How do I pick a location to play a tabletop RPG?

A group of friends and I have recently purchased a rulebook and pre-made adventure for a fun looking game. None of us have played a tabletop RPG before. We have all the material objects we need – except space. I’m in charge of finding a location.

What are the key traits that make a location suitable for a tabletop RPG? Let’s assume that we are going to be using a map, miniature figures, and that we have 4-6 people in total.

I know many people play at home or in game stores. For various reasons, none of our homes are available for this game. We have some game stores with different kinds of gaming areas, but aren’t entirely sure why we would want to play there instead of a coffee shop, internet cafe, library, or some other location.

Use a domain, sub-domain or sub-folder for adding a physical location to an existing content website?

We currently have a global photography website located at We will be adding a physical location, school/events space in Bologna, Italy this year. We will be targeting the services this physical location mainly to local Italians but also a lesser extent Europeans and Globally.

We will create a microsite for bookings and promoting this space in Italian and English.

What would the best route to take in terms of targeting and SEO to add this website to our current offering? As I see it there are a few options or a combination of the following:

  • Sub-folder: (/en & /it)
  • Sub-domain: (/en & /it)
  • Domain: (/en & /it)
  • Domains: (local) && (global) (Hreflang)

We could even go hyperlocal with

Any thoughts, recommendations or suggestions would be welcome.

Location directive is not working correctly nginx

I am trying to open the location of my index.php file for example:

The root folder is:

Code (markup):

The the url a user will use to get to this root folder is:
Code (markup):

Every time I use this location declaration I get a 404 or forbidden message

location /server/client/ {           alias /path/to/my/root/folder;           try_files $  uri $  uri/ /index.php$  uri$  is_args$  args;        }
Code (markup):

I just cannot…

Location directive is not working correctly nginx

What happens if you start your turn in an occupied location?

Based on the answer in this question Can you use the pull effect of Thorn Whip if the enemy is within 5'? if a creature is unwillingly pushed/pulled/dropped or otherwise forced to end its turn in your space, what happens?

I can’t find anything saying what happens. All i find is that you can’t willingly end your turn in another creatures space.

What happens if you start your turn in the same space as another creature? Does anything happen to the creature that is forced to be in your space?

Why is a host making requests for WPAD file from external location?

In NGFW logs of my customer, I noticed requests to [REDACTED]/wpad.dat being made. Destination domain is registered on an external IP not related to the customer and user agent suggests that Windows AutoProxy is used. I was able to download the wpad file myself and inspect its contents:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host)   {   return "DIRECT";   }  

If I understand correctly, the traffic is not routed through any rogue proxy server for it to be a WPAD attack.

I’m trying to figure out what could have caused this traffic to take place to begin with? “Internet settings” changes (made by e.g. malware) on the hosts? And are there any other risks related to this traffic, aside from the fact that the wpad file can be changed by the server owner?

Does a barbarian’s rage end if they are trying to attack an invisible creature they don’t know the location of?

The barbarian rage ability includes this rule stating when it will end:

Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then.

What happens if the barbarian sees an enemy turn invisible during a battle and begins wildly swinging their weapon at seemingly empty air? From the point of view of the barbarian the enemy might be in the location they are trying to attack. Would that be enough to continue their rage, or would they need to actually hit their enemy or be certain of their location before attacking?

Google Location Accuracy datafeed

Since Android 9, there is an option in your location preferences which is called Location Accuracy.

enter image description here

I know how Google determines my location over wifi and now I wonder if Location Accuracy has also the purpose of feeding new locations of accesspoints to Google.

Is this correct? If yes, has anybody an official statement to that?

If no, how does Google refresh their location-data of APs(, besides wardriving)?

How many possible ways are there to track the location of a mobile phone?

I really need to know the nearest location (and if possible exact) of a mobile phone (Android or iPhone).

Yes, the simplest answer will be with a Google Maps API, but the mobile GPS must be activated and in addition to this the browser must have permissions. I wonder if today it is possible to obtain the location of a phone without the slightest contact with the user.

I understand that the IP address gives a nearby but not exact location, is this true? Is it possible to use OSINT in this situation?