Taxonomy terms not localized in view with enabled aggregation

On a view on content, I added a field “All taxonomy terms” (Display all taxonomy terms associated with a node from specified vocabularies) and enabled aggregation, see screenshot of view attached. This view is listing exclusively terms that are actually used in content. While the view is working for the standard language of the site, the terms are not translated into the other languages despite the vocabulary is translatable. Once I disable the aggregation, the translation of terms is working again.

So how can I make the translation of terms work?

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Localized app name does appears in English only via App Store app on iPhone

I have a weird issues. There is my app which I localized for multiple languages following Apple guidelines. All works well, app reacts to the language on the phone, I can see localized app name by using App Store via VPN to some country, etc.

However, when I switch phone to German, for example, switch App Store app to Germany, and then search my app via its German name, app store finds it, but displays its name in German.

I am not sure why this is happening only via App Store app on the iphone itself.

Did anyone have such problems and how did you solve them?

How localized can a polynomial be in the L1 norm?

Let $ 0<s<2$ be a parameter, $ \Omega = [-1,1]$ , and $ \Omega_s\subset \Omega$ be a set of measure $ s$ . I would like to bound the following ratio from above:

$ $ \sup_{p\in\mathcal{P}_n} \frac{\int_{\Omega_s} |p(x)| dx}{\int_{\Omega \setminus \Omega_s} |p(x)| dx},$ $

where $ \mathcal{P}_n$ is the space of polynomials of degree $ \leq n$ .

I can partially answer this question with Markov’s brother’s inequality. It can be used to show that if $ 0\leq s\leq 1/(6n^2)$ , then

$ $ \sup_{p\in\mathcal{P}_n} \frac{\int_{\Omega_s} |p(x)| dx}{\int_{\Omega \setminus \Omega_s} |p(x)| dx} \leq \frac{1}{2}.$ $

However, the bound above seems very weak and only applies when $ s$ is very small. Ideally, I would like to have an upper bounded that is obtained by an extremal polynomial. Thank you in advance.