Can’t change default browser in Lubuntu 19.04

I recently installed Lubuntu 19.04 (LXQt) and I want to change the default browser from Firefox to Google Chrome. However, even though I set Chrome as the default browser in the settings, Firefox still remains the default whenever I try to open html files from my computer (or click on any links).

I’m not sure why the OS is not listening to my instructions. I’ve set chrome as the default browser in both the “Session Settings” menu, and the “update-alternatives.” I’ve even changed it manually in /usr/share/applications/defaults.list, and it still won’t change. No matter what I do, Firefox remains the default browser.

Any idea what’s going on ?

PS: I know I could probably solve the problem by removing Firefox, but I don’t want to do that. I want to keep both browsers installed, just have Chrome be the default.

Lubuntu 18.10 Screensaver locks during video playback

Pretty much as the subject says, the screensaver keeps activating and locking me out while I’m watching a long video, even while in full-screen. I’ve been able to find posts discussing this issue in Ubuntu or in earlier (non-LXQt) versions of Lubuntu, but I haven’t seen it for 18.10+ yet (gnome-tweaks isn’t going to help much here).

Is there any way to prevent this from happening?

Lubuntu 18.04.3 Wi-Fi not working, tried different things

I have started using Lubuntu recently on my laptop to lengthen its lifespan (the machine is kinda old and Windows was crashing on a regular basis) but now I’m having a very hard time with wi-fi. Wired connections work just fine, but recently my modem had problems and I tried to use my phone as hotspot but the pc won’t collaborate.

My laptop is an HP and it has a Realtek RTL8723BE. In the beginning it recognized WiFi connections, it connected (allegedly), but it didn’t actually work. I went to my friend’s house and used his Ethernet connection, looked online for solutions (like I did for setting up Bluetooth and other things), and tried them (some of them were directing to dead GitHub branches, but whatever).

What I have obtained is that my pc now doesn’t even list WiFi connections anymore (lol). Wired connections still work tho.

I’m writing from my phone now. Can someone please guide me step by step to solve this problem? I know how to open the terminal, insert commands, intall things etc. but I’m afraid that this time things are a little more complicated.

Lubuntu 18.04. on old laptop – Certain keys on keyboard don’t work

I’m using Lubuntu 18.04 LTS on an 10 year old acer laptop. It’s of course slower than modern notebooks but still works like a reliable old mule.

Only issue I’m having is the keyboard. Certain keys won’t work, but it’s sort of irregular which ones, which makes me think it’s not a hardware issue.

As I’m typing this the ‘i’, ‘o’, ‘2’, ‘4’, ‘5’, ‘7’ and return key are not working. Oftentimes the space bar and sometimes the enter key don’t work either but then start to work after the laptop has been runnning a while.

Sometimes after the laptop has been running a while suddenly all keys work for a brief time, then those certain keys stop working again.

I tried sudo apt-get –purge autoremove xserver-xorg-input-all + sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-input-all but it didn’t help. Am helping myself with onboard keyboard but it’s a pain.

Does anybody know this issue or have any idea what I could try to solve this?

Many thanks in advance.

What is wrong when I can not log into my session on Lubuntu?

I am not able to log into the Lubuntu session from the graphical login screen. I have login without password enabled and if I click on login it simply throws me back to this login page after 2 seconds of black screen.

I run a ZOTAC mini PC with Lubuntu 16 on it. I know it is EOL. It was running fine and I was accessing it via VNC from a Mac. It was running Mediathekview which is a graphical software to download TV content. It was connected to my Raspberry Pi’s external HDD via samba so that it downloaded everything onto this HDD in the LAN.

My RPi crashed (sd card failure) and it seemed that the ZOTAC also had a crash because I could not close the filemanager. I never experienced this. I was thinking about the possibility that the download went on and my local HDD inside the ZOTAC got full. But this is not the case as du shows only 22GB.

Before I realized that I could not log in with a monitor and mouse attached I was just trying to log into VNC from a Mac and then on terminal trying to find out if VNC was maybe down. I was not able to telnet 6000 and then attached a monitor to check what was going on.

I also tried to start xserver from the terminal when logged in via SSH and I am not sure if this maybe also messed up things. But I am pretty sure that the problem with the login was like this from the start.

I also tried to sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop and while I would have been expecting that this was already installed it was not and so I installed it (again). Now I have several options of graphical environments to log into: LXDE, Lubuntu, Ubuntu but none of them work.