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Despite or because of the radical change in design, the adidas ultra boost 19 sale has yet to fully hit the ground running, but with the help of its now growing list of collaborators, the silhouette may see to a bit of a time in the sneaker spotlight. Once again recruiting the talents of one of their many long-time friends, the Three Stripes has given full reign to the noteworthy Japanese label NEIGHBORHOOD, allowing them to add in their signature branding in replacement of the German brand’s own. Cages, as easily the most standout modification, are sprawled with their namesake in perpetuity, a maximal touch up that near shrouds the logo hits regardless of their raised execution.
Shoe Palace’s admirable run in the retail game dates back over a quarter century as the family-owned business opened their first location in the Bay Area back in 1993. In fact, 2018 highlighted that big 25th Anniversary milestone with a stream of collaborations with every footwear brand on the market – and they’re continuing their efforts with a special project with adidas Originals. Once the apple of every sneakerhead’s eye, the adidas nmd r1 black has evolved into a must-have essential for its clean design and unmatched comfort, but they’re giving it their own personal touch with black and gold detailing with 3M reflective mid-stripe.
Although the output of the adidas falcon shoes has definitely cooled off in recent months, the lifestyle model has made another appearance in this brand new two-toned colorway by taking on a minimal “tuxedo” look. The 90s-inspired silhouette utilizes a white mesh material for its foundation, and contrasts its laces, lower overlays and chunky midsole with a stark black tone to achieve that suited look. Despite the suggested black-tie moniker, this Falcon is dressed for the outdoors as it features a toothy outsole for trail-route adaptation with tougher nylons and hiking-style laces.
adidas is shaking up their legendary ZX lineage as of late. Many of you are already familiar with remixes of the classic running line in the adidas zx 8000, but now the three stripes are adding their latest technology to further blend the past and present. The adidas ZX 8000 Boost takes the ever-bouncy cushioning system and hides it inside a rather Tubular looking outsole. The aesthetic of the shoe is an interesting one for sure, thanks to a clear heel counter rooted in ZX history that has a removable inner bootie complete with an entire heel’s worth of Boost technology. This vibrant Bright Yellow pair will be hard to miss too, as the black overlay and sunshine shade adds to the sleek design.
So, adidas are joining the 4/20 party with some adidas nizza slip on that feature stash pouches. Rather than hide them, these bulging pockets thread through the laces above the tongue. And, clear plastic windows reveal everything inside.Shaggy green suede lows with purple detailing? No one is getting fooled here. There is also a ‘high’ version in all-white with cross detailing and Trefoils, which according to adidas is a nod to Generation X. So they say.
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Looking to learn more about Counter automaton?

I have to write a paper for my class about counter automaton, their usage, their impact, and more. and I’m stuck finding good resources to learn about these strange anomalies :). I was wondering if anyone here can help me or guide towards writing a good paper. any good article suggestions or book
ps1: we have learned about pushdown automata and basics in our class

sqlmap won’t give me results i’m looking for

I am trying to use sqlmap. Altho every times I use it, I just get a response of:

[13:39:11] [CRITICAL] previous heuristics detected that the target is protected by some kind of WAF/IPS   [13:39:11] [INFO] testing if the target URL content is stable  [13:39:12] [INFO] target URL content is stable  [13:39:12] [CRITICAL] no parameter(s) found for testing in the provided data (e.g. GET parameter 'id' in ''). You are advised to rerun with '--forms --crawl=2'  [*] ending @ 13:39:12 /2020-07-29/ 

I’m using the websites I find in the tutorials. But I always get this message. If not, it keeps asking me for stuff and then doesn’t work. Please help me. Heres the command I use: ‘python -u "Enter-website-here"’. Heres the tutorial I’m using:

I am looking for suggestions for a permanency spell, weapon enchantment, and constructive critics for my homebrew solution [closed]

I’ve seen various questions on permanency, i am not an online guy(in fact i’m the older brother of this account owner, i have been DMing for more than 2 decades now, mainly in 2E,2.5E[combat and tactics] with my homebrew systems though)Just recently started DMing a 5e game(which is my 3rd experience with the system, systemwise i have no questions),some of players are 3 decade players, and our games are probably seen as technical freakshows to new players mostly(a naval engineer debating with his DM about his ship design, getting angry and actually building a perfect model and design of it irl, in order to prove it’s possible etc). So here is the question; how can i implement permanency spell/effect better into the game? Also these methods are my custom permanency methods, you can use them as you like.

(I must add we play only in Forgetten Realms, rarely other realms, and even such games start in FR and accesed through planescape/sigil etc, with most games focused on intrigue, economics and politics in detail which would annoy average gamers rather than hack and slash…and we are probably more canon freak than most people including Candlekeep bunch[most of them, not all])

My solution so far; making different permanency recipes(each permanency recipe is compatible with only one or rarely two spells, like bless, fire/cold shield or invisibility for example[not going to into advanced spellcraft recipes etc]) usually making some of them epic level thus causing divine intervention upon casting, eg: Mystra directly gets aware of it since it’s taboo/forbidden by her, and she might respond personally or through her chosens whatsoever. Combination; certain locations and certain dates in Harptos Calendar in which certain materials/spells are used at specific times on items explained in recipes, legendary/epic permanency effects/enchantments can take a year or more(total time spent is no more than week at most though waiting for right periods or reaching the locations and gathering the ingridients/reagents might take a long time) depending on circumstances. I use recipes for permanency rather than turning permanency itself into a spell, however some of these recipes might require rare quest items, materials, artifacts or even epic spells which are really scarce in 5th edition FR. Same ecnhantment(usually low levels) can be acquired through different recipes.

(The following spell can only be cast after Forge of Spells in Wave Echo Cave becomes functional again, after a series of quests my adventurers, move a group of Ironstar Dwarves from distant city of Evereska, through lotsa politics, favors[they ressurect the 3rd dwarf Tharden Rockseeker, by carrying his corpse to Helm’s Hold with a cart after casting Gentle Repose on the corpse] and intrigue, they get full rights to Wave Echo Cave in LMoP, they eventually resurrect the guy eaten by the Notic as well, anyway, through their connections with certain individuals in Waterdeep they get in touch with these Dwarves, as the party’s sage discovers that Ironstar Clan still exists through vigorious research in libraries of Kryptgarden Scrolls(Daggerford) and family archives of scholarly Waterdeep nobles(Eltorchul, Estelmer, Thongolir, Wands etc) aftermath of the campaign, they get in touch with Ironstar Dwarves and give them mining/operating rights of the Cave(major share), they also manage to settle some Ironfist Dwarves from their stronghold and Crossroad Keep into Axeholm along with a dwarf royal[last of his line, they manage to convince him into marrying etc] they’ve met in Skullport, Gyudd, all in the name of their plan of finding a new cosmopolitan state in the future after they clean a certain fascist elven organization which nests in Neverwinter Wood(Eldreth Veluuthra)…Passing further details i’ve already written too much:P Just wanted to demonstrate what kind of game makes such recipes and permanency spells possible)

Darkfire Shield Enchantment: A scroll/recipe that can only be obtained from a specific dwarf[from Ironstar Clan] in Evreska in my campaign it can only be used on certain alloys, mostly on Darksteel another version of this recipe works on Mithral but it requires primordial fire in it’s enchantment process, which makes it a bit more tricky, and that recipe is harder to get anyway(the latter requires no diamond though).

In the middle of Flamerule(midsummer festival) sprinkle a thousand toal(2k gp) worth of ruby dust on a Darksteel Shield just before Tharsun turns to Eventide(around 17.00) at a certain shrine to Tharmekhûl infront of which lies a statue with an inscription written in Dethek(Dwarven Alphabet) with "Fire is the Cure" and cast this spell(fireshield), then at the last Highsun(twelve bells, midday/noon) of Tarsakh(Greengrass festival) repeat the spell on the Dumathoin shrine constructed within the Caves/Mines which houses "Forge of Spells" after sprinkling a thousand toal diamond, finalizing the procedure: infront of spell forge, by putting the item on the forge(using the forge like an altar to Moradin rather than using it for it’s original purpose in it’s lore) then blessing the item(preferably by a dwarf, even better a Moradin priest, if the latter, shield gives advantage to saving throws rolled against fire damage, eg:dragon breath, spells etc)

Cold version of the recipe works with same metals, different gems, a different shrine(In an old dwarven town built within Spine of the World Mountains/possibly Dorn’s Deep, second step is again Wave Echo Cave, recipe can be obtained from a smith in Mithral Hall after a questline)

I have similar, permanent enchantment recipes, some of them of Elven, Gnomish, Celestial or Abyssal Origin, how do you enchant equipment and locations in your game, do you have any alternative crafting methods that is compatible with game lore(like using alloys to get different effects, using mithral, darksteel and electrum items as base for magical crafting, crafting the hilt and the blade of a sword through very different methods/rituals and materials perhaps)? I would very much to learn your homebrew solutions, also if you are looking for custom recipes for certain spells or effects i can share my stuff.

Sorry for the long read(and possible errors in my spelling), thanks in advance for your constructive comments.

Looking for a PGP-encrypting IMAP proxy

I’m looking for an IMAP proxy server (more of a reverse proxy, really) which automatically PGP-encrypts all mail. I run a dovecot IMAP server, and I want the IMAP client on my phone to connect to that proxy. I then want my phone to see all mail, to be able to retrieve all mail, etc. – but I want each and every mail that my phone retrieves to be encrypted to my key. Is there such a proxy server?

Unfortunately, searching for "imap proxy pgp" gives me a ton of solutions for automatically encrypting outgoing mail (even though that should have nothing to do with IMAP?), but nothing I could use.

Why would anybody want this?

I currently consider my mail account on my (Android) phone to be the biggest weakness in my overall security setup. Anybody who is able to snatch the credentials stored in my K-9 mail client is able to take over my email account, and use that to gain access to all sorts of accounts via password resets. On the other hand, I want to be able to access my mails while on the move. If my phone’s mail client only ever held credentials that enabled an attacker to access my mails in PGP-encrypted form, that would mitigate this danger. My PGP key is held on a Yubikey 5 NFC, so an attacker would not be able to steal the decryption key.

I am looking for a way to assign numerical values to colors (then interpolate a color scale) and then assign numerical values to comparative colors

Hello may name is Chris

I am completely new to programming (but I love it!! I am learning Swift).

I am currently looking for a solution to the mentioned problem. I’m not sure if it is a ML task or if it is better to do it in the traditional way – maybe by comparing and interpolating RGB values. How I imagine that might be easier to understand in the video.

VIDEO (is there a better way to provide a video?)

The color values ​​below were taken before the adjustment and assigned to the assigned values ​​0, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100. The round section is taken from a photo (by light and shadow you can see that not every color value brings a perfect match. But that shouldn’t be a problem (I hope so) by comparing the pixels and evaluating the color value with the most matching colour at the end). My spontaneous manual evaluation gives a value that should be around 19-20.

I have already thought back and forth whether it is possible to do the whole thing using color values ​​(e.g. R G and B) but that is not so easy since there should also be many different results depending on the color format I am working with.

On the other hand, I don’t know how to solve it using ML. It would be easy to recognize the exact color values ​​0, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 – but how can I have intermediate values ​​determined? What do you think? Which approach is the better one? If you have a tip for me, that I know in which direction I have to think further would be great! And if you have an idea how I can work on my problem I would be so grateful!!! … otherwise I think I will need the coming days to find some solution.

Thank you in advance! Chris

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