Looking for a 3.5 reference to a Monster Harvester’s Handbook

Back in the day, someone had created a handbook for harvesting parts from monsters. They went through every monster in the SRD and chose parts (and fairly reasonable prices for those parts). I was wondering if anyone knew of a link to the old material. I can only find links to 5e versions, which is not what I am looking for.

I believe there were multiple versions, and the one I vaguely recollect was a Word document. I also think there was an Excel version, IIRC, I was not as fond of that one (I do not recall why, as this was many years ago).

Looking for a late 80’s possibly early 90’s D&D adventure based around a bar room brawl

About 20-25 or so years ago our group played a D&D one shot adventure that was entirely based around a bar room brawl. It started out with us in the inn post adventure and then developed over time into a full on brawl, there where a number of events and actions that happened during the night and a large number of NPC’s we could interact with through the adventure.

I know our GM based it on a written adventure potentially published in the late 80’s, think it might have been published in a roleplay or specific D&D magazine, possibly a very early White Dwarf.

The sessions stands out even now as being really good fun and I have been trying to find it in order to run a similar session myself, does anyone know this, or a similair adventure?

New to malware analysis, looking for a string type list

as the title suggests, I’m new to malware analysis and as I was looking over strings in a sample, I came across one that I haven’t seen before using + and / (6AAAAABZg+kFjYm2BgAAUegBAAAAw1WL7IPk+etc…).

I am wondering if there is a list of some kind out there that has examples of certain types of string, like SGVsbG8= is base64, 48 65 6c 6c 6f is hexadecimal, and so on. Thanks!

Looking for resource material for a dream world [closed]

I have started working on a world that is set in a dream realm. I am using it to create one-off gaming sessions that I can do in a single day and pull in any characters that are currently being used. It will have an overriding storyline and ties into the world that the DM has created but is not dependent on it.

I am looking for any materials that are set in a dream world. So far my list is starting with the Sandman graphic novels. Does anyone have any other suggestions.

Looking to build a 5e Tank/Leader type for an Eberron game

I want to build a character who can tank and act as an equivalent of a 4th ed leader, enabling other party members- ideally with decent damage (following the philosophy that a tank that can’t hurt anything just gets ignored).

I love the basic idea of the Sorcadin, and realize it has a superior spell selection, but I’m considering if the class abilities of Palabard might not fit what I’m after better.

What I’m thinking currently is something like this- Warforged Pal2/Hex1/BardX – Swords or Valor for the extra attack, leaning towards Valor just because the inspiration is more party friendly. I’d love Pal6, but feels like that would make the bard progression so late as to be worthless.

Concerns- Paladin is primarily a heavy armor/smite chassis, and Hexblade offers shield and SAD for attacking. I like the 3 levels dip here, but worry that I’m delaying the bard progression too much.

Has anyone played or kicked around a similar build? Is there an optimal way to build this type of character?

Looking for a specific Call of Cthulhu scenario

Around a month ago, I’ve read somewhere about a scenario, which right now I can’t seem to find.

All I remember, that it’s setting was either in England or in Scotland, and it has two key antagonists. If I am not mistaken, the hook is that a dilettante asks us to investigate his missing daughter, but that’s not 100% info, maybe I am mixing things up already in my head. The other things I know about it are:

I would be really grateful if anyone could point me to the name or the book of this scenario:)

Can you negate the Frightened condition by not looking at the source of your fear?

As the title says, if you cause a creature to be Frightened of you, as in the Frightened condition, but they can somehow manage to not see you, do they stop rolling with disadvantage to attacks/ability checks?

Below are scenarios to illustrate my question.


  • If a creature is frightened of you, and they turn their back against you to hit someone else, would they no longer have disadvantage to attack rolls/ability checks?

  • If a creature is frightened of you and they have Blindsight, can they close their eyes to stop seeing you, and hence stop rolling with disadvantage?

  • If a creature has 60 ft of movement and is frightened of you, and there is a corner they can reach in 15 ft that will block you from sight, can they run to that corner to stop being frightened, then run back to attack without disadvantage? Assume they would not provoke OA to do this, although the OA is immaterial to the question.