RID Lookup on table with one column?

This is a simplification of a real cursor query:


The execution plan for the FETCH shows an RID Lookup:

enter image description here

I am having trouble understanding how this plan produces the result specified by the statement:


I am most puzzled by the RID Lookup because the table has only one column, and that is returned by the Index Scan.

A detailed explanation of how the plan works would be most appreciated.

Lookup Column in SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow then send an email to the users for infos

Dears, I am a new user to the SharePoint designer and I need to do workflow to my Lookup list (it has Multiple values to chose ) ; then send email to different users when they use the Lookup list .. I am getting the email like this (5 and {“results”:[{“Id”:5,”Value”:”Narrow band IoT “}]})

any hep 🙂

Look-up Columns redirecting to folders changed their behaviour

I am using SharePoint Online site.

Some months ago I created a lookup column in document library [A] that referred to another document library [B]. This was the best option I found to be able to refer attachments to each documents in [A], using in [B] a field that is filled only for folders and not for documents.

It was working fine, when clicking on the look-up field, it used to give the possibility of checking the documents directly in a pop-up window or to open the folder in another view.

Since a couple of months this doesn’t work anymore, now when clicking on the look-up field, it opens the “Properties of the folder” (that means just the name of it) and doesn’t show the content of the folder itself.

What’s changed? How can I solve this?

Too many lookup columns error – stable list with no new lookups being created or used

Users & ‘Full Control’ site collection admin are unable to EDIT items.

Error message reads:

The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold enforced by the administrator

I understand how this issue is normally triggered – if more than 8 lookup columns (I’ve also read of a max of 12) are used, it creates an error. I’m using SP2013.

However, in my scenario, the list in question is long-established and is stable (in terms of development – no new lookup columns are in use). Hence, I’m somewhat puzzled as to what has triggered this error.

I’m using content types, one of these only has 6 lookups in it, I tried to edit one of these but I get the same error.

I did have some Windows Updates install yesterday, I’ve no idea if that would be the cause. Windows Updates are regular, so normally I’d exclude it as being the cause of anything, but given the otherwise stable nature of the list, I’ve been trying to think up other possible causes.

Product content type pic:

8 lookups/’person or group’ columns

enter image description here

Other EXP content type pic:

Only 6 lookups/’person or group’ columns

enter image description here

23/09/2019 – additional info

  • a different farm administrator to me could still edit items, while I could not (despite us having identical permissions). Suggesting he does not have the latest Windows Updates installed yet(?)

  • Following Peter’s recent comment regarding workarounds. In my ‘OTHER EXP’ content type, which has 6 ‘Lookup’ or ‘Person or Group’ fields, I went in CT settings and hid a lookup field, so only 5 of these field types remain in the edit form; the edit form worked correctly. However, for the 8 field Product content type, this workaround did not help

  • On the server, in Sharepoint Central Administration, I observed that the default number of lookup fields is set to 8. Therefore this setting is somehow being overriden, since the List will not display the edit item form.

  • Not all lists are affected; in a different site collection a list with 7 lookups is still functioning normally.

24/09/2019 – in response to Slaven’s comment about database version:

Database version is 15.0.5023.1000:

Sharepoint Farm - 2013, database version 15.0.5023.1000

Further testing

Saved the list as a template with contents, with the intention of trying to recreate it. When I tried to create a new list (including contents) based on this template, I got this (Windows?) error.

Error message - Windows

This website lists lots of error codes for Microsoft tech, wow what a find, specifically it included my error message too. I’m using Windows 7, my colleagues are using newer versions of Windows.

Newer version of Windows required?

How to Update Newly Added Lookup Column using Value from the existing Choice column through powershell

I am working with SharePoint on prem 2019 and in one of the document libraries, I have a field called ‘Trust’ of type choice, this library contains about 7000 files. Now we have to convert this choice field into a lookup column and I am aware its not doable OOTB.

So we added all choice values for Trust field into a list (titled ‘Trust List’) on the same subsite where the library resides. Then created a site lookup column ‘TrustName’ that points to the title field of Trust list and added it to the library as well.

Now I need to find a solution to sort of grab Trust (choice) value for each row and paste it into the TrustName (lookup), maybe there would be need of filtering of ID from lookup list based on the match of values of ‘Trust’ field and Title from lookup list, not sure, I have little expertise in powershell. So looking for a PowerShell script solution for this that I can run. FYI, there are 3 other lookup fields in the same library, couple of text fields, people picker etc.

Please help, thanks in advance.

How to select nested lookup field in sharepoint onlin pnp js

For example A list Name ‘Product Details” which has a lookup column ‘Product’ and ‘Product’ has also a look up field ‘Customer’. How to customer infor from Product details table.

Product Details



ID Customer(Lookup field)



How to get customer info from selecting ‘Product Details’?

Microsoft Graph api user lookup

I have a user lookup field in SharePoint however the id given is the lookup id and not the userid.

Where is the lookup id referencing?

Looking at a link like this: Create list relationships by using unique and lookup columns.

It seems to suggest it is in another list however I can’t find it.

Any ideas on how to find this list?

Lookup Column in sharepoint with free text (No dropdown)

I have a free text of employee number in task form (Linked to form), when employee number is entered, I want to auto populate name and employee department. I can have source data in excel or separate list. I don’t have access to SharePoint designer or InfoPath. This is to ensure employee is not entering his employee code wrongly. If he enters it wrongly, that will affect my reports in Power BI.