Error en la copia de seguridad MacOS Mojave

Trato de realizar una copia de seguridad mediante Time Machine en un disco duro nuevo, y me da “Error en la copia de seguridad”. EL disco externo lo he formateado en formato “Macos Plus con registro” en utilidades de disco. He probado utilizar diferentes discos duros externos, pero sucede lo mismo. Anteriormente hacía copias incluso un par de veces he recuperado todo gracias a estas copias de Time Machine. ¿Qué puede suceder?

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Wake on LAN (WOL) on Mac Pro 3,1 WITHOUT MacOS

I’ve been re-purposing my Mac Pro 3,1 (2008) to be a server using docker and Ubuntu Server 18.04.2. I’m trying to get wake on lan to work, as this is a really power-hungry machine and I would rather not let it run all the time.

Everything I can find shows how to enable WOL with macOS, however I have completely removed macOS and now only have Ubuntu server.

Is there some way I can enable WOL using some sort of bios or single user mode or something like that. Or, alternately, is there a way to do this software-only using something like pm-suspend and some other set of tools?


Triple boot Windows 10, MacOS Mojave and Ubuntu, using 2 SSDs

So recently I have been trying to install these three OS-s next to each other. BUt not the way that you would think. As mentioned in the title, I have 2 SSDs, not three, or one. On one of my SSDs, I have Windows 10 running for a year now, and I use it as my main OS. And on the other SSD, I would like to have a MacOS Mojave, and Ubuntu next to each other. You see, the problem is, that these two OS-s does not respect each other’s bootloaders. What I am saying, is that MacOS wants to use Clover (and I want to use that, too), while Ubuntu tries to install Grub2. I have been messing around with this for 3 days now, but none of my setups worked. I tried everything, but there are 2 dead ends, that I could reach:

1.: Ubuntu basically takes over my computer, and when I turn it on, it boots to Ubuntu, instead of letting me choose what OS I would like to start, with clover. If i try to boot clover from the BIOS, Ubuntu, starts up like nothing happened. I can still reach Windows from the BIOS manually, but not MacOS or clover.

2.: After I install Ubuntu, it….. disappears? Well, it is somewhere there on the SSD, next to the MacOS, but I couldn’t boot it, not even from the BIOS.

So basically, I would like to get help, since I had a lot of trouble with this, but I really want to get this work. I followed several tutorials and suggestions on the internet, but none of them have seemed to work. I accept any kind of help, and thanks in advance to everybody. 🙂

“The creator of this list has upgraded these reminders” – macOS Catalina beta vs. iOS 12 Reminder incompatibility

After installing Catalina (10.15 Beta (19A487m))on a MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014) Reminders no longer sync across devices (e.g., between the Reminders app on a Mac running the Catalina beta and the Reminders app on an iPhone running iOS 12.3.1).

On the iPhone there are new reminders items suggesting that something needs to be done, including one titled “The creator of this list has upgraded these reminders” with a note that reads “Learn more here: [kb article link]” – but there is no link – this looks to me like a beta loose end, and I assume that it will be resolved in a future release.

What I’m wondering right now is if anyone has found a way to get reminders working – would installing the iOS 13 beta on the iPhone get reminders working (and get me some new “quirks”)? Or is there an updated version of the iOS 12 app?

Is there a way to sync macOS and iOS spellchecker dictionaries?

I often write notes on my iPad and MacBook and it is very annoying when iPad is underlining as “misprint” a word I had added to dictionary on my MacBook yesterday.

Since both iOS and macOS are members of the Apple ecosystem (which includes also iCloud) can I sync the spellchecker dictionaries of all my Apple devices?

Thank you.