I want to copy my HOME folder to a USB flash drive but I can’t. I accidentally removed Python 3 and lost many important stuff

I accidentally removed Python 3 from “etc” and now I lost many important folders, programs and also the Gnome shell. I know, I’m stupid.

I can still log in with my user but now everything is like this

I believe the right solution is to install ubuntu 18.04 again.

Since my $ HOME is folder is undamaged (everything I had there remained: see) I want to copy it to a flash drive so I can install Ubuntu again without losing my personal files.

But when I but when I put my USB flash drive it shows me this message:

[ 264.065197] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed

[ 264.065242] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through


How can I solve this to copy my home to a flash drive using this terminal?

I don’t know if there is a way to restore everything again, I thing reinstalling it should better, but if there is another solution to this without reinstalling ubuntu again it feel free to share.

I have suddenly lost access to many sites, including TOR, torrent sites, and expressvpn

Today, I tried to log on to expressVpn and was redirected to a site from NeuStar which told me that it was a security risk. then I tried the TOR site to install the Browser, but was told it was a security risk, also through NeuStar. Finally, I tried 1337x but received the same message. I use xfinity internet. any suggestions

Getting Lost in the Caves of Chaos

In the Keep on the Borderlands, the characters can stumble into a…

Which has a spell on it that causes “Direction Confusion”. As I understand it, it was assumed that all games would occur in the “Theatre of the Mind”, so the instruction to…

would work fine. But if a table who was primarily used to playing with a game board and miniatures were to encounter this area, how should the GM go about applying a version of this advice that would invoke the same feeling in the players?

how to recover your lost or deleted data or files?

Very simple, if you lost your important data accidentally or unwillingly then don’t worry the solution is here. You should recover that files urgently then must download and install PC inspector data recovery software which is available at this software platform offlinefreewarefiles.com.

Suddenly the important files and data’s are deleted from drive partitions then the user totally confuses now and think what can I do. No worry we can feel your feelings. Just getting the data recovery software on your pc and recover them from history.

Transitioning from Lost Mine of Phandelver to Out of the Abyss with level 5 characters

My party of 5 just finished LMoP and we’ve bought OotA.

The beginning of the book is important to the whole story, as is the feeling of desperation as they run low on resources, chased by a powerful enemy they can’t hope to match at this stage.

I’ve spoken to the players, and they’d like to continue playing their characters they’ve grown attached to, so I’ve told them I’ll need to temporarily depower them, if they want to get the most out of the book. This’ll mean taking some of the magic items they have (they found most of the stuff from LMoP, plus a few extras I threw in) and restricting access to spells/extra attacks.

I’m going to have them jumped by the drow in the middle of the night in a very one sided ambush, just to really push home the threat of the drow, but make it clear they’re trying to capture, so no one gets killed.

My question is, how much should I take off the players, and how should I do it?

Magento 2 grid filter(active filter) lost on page reload

I am using Webkul Marketplace ext. and they have issue on active filters.

after filtering whenever reloading the page or visiting other page and backing on the filter page then filter get losses and it opens normally(without any filter).

actually there is separate dashboard for the seller where sellers can manage orders,products etc.so these UI’s are some similarity like admin.


After Filter:- it works as expected.

enter image description here

Revisiting on Filter Page:- Filter gets lossed and act as normally.

enter image description here

I R&D and they suggested to use “” used but no luck.

please help me to resolve this problem.

Is this a Lost Mine of Phandelver Plot Hole?

I’m DM’ing for the first time with a group playing for the first time (Table of Noob’s :p). In the 1st chapter of Lost Mine of Phandelver, the characters come across dead horses, are attacked by goblins, and discover a path into the woods. The campaign book says they “can easily steer the wagon away from the road and tie off the oxen while the group pursues the goblins“. This, to me, implied that the wagon couldn’t go down the path.

Fast forward a bit, at the end of the path is a cavern/goblin hideout, PC’s enter, kill goblins and bugbear leader (Klarg), yada yada yada. In Klarg’s lair, there are a bunch of supply crates, and the description says “the captured stores are bulky, and the characters will need a wagon to transport them“. They have a wagon, but apparently no way to get it to the cave.

The trail is 5 miles long, so carrying the crates back to the wagon is out. My solution was to retroactively say that when they entered the clearing where the cave is, they could see another, wider path leaving the clearing that has clearly been used for moving vehicles/supplies. This was met with dissent, as it was deemed “railroading” the story and not letting them discover a way themselves. So finally, 3 questions off this:

  1. Is this actually a plot hole, or have I missed something?

  2. Is the discovery/creation of the 2nd path both an appropriate solution, and one that a DM should make?

    1. What other alternatives could there be for this situation?

I greatly appreciate any insight/help with this…