder path only, not web based URL) and paste them in destination cell.

I really tried to combine them to do one job, but I guess I don’t have enough knowledge on this.

I tried to make a single script that gets the links from source range

Set Rng = Application.InputBox("Please select the url cells:") 

Then prompt for destination cells (Application.InputBox(“Please select a cell to put the image as comment:).

Now This is the tricky part for me, I need the images to be inserted as comment as the 1st code does to the destination range user selects.

Can anyone guide to achieve this excellent tweak

Sub InsertPictureAsComment() Dim PicturePath As String Dim CommentBox As Comment 'Pick A File to Add via Dialog (PNG or JPG)        With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFilePicker)         .AllowMultiSelect = True         .title = "Select Comment Image"         .ButtonName = "Insert Image"         .Filters.clear         .Filters.Add "Images", "*.png; *.jpg"         .Show          'Store Selected File Path           On Error GoTo UserCancelled             PicturePath = .SelectedItems(1)           On Error GoTo 0         End With      'Clear Any Existing Comment       Application.ActiveCell.ClearComments      'Create a New Cell Comment     Set CommentBox = Application.ActiveCell.AddComment      'Remove Any Default Comment Text       CommentBox.Text Text:=""      'Insert The Image and Resize       CommentBox.Shape.Fill.UserPicture (PicturePath)       CommentBox.Shape.ScaleHeight 6, msoFalse, msoScaleFormTopLeft       CommentBox.Shape.ScaleWidth 4.8, msoFalse, msoScaleFromTopLeft      'Ensure Comment is Hidden (Swith to TRUE if you want visible)       CommentBox.Visible = False      Exit Sub      'ERROR HANDLERS  UserCancelled: MsgBox "Done" End Sub 

‘Next code-

Sub URLToCellPictureInsert()      Dim Pshp As Shape     Dim xRg As Range     Dim xCol As Long      On Error Resume Next      Set Rng = Application.InputBox("Please select the url cells:", "", Selection.Address, , , , , 8)     If Rng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub     Set xRg = Application.InputBox("Please select a cell to put the image as comment:", "", , , , , , 8)      If xRg Is Nothing Then Exit Sub      Application.ScreenUpdating = False      For i = 1 To Rng.Count         filenam = Rng(i)         ActiveSheet.Pictures.Insert(filenam).Select         Set Pshp = Selection.ShapeRange.Item(1)          If Pshp Is Nothing Then GoTo lab          xCol = cell.Column + 1         Set xRg = xRg.Offset(i - 1, 0)         With Pshp             .LockAspectRatio = msoFalse             .Width = 80             .Height = 80             .Top = xRg.Top + (xRg.Height - .Height) / 2             .Left = xRg.Left + (xRg.Width - .Width) / 2         End With lab:         Set Pshp = Nothing         Range("A2").Select     Next      Application.ScreenUpdating = True End Sub 

Equalizer of local analytic isomorphisms

Let $ a,b : V\to W$ be two morphisms of smooth complex analytic spaces.

Assume $ a$ and $ b$ are local analytic isomorphisms.

  • Does the equalizer $ U$ of $ a,b$ exist as a smooth complex analytic space?

It feels the answer should be “no”, even though $ a$ and $ b$ are local analytic isomorphisms.

As a topological space $ U$ is the fiber product over $ W\times W$ of $ (a,b) : V\to W\times W$ and the diagonal $ \Delta : W\to W\times W$ and neither of these two maps is a submersion, since the dimension of the tangent space at any point of $ W\times W$ is going to be twice the dimension of the tangent space at any point of $ V$ and at any point of $ W$ .

There’s no reason to expect that $ \Delta$ and $ (a,b)$ should be transverse, and so $ U$ may not even exist as a differentiable manifold.

However, is there something special about complex analytic spaces that ensures the existence of $ U$ as a smooth complex analytic space?