Does the DICOM file header gets lost when transferred over the network?

I am currently investigating the PEDICOM vulnerability CVE-2019-11687 where I am trying to reassemble the P-DATA DICOM fragments from a PCAP. Since the vulnerability takes advantage of writing bytes onto the header, I want to investigate this. When sniffing the network and trying to capture and reassemble the file, when sent over the network using the DICOM protocol does it loose its header and the only information is sent are the different data elements?

I obfuscated my commercial software, i lost source

A VERY bad problem.

I obfuscated my web software with srcProtector and i archieved files, i uploaded a new version of software on the website.

The problem is i forgot to copy files in a new path for backup. VERY VERY BAD!

Code looks like: obfuscated file

I tried already unPHP.

PLEASE HELP ME!! (is there any winscp undo button (reconnectect session) or any deobfuscator for this?)

How do I get players to care about the Lost Mines of Phandelver adventure?

I’m going to be running LMoP with a group mostly new to D&D. How can I get them to care about the hook enough to be interested in the story? I tried it previously with another group, but they just didn’t feel like they had a reason to care about the story. This time, I’m going to do a proper session zero, but I need advice on ways to get them to be interested in the hook.

Advice for first time DM/player with first time hero players trying the Lost Mine of Phandelver with an under-sized party

After listening to and enjoying some “actual play” podcasts I’m about to try DnD with my wife and children. None of us have played before, so after some research I’ve decided to go with the official DnD 5e starter set.

Due to a slight misunderstanding I thought that the set was fine for four players including the DM, it seems that actually it’s meant for a party of four or five plus the DM.

Given that the party will only be three strong, none of them have played before, and two of them are children I would expect them to not be hugely effective to begin with.

As DM I’m planning to help as much as I can with the rules and hints about what they can do (initially they won’t have read all the rules). But I’m concerned that as a small party they might struggle.

The kids have decided that they like the wizard and rogue and my wife is happy to play any of the remaining characters. From my research I’ve suggested the cleric for her so that they have someone with high AC and good healing.

As I haven’t played before either I’m looking for suggestions on what else I can do to get things off to a good start. Obviously I can do things like reduce the number of enemies in fights, but I assume that there are a lot of other tricks that I’m not aware of to help in this kind of situation.

Can Drawmij’s Instant Summons retrieve a lost Leomund’s Secret Chest?

Suppose that I cast leomund’s secret chest and then bind the chest itself with drawmij’s instant summons. I’ll then send it into the Ethereal Plane, and while it’s hidden, I’ll end the spell effect.

Leomund’s secret chest says that this will cause the chest to be irretrievably lost.

Finally, the question is, if I crush the sapphire after all of this, will I be able to get the chest back? Drawmij’s instant summons says the item appears in my hand regardless of physical or planar distances.

Need a simulation of a lost recording related to a murder mystery game realted to the murder on former UN secretary [closed]

I’m a scout leader in Sweden and I’m preparing a murder mystery for my scouts. We prepare simulated tasks for them so that they gain more intel so that they can solve the mystery of the death of Dag Hammarskjöld. The war pilot who presumably shot Dag Hammarskjölds plane down recorded some words after he had done it, but the recording is lost, so I need someone to recreate it. These are the spoken words:

“I see a transport plane coming low,” “All the lights are on. I’m going to go down to make a run on it. Yes, it’s the Transair DC6. It’s the plane. I’ve hit it. There are flames. It’s going down. It’s crashing.”

The recording must be old-sounding and slightly diffuse (this takes place in the 60s). It is spoken in English, but it would be really nice with a belgian/flemish accent on it. French or german accents works too. Thank you!

How to recover lost zip file password?

I have a folder with very important files on my computer and I zipped it with a password for security reasons. Unfortunately, I’m not able to recover the password. Usually, I always use the same kind of passwords but I have done dozens of tries and I can’t remember what the password is. I usually use passwords of 10 to 20 letters with possible upper case letters and numbers which means it’s basically impossible to crack it by pure brute force. Since I’ve tried all the patterns I usually use, I think I may have used a different password from usual so it’s not possible to crack it using patterns with brute force.

Basically I don’t think there exist IA techniques able to retrieve the password since it can be very long and I have no information about it. So my question is : is there a way for me to retrieve the password of my file ? Since I created it with my user session on Windows, maybe it’s possible to deactivate the password for the same user ? I’m not very good at computer science but I hope there is a way to retrieve it because the information in that file are really important.