Why is YouTube losing my votes?

I’ve been watching YouTube videos for many years now, and I make sure to vote on every video as a way to keep track of what I’ve actually watched. Recently a bunch of these votes have disappeared – I go back to videos I know I’ve already watched, and my vote is gone. This is not a simple case of re-uploads – we’re talking about videos across at least half a dozen channels, and most of them were uploaded many years ago. Is there some sort of upper limit to the number of votes YouTube will keep track of, or is something else going on? I also have only ever had one Google account, so that is not the issue.

The reason I noticed is that many videos I’ve already watched are showing up in my recommendations, so the recommendations are now much less useful.

How do I sync my Dataset in Visual Studio with SQL Server Datatype Changes without losing custom queries?

I know that similar questions have been asked, but I haven’t been able to get an exact answer.

I have a Dataset.xsd item in Visual studio that is based on SQL Server tables. If make lots of SQL Server column changes (data length, null to not null, new columns, varchar to nvarchar), how can I run the Custom Tool without it potentially wiping out my TableAdapter’s existing custom queries? Or is there another way to sync them? I can manually modify the table columns in the XSD file, but it’s getting tedious if I have hundreds to make, And I am also afraid I might miss one or two.

BTW, I am currently using VS2017, SQL 2016

Mac keep losing printers, has to restart

this has been a recurrent problem. For some reason Aiprint stops working and I have to restart the computer to restore it. Then, after a few weeks, it stops working again. The computer “can’t find” the printer, and no printers show up in the preferences panel. It started on an iMac 2013, with 10.13, continued on 10.14 and now on an iMac 2019. So it is clearly a software issue. Something went wrong and now it just gets forwarded into every new upgrade, which obviously do not fix the problem. Printing works with USB by the way. Since nowadays there is no such a thing as “clean install”, what can I do? Thanks.

How to move site.net to site.com/blog without losing page ranking [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • When changing domain names, can I keep my existing SEO and Google Search ranking? 2 answers
  • SEO – switching domains on an established site to a brand new domain 4 answers

Here is the case:

I moved my blog from “www.site.net” to “www.site.com/blog“, and I want to tell google webmaster tools about this change, I tried to use the “Change of Address” tool but it only accepts moving from old domain to new domain, but my case my site moved from old domain to new domain + subfolder.

What I did until now:

I did the permanent redirect 301 from site.net to site.com/blog successfully. I added both “site.com” and “site.com/blog” in google search console

How can I tell google about that without losing ranking? something makes Google update URLs of search results from the old format to a new one? …

Synology NAS DS216+II 8TB SHR with data protection to non data protection without losing data

I have an 8TB Synology NAS in SHR with data protection, which is about to be full.

As data protection takes up 4TB, I would like to make use of it as a normal drive. As I have my data backed up elsewhere I don’t need this protection disk anymore.

Any idea how to transform SHR with a protection disk to without a protection disk, to get extra space, without losing any of my data?

Is “Faithful Summons” triggered by losing all HP in Wild Shape?

Can you gain the benefits of the “Faithful Summons” feature (Circle of Shepard level 14) if you wildshape into a creature and lose all the creature’s HP?

If you are reduced to 0 hit points or are incapacitated against your will, you can immediately gain the benefits of conjure animals as if it were cast using a 9th-level spell slot.

Losing CQWP filter “Contains all of” when applied/saved

I’ve added a CQWP to a web part page. In the web part properties, the source is from a single list, and i’m trying to add additional filters. If the second or third additional filter is set to “Contains all of” it will reset back to “Contains any of” when I click apply, or save. If the first filter is set to “Contains all of” then it will retain that setting.

From what I can see, it still actually saves the “contains all of” setting, but when you edit the web part again it reverts back to the default of “contains any of”, so if you don’t know it’s changed this setting when you go back to edit it you’ll get unexpected results.

What can I do to change this behavior?

If I readied a spell with the trigger “When I take damage”, do I have to make a constitution saving throw to avoid losing Concentration?

Suppose I was playing a wizard. I say to my DM, “I ready my Magic Missle. I cast it when I take damage, at the attacker.” When the time comes, do I need to make a constitution saving throw immediately before I cast to avoid losing concentration?