23 GB of domain.com.static[4 alpha numeric characters] files and project stats look weird

Looks like after all these years SER has gone mental on my VPS and made it run out of space (I dont really tweak anything for months / years now just leave it running on a healthy VPS)

c:\users\[user]\appdata\roaming\gsa search engine ranker\projects….

Usually 3 or so GB, today 23.6… whats the cause?

Can a changeling player character look like a skeleton?

I have an for a changeling character, but instead of appearing in a human form or stuff like that, I want them to look like a skeleton. I’m thinking a grim reaper-type character, but I know I can’t really pick skeleton as a race option. I would be using the changeling from Eberron: Rising from the Last War.

Can a changeling PC use the Shapechanger trait to look like a skeleton?

What does a typical goliath look like?

After reading this question, it seems that there’s very little to go on from D&D 5e regarding what a goliath typically looks like. We have an image, but that’s just an example of one individual goliath.


Since there’s so little to go on in 5e, do older editions of D&D go into more detail about what the typical goliath looks like (in relation to skin, hair, eyes, etc)?

I’m led to believe they are related to stone giants (although I plan on asking about this in another question, so answers to this question should just be limited to physical descriptions), and therefore they do not have any hair at all, like stone giants. Is this true?

Instagram Phishing: “Look – I Made This Just For You – Click Here”

I manage a somewhat popular Instagram page with ~5000 followers.

Recently I’ve been getting a ton of the exact same direct message from various followers:


I Made This Just For You – Click Here

This took me about 2 hours to make. They came out really nice. I hope you love them.

I just made this for you, I hope u like it.

instagram phishing

They’re all people who have legitimately messaged us in the past. In some cases the usernames have been recently changed and/or the account’s pictures have been deleted.

The link contained in the message is:


The url also has a &ure= parameter that maps to a instagram.ftpe7-3.fna.fbcdn.net resource. This seems to be how they bring up the account’s profile page on the fake login screen.

How are these Instagram accounts being hacked?

What is the goal in sending our account these direct messages? What happens if you are unfortunate enough to click the link?

We’re being careful with DM links and two-factor authentication is enabled for this account.

How can we prevent these spam messages?

Is there anything we can do to safeguard or report our hacked followers?

Is the Pact of the chain is as bad as it look? or did I just missed something?

The warlock’s pact of the chain look really bad in comparison with other pacts options. You just can have better familiar than other peoples.

One the other hand, you have pact of the blade (aka I litteraly have a subclass based one me pact, and almost all my invocations are at least super usefull), and the pact of the tome (aka pact of the chain that come later but less good with an invocation + all rituals of the game + 3 cantrips – with Book of ancient secrets). Unless you are the group tank and you want the “An healing spell always make me full life” invocation – Gift of the Ever-living Ones – it’s look like an always bad choice.

Am I missing the point, or did this pact option is just a bad option?