wordpress sub-category ( lowercase letters + non-latin characters ) = 404

If the sub-category’s slug is a combination of lowercase letters and Korean, page 404 appears.

1 : NGINX settings

location / {     try_files $  uri $  uri/ /index.php?$  args; } 

2 : WordPress – Permerlink settings

  • Custom: /%category%/%postname%/
  • Category Base:.

3 : WordPress – Yoast

  • Taxonomies > Category URLs ( Remove )

4 : Tested content

4-1 : In case of parent category ✅

  • mywebsite.com/한글 = 200
  • mywebsite.com/a한글 = 200
  • mywebsite.com/한글B = 200

4-2 : In case of post ✅

  • mywebsite.com/한글/post글 = 200 ( lowercase + non-latin )

4-3 : In case of child category ⚠️

  • mywebsite.com/한글/한글 = 200
  • mywebsite.com/한글/a한글 = 404 ❌
  • mywebsite.com/한글/한글b = 404 ❌
  • mywebsite.com/한글/C한글 = 200
  • mywebsite.com/한글/한글D = 200
  • mywebsite.com%2F%ED%95%9C%EA%B8%80%2Fa%ED%95%9C%EA%B8%80 = 200 ⭕️ ( /한글/a한글 : url encoded )
  • mywebsite.com/한글/A한글 = 200 ⭕️ ( /한글/a한글 : uppercase )

5 : Reference question

Arabic Characters in URL returns 404 Error

I think it might be related to @user139986 ‘s answer.

I don’t know how to handle this problem .. 😭

SQL to transform all email addresses in my DB in lowercase

how can I transform all email addresses in my DB in lowercase?

I did an import and all addresses are uppercase and if a user registers again with lowercase the system thinks is another email. So I want to change all the emails to lower to avoid further duplications.

best will be to have a SQL query to do that

Thanks for your help!

How could one find a URL extenstion that is a combination of capital i’s and lowercase L’s only?

Okay, so. A YouTuber by the name of SwaggerSouls is doing a face reveal and we have to find each part of his face. (In quadrents) And for the 3rd part he has told us to go to bit.ly/(30 I’s and l’s intermixed) The font he used while making the video made it impossible to tell the diffrence. Is there a way to write a program that could find the right URL? And yes, I know it will take a long time.

Uppercase to lowercase rel canonical

There is a section of our site where the url’s are automatically generated based on the title of the page. This includes capitalisation.

When using Screaming Frog I noticed that a capitalised and non-capitalised verison of many o fthese pages were "indexable". Therefore I want to add in a rel canonical so that one of the versions of the page is recognised as the primary indexable version.

My question is this: if the CMS is generating a capitalised version automatically, should the capitalised version of the page be the canonical page, or should it be the non-capitalised vesion?



How many strings of six lowercase letters from the English alphabet contain the letters *a* and *b* with all letters different?

How many strings of six lowercase letters from the English alphabet contain the letters a and b with all letters different? Answer: 7650720

I saw a resolution that considered the two types of strings different:

1) Possible strings not containing a nor b.

2) Possible strings not containing a and b.

But I do not understand why. Can someone explain or present another solution?

Split strings that mix upper and lowercase in a well defined way

I have a set of strings of the form:

Team XYZJohn SMITH / Jane SMITH TEAM RacersJohn SMITH / Jane SMITH John McMahon RacingJohn SMITH / Jane SMITH 

and want to split on the joined names to give strings like:

Team XYZ :: John SMITH / Jane SMITH TEAM Racers :: John SMITH / Jane SMITH John McMahon Racing :: John SMITH / Jane SMITH 

I’m R, using Perl, but it’s the regex I’m after.

Via https://stackoverflow.com/a/43706490/454773, this works for TEAM RacersJohn SMITH / Jane SMITH but obviously gives an unwanted split in McMahon and misses the split in Team XYZJohn.

For things like McMahon, I was thinking a heuristic of *don’t split on [A-Z][a-z]{1,2}[A-Z] which would also cope with eg MacDonald.

Reason why brand logotypes are in lowercase?

Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Flickr, Intel, Citibank, Macy’s, BP, Vitamin Water to name a few, have their logotypes entirely in lowercase. I assume the reason is to make it more casual and friendly.

Is there an explanation from the UX perspective for this trend, and are there any studies to prove that such a trend is found to be psychologically more approachable to the users?