Is there a program/UI to look at all google sheets that are referencing another said google sheet?

The goal is to be able to map out the google sheet web that we’ve built for operations, where each one pulls data in from another sheet.

I’m trying to find a simple way of mapping out what connects to what sheeet, aso that when we move away from the current system we can model the data similarly.

What do I look for when finding someone to make my website faster,etc?


My website regularly loads worst case scenario in around 3.6 seconds. I know this is one of the many factors google looks for in ranking websites.

With that being said, I’ve done all I can with experimenting with different kinds of plugins seeing which ones work the best and I think I have a pretty good host which is Site Ground.

How should I pick someone that can optimize my site further? Just look at google reviews?

What links can I look at so I can do my own SEO and know how to create my own backlinks? Just wondering as it seems many people don’t want to give tutorials on that and explain how to create good quality back links.

For what it’s worth, only one website should exist now.


what to look Before Article submission/Guest posting?

Steps to be followed before guest posting / Article Submission :

1. need to check domain authority. above 40 is acceptable ( for B2B niche).

2. next need to check monthly traffic of that website we are posting obviously we are guest posting to get referral traffic to the source website should have high potential in traffic.

3. Social signal is the must. yes, check if they have good reach and user engagement in social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

i just want to rearrange code to look good & like a pro so this good

im new at js & i want know my code look like pro or no (its for generate random words & generate the songs with this words)

// This Function For The Random Array List (Random Words)  let mainJS = function(ed, eminem) {  let randomwords = [  "I'm professional programmer",  "Noobest programmer you will ever see xD",  "So Dont Call Me Baby, Unless You Mean It! <br> -Ed Sheeran",  "Smash into everyone, crash into everything <br> -Eminem"  ];  let randomItem = Math.floor(Math.random() * randomwords.length);  document.getElementById("randomwords").innerHTML = randomwords[randomItem];    //-----------------------------------------------    /* This Function For The Songs (Which Will Play Auto When Specific Word Will Appear To  User From The Random Array List (Random Words) */    if (randomItem == 2) {;  } else if (randomItem == 3) {;  }  }  mainJS(new Audio("songs/ed.mp3"), new Audio("songs/eminem.mp3"));