ACF won’t load from a custom JSON location

I’m trying to set up local json sync with ACF on a multisite installation. It worked with the default acf-json folder in the child theme, but I’d like to save and load everything from the parent theme. I managed to make it work when it comes to saving (custom fields will get saved to the parent theme folder from all subsites). However, the filter for loading (acf/settings/load_json) doesn’t seem to trigger. Even when I just try to output some strings in the error log.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since I basically just copy pasted the documentation’s code and only changed the path, but the fields won’t sync.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you 🙂

Here’s what I put in functions.php:

// changes saving location for custom fields add_filter('acf/settings/save_json', 'my_acf_json_save_point'); function my_acf_json_save_point($  path) {     // update path     $  path = get_template_directory() . '/custom-fields';          // return     return $  path; }  // changes loading location for custom fields add_filter('acf/settings/load_json', 'my_acf_json_load_point'); function my_acf_json_load_point( $  paths ) {     error_log('hey!');          // remove original path (optional)     unset($  paths[0]);          // append path     $  paths[] = get_template_directory() . '/custom-fields';          // return     return $  paths; } | OpenVZ VPS| 4096 MB Memory| Starting with $44.99/Mo | Location [US]

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Snooker/Pool AI Predicting end location of cue ball Unity

I’m trying to implement a pool/snooker game. I figured the best way to implement the ball movement/potting mechanics is to use the physics simulation, apply an impulse to strike the cue ball and let the simulation deal with the rest. This seems straight forward enough but I have no idea where to start with the AI. For the AI to be anywhere near convincing it will need to consider the position of where the white ball will end up when planning what shot to play. Can anyone offer any advice on how I can predict where the white will end up when working with the physics engine? Or does this requirement make using physics a really bad idea?

How to display a simulator for shipping rate by size, weight and location on the frontpage?

I would like to know if there is a plugin I can use to display a simulator on the frontpage. In my platform, I just take care of forwarding packages that my clients have already purchased on other platforms that doesn’t deliver to them (outside the us). I need to give my clients a quote (on the frontpage), based on size, weight and address, so they know much they should pay if they use my service. Currently, I use UPS for the delivery. I think the plugin should use an api call so I can get the correct price (negotiated price UPS), add my marge and give the quote. I hope I am understandable.

Thank you very much for your help

SQL Server: Determine backup location from physical_device_name field

I am working on a SQL Server database and ran the following command to figure out where the database is backing up to:

SELECT TOP 1 M.physical_device_name FROM msdb..backupset S JOIN msdb..backupmediafamily M ON M.media_set_id=S.media_set_id WHERE S.database_name = 'MyDB' 

The physical_device_name says: HTSQLServerMyDB

I don’t see any maintenance plans or jobs that I can figure out that do this backup. I am trying to figure out where it is doing this backup. If I go into Server Objects then Backup Devices it is empty. How can I determine where are my backups?

I am running SQL Server 2016 (13.0.4001.0).

Can the Telepathy spell convey enough information to qualify a location for Clairvoyance or Scrying?

Clairvoyance and Scrying are both useful spell for seeing a specific location:

You create an invisible sensor within range in a location familiar to you (a place you have visited or seen before) or in an obvious location that is unfamiliar to you (such as behind a door, around a corner, or in a grove of trees).


you can choose a location you have seen before as the target of [scrying]. When you do, the sensor appears at that location and doesn’t move.

If I want to create this sensor at a location I haven’t seen before in person, can I gain enough knowledge through telepathy to do so? Keep in mind that telepathy can share images:

Until the spell ends, you and the target can instantaneously share words, images, sounds, and other sensory messages with one another through the link…

…so I’m mostly wondering if images of a location are enough to qualify for clairvoyance and scrying‘s "seen before" requirement.