Hardware security key with locked down usb slots

I would like to use hardware security keys in an environment where it is additionally needed to lock down any ways in which a user could download data to a device like a usb key. Is it possible to lock down a usb slot in a way, that file transfer is not possible but hardware security keys still work?

In my case the scenario would include Windows 10 Pro as an OS and preferably a fido2 capable key.

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Construction loan to mortgage loan. Can I get locked rate?

Looking into getting a construction loan that we will transfer to mortgage. Can I get pre-approval for the loan and have a locked in rate for the mortgage? Or does the mortgage rate go based on when the house is completed and we transfer the loan to the mortgage?

How to factory reset a locked phone when you cant access fastboot or usb debug mode

I have a Hyundai Orbit android phone. The situation is as follows:

  1. The phone has a pin which we don’t know
  2. The phone was never signed into any google or other accounts
  3. USB debugging is not turned on
  4. We have tried starting the phone while holding all combinations of buttons and it always just boots normally, never into fastboot/recovery mode. We have been able to boot with “Safe mode” in the bottom right hand corner of the screen

Is there any way to do a factory reset under these conditions?

how to delete a locked app

I’m running High Sierra on my older iMac. I recently loaded the Karabiner-elements.app. I decided I don’t want it and tried to delete it. A message appeared the said it was locked and couldn’t be deleted. So I navigated to the App using Finder and did Get Info on it and it confirmed that the app was locked. I couldn’t uncheck the locked box so I clicked on the lock icon at the bottom of the get info window. The box where I can uncheck the lock feature is still dimmed out. Below is an image of the get info window.

enter image description here

I also opened a terminal window and navigated to the /Applications folder. I determined that the Karabiner app was there and I typed sudo rm -r Karabiner-Elements.app but I got a message that said Operation not permitted.

How do I delete this app?