Can the Rolemaster ‘Lofty Bridge’ list spells be cast on unwilling targets?

Rolemaster’s Spell Law has a spell list called “Lofty Bridge” (Spell Law 13.2, page 79). It is part of the ‘closed essence’ spell lists and allows the caster to move the ‘target’ over short and long distances (essentially teleport them), and make them levitate or fly.

Most obviously the target seems to be the caster who wants themselves to fly/levitate/teleport. But lately in a campaign the question arose whether it would also be possible for the caster to use the spells on this list on unwilling, i.e. hostile targets.

The reasoning behind this is the age old issue where some inconspicuous low-level spell can turn out to be an instant kill if only just (mis-)used in the right way…

E.g. the level 3 spell “Leaving”, which allows the caster to instantly teleport the target of the spell to a location 30m away (visible and not obstructed). Teleport just about any foe 30m straight up and… well, you get the idea.

Our group quickly decided that this kind of usage was way too powerful1 (on an already incredibly powerful spell list), so we house-ruled that the spells would only work if the caster did not intend to harm it’s target (because it can very well happen that the target is harmed by accident if the spell caster is not careful enough).

I’d be interested however, if there is an actual rule which prevents the spells to be used in the fashion described above. I’m also interested in answers/rules that take into account other RM2 source books or even later iterations of RM rules that address similar issues.


Thanks for the answers. I thought I’d update the question with the house-rule our group decided on after some longer discussion:

  • We decided that the spell can be cast on unwilling targets, but not with the intent to harm them. So it would still be possible to zap an Ork over to the other side of a chasm, or teleport threatened hostage to safety – but there are not cheap insta-kills anymore.

1 Yes, in other places spells on ‘unwilling’ targets must overcome a resistance roll by the target. It has been our experience however, that given the usual numbers involved the target has an absolutely negligible chance of resisting any spell cast by PC characters, even at the same level.