Redirect an external IP to localhost?

Is it possible to redirect all calls to an external IP on internet, to localhost (without use of hosts)?

I have an old application and I don’t have the source code and this application try to connect to a postgres server using an IP

Can I instruct ubuntu to redirect all callings to this external IP to localhost?

In this way, I’ll be able to run a postgres server on localhost and work with my application.

note: the application uses the IP, not the dns.

Localhost intercept not working for burp suite

I configured my Firefox proxy to send my php website traffic running on localhost to burp suite for intercept but its not intercepting anything.My firefox and burpsuite configurations here.I’ve tried using different port other than 8080,went to about:config and enable localhost hijacking but still it wont work.Days ago it was working fine but now its not.

Why $wpdb->insert and $wpdb->update not working server but it is working in localhost?

I am working in a wordpress site, I started to work in local enviroment using xampp server.

I used wpdb to do operations with the database like this:

global $  wpdb;     $  name = $  wpdb->get_results("SELECT meta_value FROM wp_usermeta WHERE meta_key = 'first_name' AND user_id = ".$  user." ");      $  wpdb->update(      'wp_usermeta',      array(          'meta_value' => $  v1      ),      array( 'user_id' => $  user, 'meta_key' => 'first_name'  ),      array(          '%s'     ),      array( '%d', '%s')    ); 

In local enviroments works perfectly but when I migrated the project to an amazon instance, Ubuntu server using nginx and all the operations using $ wpdb are not working.

I cant update, I cant insert.

I dont know why.

Any clue?

Flask en localhost permite pasar variables entre routes, pero en produccion borra la data entre consultas. soluciones sin BD?

tengo una webapp en flask, la trabaje probando en localhost y me di cuenta que los datos entre consulta se iban almacenando (trabaje con lista de datos) y base todo el trabajo en esa modalidad, ahora cuando hice un deploy de la app, me di cuenta que entre cada consulta, flask borra esos datos (las listas se reinician sin datos) por lo que la app no funciona, se que lo ideal es ocupar base de datos, pero los datos que manejo son muy variables, por lo que no me sirve almacenarlos, solo trabajo con ellos entre las consultas. hay alguna forma de hacer un deploy y evitar ese reinicio? o tener alguna solucion para evitar la perdida de la información de esas listas que se van generando?? gracias”

virtualbox – How to make “localhost” point to the host’s “localhost”?

I know I can access the host’s localhost using However, what I need is to to be able to type “localhost” in my VirtualBox Edge browser and for it to point to the localhost of my computer.

I have tried a couple thing with the host file, but no success yet. Is it even possible to do what I want?


Depurar código fuente WebService Soap desde localhost Java

Soy novato en este mundillo y de antemano os doy las gracias por vuestra ayuda. Tengo un webservice en Java ,publicado y funcionando perfectamente. El caso es que me he descargado el código fuente del proyecto para depurarlo y hacer pruebas. Utilizo para las pruebas SoapUI y el propio Eclipse. Estoy intentado que desde SopaUi o cualquier otra herramienta poder llamar a mi código fuente en vez del servicio publicado en internet Pongo puntos de interrupción en el código y arranco el servidor en Debug, pero no logro que me responda a mis invocaciones. El wsdl es http//www.mi_aplicacion/mi_servicio/mi_metodo En SoapUI cambio la url a http://localhost:8080/mi_servicio/metodo pero no responde. Tampoco responde (desde localhost)a las llamadas desde el propio Eclipse cuando implemento un web service client. Podrían por favor decirme que estoy haciendo mal. O si conocen como se puede depurar/probar el código fuente de un webservice desde localhost Gracias de antemano por su ayuda.

Magento 2 LocalHost, Admin Panel error js and disappeared Setup Wizard button

After several days of testing and testing, I ask for help. 3 Problems.

  1. The theme in local is no longer the one purchased (The default one appears)
  2. The Accordian does not work on the Admin panel
  3. The Setup Wizard Button disappeared

Magento Version 2.2.8

Phase 1: I copied an online platform in localhost to start testing modules before entering them online.

Step 2: Development environment configuration Docker with 4 containers: Nginx php 7.1 MySql 5.6 Redis

Modify default.conf nginx as per technical specifications I set up php.ini and install all the required modules then I use magerun2.phar to check the environment

Run all with docker-compose

Step 3: I insert the dump of the DB and change the URL Secure and Unsecure with

Magento 2 Works! I type in the browser: https://localhost or and the site loads – some error JS perhaps due to the Symlink or Copy inside di.xml problem (the subject up to now is the same as the online one), I ignore this problem and go to check Admin opened it and it works, except that the Accordians (all) don’t show the content. I decide to recompile pub/static and generated/

First change mode from default to developer and then php bin / magento setup: static-content: deploy -f (I cleaned the cache and files generated previously) at this point strange things appear on system.log

main.INFO: Item Magento_Backend :: system_currency was removed

and also

main.INFO: Remove on item with id Magento_Backend :: setup_wizard was processed 

I type in the browser: https: // localhost or and everything is loaded in front-end, but the theme has changed not the one purchased but the default one

At this point I find myself with a different theme from the original, the problem on Admin that remained, and the Web Setup Wizard button disappeared.

Also i have replace DB and re-downloaded file (Static) does not work

Frontend Error Admin Accordian Error Web Setup Wizard Error

The requested URL /trans4orient/wp-admin/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80

I have a problem. I have a site on the directory /var/www/monsite but when I made url to access my site I found the following error Not Found

The requested URL /trans4orient/wp-admin/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.29 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80

Why does point to localhost?

I found a random link on a forum linking to, at the same time I was running a local server on localhost. When I went to, my local server page appeared! The certificate was invalid, and the “Your connection is not private” warning screen appeared. Can that site see the content of my local server (page)? And is it a my client’s issue, their server’s issue, or my local server’s issue?