How to create and store a plot for each iteration of a Do loop

I have created the following code below. Its purpose is for me to divide the plot into grids and for each grid I reterive the center point’s co-ordinates.

dp = DensityPlot[(E^-(x^2 + y^2)^2)^2 + ((E^-(x^2 + y^2)^2) (x^2 +           y^2) Cos[2 Pi])^2, {x, -3, 3}, {y, -3, 3},     PlotTheme -> "Minimal", PlotRange -> All, PlotPoints -> 50,     ColorFunction -> "Rainbow"]; ClearAll[centers2] centers2[region_ : Disk[{0, 0}, 1]][{nc_, nr_}, {xrange_, yrange_}] :=   Select[RegionMember[region]]@centers[{nc, nr}, {xrange, yrange}] {xrange, yrange} = {{-3, 3}, {-3, 3}};  {nc, nr} = {10, 10};   Show[dp, Graphics[{White, PointSize[Medium], Circle[],     Point@centers2[][{nc, nr}, {xrange, yrange}]}]] means[n_] := MovingAverage[Subdivide[##, n] & @@ #, 2]; &;       cp = centers2[][{nc, nr}, {xrange, yrange}]  

Next I have made a Do loop that will perform calcualtions to get a variable called angle. This code is given below.

Do[point = Part[cp, i]; x = Part[point, 1]; y = Part[point, 2];   ex = (E^-(x^2 + y^2)^2)^2;   ey = ((E^-(x^2 + y^2)^2) (x^2 + y^2) Cos[2 Pi])^2;  s1 = ex^2 - ey^2;  s2 = 2 ex ey Cos[0];  inside = 2 s2/s1;  angle = ArcTan[inside], {i, Length[cp]}] 

Now what I would like to have a command inside the Do loop that I can use to plot an ellipse based on the variable angle (this will be used to give the angle that the semi major axis makes with the x axis) for very iteration of the Do loop. There is a constant semi and minor axis. The point the ellipse will have to be centered at is the point that is currently being used in the Do loop.

I am not sure how to do this inside the loop for all the iterations, however I have a found a method to plot an ellipse given as

ellipsoid[center_, {majorradius_, minorradius_}, angle_] :=   GeometricTransformation[   Ellipsoid[center, {majorradius, minorradius}],    RotationTransform[angle, center]] ad = Pi/3; sd = Graphics[{EdgeForm[{Thick}], Opacity[.75], Transparent,     ellipsoid[{0, 0}, {0.2, 0.1}, ad], Opacity[1], Red, Point[{0, 0}],}] Plot[3, sd, {x, -10, -10}] 

I also would like to store these plots as I would like to then combine all of these ellipse plots onto the densityplot I have made in the beginning

All help is much appreciated

How to make the loop to get to the end and stop at the end?

This is what I’m trying to archive and it’s almost working fine :

using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; using FIMSpace.FLook;  public class Test : MonoBehaviour {     public FLookAnimator lookAnimator;     public Transform[] targets;     public float switchingTime;     public bool switchingLoop = false;      private bool loopOnce = true;      // Start is called before the first frame update     private void Start()     {         StartCoroutine(SwitchTargetsPeriodically());     }      private void Update()     {      }      IEnumerator SwitchTargetsPeriodically()     {         for (int i = 0; true; i = (i + 1) % targets.Length)         {             if (i < targets.Length - 1 && switchingLoop)             {                 loopOnce = true;                  lookAnimator.ObjectToFollow = targets[i];             }              if (switchingLoop == false && loopOnce)             {                 if (i < targets.Length - 1)                 {                     lookAnimator.ObjectToFollow = targets[i];                   }                 else                 {                     loopOnce = false;                 }             }              yield return new WaitForSeconds(switchingTime);         }     } } 

The problem it’s looping the targets.Length – 1 and if I change it to targets.Length then it will not loop at all. but if I’m doing targets.Length – 1 it will loop between 3 targets but there is 4 targets.

I want to show the category image (set with ACF) inside a loop that shows it inside the cards, how can I do it?

<?php get_header();   $  category = get_category( get_query_var( 'cat' ) ); $  cat_id = $  category->cat_ID;  $  id_cat = array('parent' => $  cat_id); $  categories = get_categories( $  id_cat ); 

// Get particular category’s object info. $ queried_object = get_queried_object();

// (Optional depending on desired outcome) If you wanted to get the type of taxonomy. $ taxonomy = $ queried_object->taxonomy;

// (Optional depending on desired outcome) If you wanted to get the associated ID. $ term_id = $ queried_object->term_id;

// Get image ID for this field. $ attachment_id = get_field( ‘category_image’, $ queried_object );

// URL of image at specific size. $ image = $ attachment_id[‘sizes’][‘chosen-image-size’];

<section class="p-5">     <div class="container">         <div class="row text-center">             <h3><?php single_cat_title(); ?></h3>             <p><?php category_description(); ?></p>         </div>     </div> </section>  <section>     <div class="container animated">         <div class="row d-flex" data-masonry='{"percentPosition": true }'> 

‘.’ term_id ).'”>’ .$ category->name.”.’ ‘; } ?>

In evidenza

            <?php while(have_posts()): the_post(); ?>                 <div class="col-6 col-md-4 col-xl-3 mb-4">                     <div class="card text-center">                         <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>">                                         <!-- Immagine Articolo -->                             <?php if(has_post_thumbnail()): ?>                                   <div class="m-1"><?php the_post_thumbnail('thumbnail') ?></div>                             <?php endif; ?>                         </a>                             <div>                             <h3><?php the_title(); ?></h3>                             <p><?php the_excerpt(); ?></p>                         </div>                         <a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>" class="btn btn-outline-dark btn-sm">Continua a                             Leggere</a>                     </div>                 </div>                     <?php endwhile; ?>                     <?php else: ?>                         <?php echo wpautop('ops.. non ho trovato nulla');?>                     <?php endif; ?>         </div>     </div> </section> 

Saving data from for loop to file and then read the data and plot graphs

I have a for loop which generates random matrices, then performs a few calculations to yield a bunch of different values. Essentially, something like so: For[j = 1, j < 100, j++, a={{1}{2}{3}{4}},b={{5}{6}{7}{8}},c=Tr[a],d=Tr[b], e=c+d, {a,b,c,d,e}>>> file]

Of course in the above, we repeat the same values over and over, I am using this as an example as the script would be too long and requires a list of different packages. I need to save these values to a file in a way that I can then extract the values and create a bunch of different graphs. What is the best way to go about this?

How to loop nav menu items in WordPress menu Walker?

I want to loop every single item in the menu with the walker class.

class Primary_Walker_Nav_Menu extends Walker_Nav_Menu {     public $  bg;      function __construct() {         $  this->bg = get_field('navigation_menu_background_image', 'option'); //acf array in function.php     }           } 

In $ this->bg are an array of images, I want to have $ depth less from 0, which means the only the first item in-depth, not sub-menu, nothing else.

My idea is to loop $ i item and get $ bg item on position $ i, how to do this?

Help, thanks!

help with while loop

Hi, in changeing from MYSQL to MYSQLi (that's where the blame goes) I can't get a clear understanding as to the proper code
for the while loop. help please. code follows:
<center><b><font size=+2> 515 Certification Expiration Report</font><br>06/22/2020 – 06/22/2021<p>


//Open a new connection to the MySQL server
require_once "getprerentdb.php";

//MySqli Select Query
$ results = $ mysqli->query (SELECT * FROM…

help with while loop