Looking for a very simple RPG

I’m looking for a table-top RPG to host for people with no experience whatsoever. I need something with simple, easy to use mechanics who encourage player’s imagination when facing challenges, something that can help me involve the players in an interesting storyline.

When I say simple I mean: little to no Stat sheet, No complicated rules regarding taking actions and Relatively few dice rolls.

The point should be making the players think of creative solutions while going through the story. Things like: how to get information from an npc, how to get out of an elaborate trap, how to get past a giant lava pool.

Of course the characters need to have some sort of abilities, even special ones, but using them shouldn’t be complicated (like a wizard who’s trying to build himself a strategy using a lot of different spells). Playing smart should be using everyone’s unique abilities together.

Lastly, I’m planning on using this for one-shots of a couple of hours, not long campaigns.

TL:DR I need the simplest rpg to deliver a thrilling story for a group with no past experience, while making the players cooperate and find creative solutions to challenges.

Thanks everyone!

I am looking for a game to ease my friends into role playing [closed]

Let me start with saying it’s been many years since I played D&D. I have a group of friends that meet every week to play board games like Descent, Heroquest, etc. The thing is, none of these friends have any experience with role playing, as you probably know, the idea of acting like they are the character is hard to overcome at first. Not to mention, their imaginations are definitely out of practice.

I know there are a lot of new games out, ones that have tiles, cards, etc, but still allow you to role play. I figure something like this would help ease them into the genre. At least this way, they wouldn’t have to imagine every little detail right off the bat.

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.

Looking for payments or gateways procesors

Looking for payments or gateways procesors. Thanks!

Hello, good day, I am searching for processors or payment gateways to link them to my website. I offer a series of services and I have a project to implement premium services, more detailed and personalized to the taste of users. In addition to this, I could also cut paths, if there are people here with the ability to sell me these gateways or payment processors, we offer attractive payments for these accounts once we verify them. We want…

Looking for payments or gateways procesors

Looking for a secure project management platform for our group to use [closed]

Our group is a non-profit (most of us are volunteers) with a limited budget doing community awareness on the topic of safe technology use to support health and safety.

We are looking for a project management platform that is safe, secure (data encrypted?), and has a good track record of not having any past security breaches. We need the platform to organize our meetings and activities, as well as facilitate our information and document sharing.

We are looking for project management platform options that have measures in place that would make it difficult, if not impossible, for others to steal information/documents and/or take note of what we are doing/sharing.

Any suggestions on where to look?

In what cases is solving Binary Linear Program easy (i.e. **P** complexity)? I’m looking at scheduling problems in particular

In what cases is solving Binary Linear Program easy (i.e. P complexity)?

The reason I’m asking is to understand if I can reformulate a scheduling problem I’m currently working on in such a way to guarantee finding the global optimum within reasonable time, so any advice in that direction is most welcome.

I was under the impression that when solving a scheduling problem, where a variable value of 1 represents that a particular (timeslot x person) pair is part of the schedule, if the result contains non-integers, that means that there exist multiple valid schedules, and the result is a linear combination of such schedules; to obtain a valid integer solution, one simply needs to re-run the algorithm from the current solution, with an additional constraint for one of the real-valued variables equal to either 0 or 1.

Am I mistaken in this understanding? Is there a particular subset of (scheduling) problems where this would be a valid strategy? Any papers / textbook chapter suggestions are most welcome also.

Looking For Historically Accurate Ordinary Items Database For Dungeon-Stocking

I swear I had found in the comments of one of Matthew Colville’s videos a link to an enormous database of accurate lists of ordinary items that list REAL items that could be found in any room, no matter when in time, or where in the world.
This would be very useful for stocking a dungeon realistically, and also for good set design in theatre period pieces.

I think these accurate lists were made because they’re useful for some anthropology or archaeological reasons, but I’m not sure.

I used to have a link bookmarked to an enormous database of accurate lists of ordinary items that list REAL items that could be found in any room, no matter when in time, or where in the world, such as the objects in a 1700’s tepee in North America, or the ordinary stuff at an early roman estate, or whatever would be in a 1920’s gymnasium. Seriously, anywhere, anytime accurate lists, it was an amazing database.

This would be very useful for stocking a dungeon realistically, and also for good set design in theatre period pieces.

But for the life of me, I can’t find it again!
All of the search term combinations I can think of don’t bring it up.
Estate Inventory of dead people, For legal end-of-life property transfer law And rental-fire-flood-earthquake insurance survey of households

The data may have come from the insurance industry; lists of personal property itemized just in case a future claim would need to be made against an insurance policy, renter’s insurance, and the like.

I don’t want an ordinary random item generator, those are easy to find and they don’t provide the depth of realism for setting-the-stage that I’m looking for.

I’m specifically looking for this particular database because it has REAL and COMPLETE lists of each & every single last mundane item that were actually in such places at those times, and this isn’t the kind of detail a GM can generate from their own mind and definitely not from somebody’s random table with even 100 things on it, which sounds like a lot but isn’t. I want to use it for set design in all kinds of art, not just RPGs.

The database had such minor details as how many sticks of gum were left in a pack, how many individual socks were present, how many forks, knives, and egg slicers were in this one drawer in a kitchen, how many screws were in the workshop cabinet, etc.

I asked in another forum, and somebody mentioned that it might have something to do with "Household Survey", and I suspect now that the database might have been a real-world tool for tracking wealth or poverty across time & space? I’ve searched some more based on that, but I still can’t find it.

Maybe you have a link to something like this?

Looking for Antlr grammars

I am trying to learn the tool ANTLR, and I would like to use existing grammar, if available.

I looked in official GitHub Antlr Grammars page and couldnt find a grammar for the NuSMV tool. Is there any other list of grammars that is updated, that can point me to a grammar for NuSMV?

It would be nice to reuse , rather than write the grammar all over again.

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms

Hey guys. I recently took a freelance job as an in-house social media designer and we create new campaigns almost every second day.

I spend a lot of time repurposing campaign artwork for each social media platform. You know – one visual for Instagram, one for Snap, a CRM banner, Facebook, etc. I'm currently making them all separately and it takes so much time. I even need to work late to get them all done on time. I thought maybe someone knows a technique or approach how I could speed it…

Looking for advice on repurposing artwork for multiple social media platforms