Gambling website for sale [Price Lowered]

Why are you selling this site?
No longer have time for this website.

How is it monetized?
No monetization

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

Type: Gambling Information
Expiry – 2024-12-11
Traffic – Barely any
Domain Age – 15 yrs old
Registrar – Namecheap
Minimum – $ 300
BIN – $ 370

I am also open to offers via pm.

What happens if a characters stats are lowered reducing the number of spells they can prepare?

Say a level 1 cleric has a wisdom score of 18. According to the class rules they can prepare 5 spells (wisdom modifier of 4 + 1 level of cleric). Now say the cleric obtains an Ioun stone of insight and attunes it. They now have a wisdom modifier of 5 so they can prepare 6 spells and do so. What happens if they then unattune the Ioun stone? The rules say they can only prepare 5 spells again, but they don’t indicate that the character automatically loses one prepared spell from what I can see.

The display contrast on my new iMac (the Retina 4k 21.5″ model) is too high. Can it be lowered past the lowest setting?

Just looking at my new iMac was giving me a headache: the “Retina” display was so high-contrast, even at the lowest contrast setting, that it was searing my retinas.

Is there a way to reduce the contrast past the lowest keyboard setting?