How to balance encounters after the loss of the frontline fighters?

I’ve been running a pathfinder game for some time. Up until now I think I have done a fairly good job of balancing encounters, the party is about to reach level 7 and there have only been 2 deaths but many many close calls. This is exactly the kind of risk level I want in this campaign.

The party has consisted of a barbarian, bard, druid, paladin and wizard. A fairly balanced party composition that have learned to synergise reasonably well. The barbarian and paladin are the main frontliners with the other supporting them with spellcasting and ranged attacks.

My issue is the barbarian was killed last session and the player is most likely to replace them with an oracle instead. Additional my paladin player informed me that he will be moving overseas for a year next month so he is out as well.

What changes do I need to make to my encounter design to allow for the loss of the frontline fighters?

I’m looking for advice from GMs who have experience similar situations, or have run campaigns for parties that are lacking in melee characters.

Ubuntu server 16.04 eats all bandwith and packets loss

when the server is turned on it generates a lot of packet loss in the local network (only the server and the dev machine connected) it disconnects when i use ssh (error packet_write_wait port 22 broken pipe) , cuts with cap production deploy (sending changes to the server from github) and even the router configuration page (192.168….) cuts, and when the server is turned off there is absolutly no problem, the server has the ip and the dev machine, ive tried some things but i just cant find the answer, any help is apreciated. thanks in advance

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Blackbox decrypt already encrypted files in case of key loss [on hold]

I have files encrypted data in my git repo but lost my blackbox gpg keys .Is there anyway I can recover these files or decrypt them again.I have generated new keys and executed blackbox_update_all files and blackbox_update but when I try to decrypt them again with blackbox_decrypt_all_files.It is giving me “pg: decryption failed: No secret key” and Unfortunately there is no other blackbox_admin of git repo.

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What can I do to prevent or reduce message loss in a microservices system?

Quite often I have methods that do the following:

  1. Process some data
  2. (frequent, but optional) Save some state to database
  3. Publish a message to a queue / topic

What options do I have to protect myself against transient errors (but not only transient) with #3? Implementing a retry / repeat mechanism is one approach, but it probably won’t work if the issue that prevents the message from being sent lasts longer than a few seconds or a few minutes.