How do I send data to a lookup field with ReST? SP2013

I’ve been working with a jQuery AJAX call to post data to one of my SharePoint lists.

One of the fields in this list is a look-up field. In forming my JSON data to push to the list I was able to push data to each field with the exception of the look-up field.

How do I push data into a lookup field?

I know I need to push the target list’s ID to the look-up field, but have gotten hung up on just how to format the data.

Copy result of additional lookup column field

I need a way to filter a document library based on the value of a lookup fields additional column.

Set up: Lookup list has various fields including Company and Accountant. Document library has field that looks up the Company name from Lookup list AND is set to show the additional field Accountant.

Problem: Document library correctly displays the associated Accountant for the selected Company (shown as Company:Accountant) but I can’t filter the library by that result. I was thinking I could create a workflow which would allow me to copy the Company:Accountant into a single text field, but it doesn’t show up as an option when creating a workflow.

The users who create the entries in the Lookup list are not the same ones uploading content into the Document Library, therefore the need to bring over this data is key to the management of the contents in the Library.

Any direction or assistance in getting this to work would be greatly appreciated.

SharePoint 2013 External List with multiple columns create lookup columns to each external list column?

Why does the identifier only allow me to use ‘Posting account ID’? What if I want to make separate lookup columns that would only ‘lookup’ to each row in the External List (i.e. a lookup column to COM, another lookup column to COM_Description, a lookup column to ORG, and so on. How is this done or can it be done? See below.enter image description here

Sort Order of a Lookup Column

I am trying to sort my lookup column based on a column called sortby. I’ve tried an few of the suggestions, but just can’t seem to get it to work.

This is what I have tried and it doesn’t sort by the sortby columns:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"  $  ().SPServices.SPFilterDropdown({ //This is the function that does the sorting. relationshipList: "Code", //This is the name of the lookup field in the form. relationshipListColumn: "Title", //This is the original column name from the lookup list as SharePoint knows it. relationshipListSortColumn: "Sortby" columnName: "Code", //This is the column name in the lookup list as it shows up. CAMLQuery: "<Neq><FieldRef Name="Title"/><Value Type="Text"></Value></Neq>", //This is the CAML Query if you want to select a specific set of items from the list. In this example it doesn't select items where the Title column is null. Note, the Title column is the original column name. debug: true }); </script> 

Any suggestions? Thanks Kim

SharePoint REST API – Create lookup column with additional fields

I am trying to create a lookup column using the SharePoint REST API but can’t figure out a way to pull the additional columns from the source list.

I am using SP.FieldCreationInformation to do this. Code sample below. Is there any way to pull the additional columns from the source list and create them at the same time? Basically, I want to know if the REST API will allow me to use the “Select additional columns” functionality that you can utilize in the GUI? (Image below)

enter image description here

"headers": {             "X-RequestDigest": "form digest value",             "accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",             "content-type": "application/json;odata=verbose",             "content-length": "length of body data"         },         "body": "{ 'parameters': { '__metadata': { 'type': 'SP.FieldCreationInformation' }, 'FieldTypeKind': 7,\n    'Title': 'User', 'LookupListId': '53ca895d-8f0c-40ae-ab7a-01d1b7a6dc0e',\n    'LookupFieldName': 'Title' } }" 

Lookup Columns in Word desktop are greyed out in properties pane

I am working with SP on Prem 2019. Users perform File->Save As from word or excel desktop apps and try to save it to the desired document library in sharepoint. The save fails as it expects required metadata to be populated prior to save. For some reason, lookup columns are greyed out.

I have seen in some cases where if ‘Show Details’ is clicked, it opens up separate window where lookup field value can be populated but in my case, its greyed out and can’t be clicked, see screenshot below.

enter image description here

Deal Name and Document type are both lookup columns and the threshold count is not exceeded at all. Is this a behavior by design, if someone came across this and found a solution , please shed light. Thanks in advance.

P.S: I tried this on sharepoint online too and was able to reproduce same issue. Not sure if its a behavior by design.

mandatory lookup column doesn’t work

So I have a pretty basic scenario. Two lists (Projects and Clients). In the Projects list I have a mandatory lookup field that aims at the Clients Title column.

Now when I fill out the form for creating a new Projects list item and try to save it the form just reloads and nothing is created. There are no error messages what so ever.

It works when I set the column to not required, but well that’s not a solution.

what am I missing?