[ Celebrities ] Open Question : What celebrity do I look alike? ?

I’ve got told that I looked like Camila Mendes, Jeanine Mason, Maggie Lindemann, Selena Gomez, Katherine Langford, Holly Earl, Kaya Scodelario, Lily Collins, Dua Lipa, Anne Hathaway, Krysten Ritter, Nikki Bella, Paige, Gal Gadot, Mila Kunis & Christina Ricci. But I think I don’t look like any of them…. What do you think? I’m sorry if I bother you… PS: I post a lot because I don’t know how to work with this app. SORRY. IF I REMIND U OF SOMEONE TELL PLZ 🙂 🌺💕

Posting Short Cuts to make my Posts look more professional? [migrated]

I’m new here, but i am already addicted to reading and answering questions. I am predominantly on my phone.

What i am wondering, is how can i beef up my posts? I recently learned about using > before a line to create the yellow box effect. Are there any other simple tips and tricks to help make my posts look that much more professional??

Phishing emails – What do I look for?

I want to be able to spot a phishing email. What are the things to check when investigating and doing forensics on one?

There are some things I know to look for already but I want to get moer technical with it. Here are some things I already look for:

  • verify the sender (actually looking at the senders email rather than just the displayed name)
  • hover over the link in the email and look at the URL address listed at the bottom. If the URL looks suspicious, dont click it. I almost never click links in my email anyways.
  • only attached .txt files are safe, otherwise I do not download anything attached to the email unless I was expecting it and I verified it is from the person I knew it was supposed to come from. Found a good write up here on how to check attachments https://security.stackexchange.com/a/32931/22691
  • I believe there is a way to check the header of the email. Checking the domain name and IP address in the “Received” field which will validate if it was spoofed by a email spoofing site or someone with a suspicious email address. If it is just the IP address you can check it using a site like whois.com.
  • Also checking the validation results in the Received-SPF field in the header. Mail sent from permitted servers will show up as “Pass” in the Received-SPF field, which is a very strong indicator that the email is legitimate. If the results show “Fail” or “Softfail”, that’s a sign the email may be spoofed, though it’s not 100% certain since some domains don’t keep their SPF records up to date, resulting in validation failures.
  • Look out for how the email was written. If it is misspelled a lot, similar spellings to what you would expect making it look suspicious, sounds urgent or threatning, asking for any personal data like passwords/social security numbers/etc

Is there anything that I am missing?

What does an average monster in the Starter Set look like?

Based on the monsters that have been previewed so far by WOTC (we’ve seen 4 from the starter so far, 3 are easily found here). We’ve only really seen a small range of Challenge levels (all 3 in the starter page previewed are Challenge 2).

Based on the contents of the Starter Set, what does an average monster of each CR level look like (1/2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

It would be helpful to know things like:

  • Monster HP
  • Monster AC
  • At Will To Hit
  • Avg Damage done on a hit.

Collecting this information will be very helpful for determining baselines for combat effectiveness in PCs. Obviously we won’t know what design goals underline these until we get the DMG, but learning what the average monster of a specific Challenge level looks like will be very helpful to me (and others) as I construct characters.

What Universities Do Recruiters Look At? [closed]

TLDR; Is a Cyber Security or MIS degree more valued in the Information Security field, and what public universities do companies like to recruit interns/graduates from the most?

Hello, I’m getting ready to decide on my college major, and I’m struggling to figure out exactly what the best pick for college and major is. I’ve been debating between a major in Cyber Security (University of Texas at San Antonio).and Management Information Systems (University of Arizona #2 ranked MIS for public universities, or possibly University of Texas at Austin #1 among public universities(I haven’t received my acceptance/deny letter yet)). My choices between those 2 are primarily because of rankings of those schools’ programs and the amount of scholarship money I’m receiving. I hope to pursue a career ranging from from Information Security (technical aspect) to managing Information Security teams. I guess my main question is: Which option would offer me better job/internship opportunities? Which of these is seen as a more prestigious University that recruiters are the first to look at? Also, which jobs are ideal for each job along with which pays more?

How to determine Sender Score IP to look up if straight query fails?

I’m checking up on my email set-up and came across Sender Score as part of my research and tests.

We are sending email through Outlook’s mail server. Our original mailfrom domain is fieldworkhub.com. If I put that into Sender Score, I get “no data available”.

The DKIM records are validated from Fieldworkhub.onmicrosoft.com. That domain again doesn’t have any data. However, it shows around 300 related sending domains, like ACTStoma.onmicrosoft.com which do give you a sender score for some IPs if queried. Why does this not work for our domain? Are we not sending enough emails?

From the email headers, I can find that client-ip= Is that the correct IP to put into the query field? Is there another way to discover sending IPs that doesn’t require looking up email headers? For example, checking SPF records? If so, how do I do it?

Is the Clique Problem polynomial time reducible to the graph-Homomorphism Problem and if so what does the reduction look like?

Is the k-Clique Problem (given a Graph G and a natural number k does G kontain a Clique of size k)
polynomial time reduzible to the graph-Homomorphism Problem (given two graphs, G and H, is there a Homomorphism from G to H)

And if so what would the reduction look like?

Since i am a little confused by the subject, is the following correct?

A polynomial time reduction from Clique to graph-Homomorphism is a funktion that can be calculated in polynomial time and for which if you input a yes instance of clique it returns a yes instance of graph-Homomorphism, same for no instances.

Aesthetic URL problem: Website from server02 should look like its on a subdirectory of the main site from server01

www.example.com is on server01 with IP address

abc.example.com is on server02 with IP address

I actually do not want the subdomain abc. Ideally I want it at www.example.com/abc. I want to have a more cohesive website for usability and aesthetics. For non-technical people, having the content in a sub-directory feels that you are still on the same site compared to going to a sub-domain.

My problem is that the code for the subdomain site (Site2) is on server02 with a different IP. I cannot use just 1 server for the 2 sites: Site1 is using Apache, MySql, and PHP for PHP websites and static websites. Site 2 is a webapp that uses nginx, ruby and postgresql. Maintenance wise, IMHO, it is easiest to have site02 on a separate server. But as I said, it would be great if it can be visited by the end-user in a sub-directory of the main domain.

Is there a a way for me to achieve this?