Google Chrome for macOS: How to bypass “This type of file may harm your computer” and save file automatically

Every time I download a .DMG file using Google Chrome, I have to open the Downloads tab and manually keep it which is super annoying. It shows This type of file may harm your computer message. Is there any way to always keep them?

Previously it can be configured in the settings but it seems there is no such setting in the latest version of Google Chrome.

Are email Attachments technically always inline, or does macOS Mail not allow conventional, non-inline attachments?

In macOS mail, you are forced to attach files inline in the message. I am aware you can enable “Always Insert Attachments at End of Message” in the menubar’s Edit menu, but I understand this still leaves the attachment inline. Even when an image or PDF is shown as an icon at the end of the message in macOS Mail, the recipient ends up seeing the attachment as a huge inline image.

Is there an actual difference in “inline” vs. “non-inline” attachments in email protocol? Or are do other apps technically attach things inline at the end, just visually showing it differently?

Hide mouse pointer after any key press in macOS Mojave

While using macOS Mojave, I would like the mouse pointer (cursor, carat) to become invisible as soon as any key is pressed, including modifier and navigation keys.

In summary:

  • The mouse should remain invisible until moved.
  • The mouse must remain at the same coordinates as when it disappeared; no sending it off the screen, out of sight.

I have tried Cursorcerer which allows a single hotkey to hide the mouse and also an idle timer, neither of those features address the problem. Many Mac applications (iTerm2, Sublime Text, Firefox) have settings that hide the mouse when keys are pressed. Some applications (Chrome, LibreOffice) do not. I have investigated modifying keyloggers in Python ( with


and Objective-C ( with

[NSCursor setHiddenUntilMouseMoves:YES]; 

without success.

Those calls to setHiddenUntilMouseMoves do not cause the mouse to hide. A recent OS update (10.14.5) is preventing them from running.

Can anyone suggest a way for me to achieve my desired outcome?

I am open to using terminal commands, 3rd party software, etc. is not syncing when using hotspot. How to treat hotspot as a regular Wi-Fi on macOS?

Recently I started use hotspot as my home internet. I have unlimited data and high speeds 160/40 Mbps. Everything works well except It just doesn’t sync even a single photo.

I contacted Apple support, but it’s just a big facepalm. They asked me to test this problem with other iPhones and MacBooks. I tested with over 5 devices, as I expected the result was the same. I wrote them and provided steps to reproduce the problem, but their answer was:

Thank you for the Response. Since the issue is happening on more than 1 iPhone, as I discussed when we spoke on the phone the first time, Its due to the computer needing a stronger connection other than hotspot. There is no need move forward with troubleshooting at this point due to the same thing happening on all the Apple products you have tried. As discussed, we would have continued troubleshooting only if the issue didn’t persist on another Apple product, because then it would have shown that its device specific and this it is not because its all the Apple products you have tried. Thank you for understanding.

So that’s why I am looking for the answer on how to treat hotspot as a regular Wi-Fi on macOS.

macOS 10.14.5; iOS 12.3

Mix ddr3 macOS ram

Here the ram from best. buy. I want to mix with. the apple ram that in my iMac 5k retina late 2015.

If I mix the ram from best buy it be 16gb and 8gb with apple ram can this be done. it ddr3?

MacOS freeze on starting

I have got a problem.

When I click turn on button on my MacBook, computer turns on.

System starts and loads. But when a progress bar will go to end, system make white screen and freeze.

How I can repair it ?

I read about it. I must reinstall system, but I can’t lose my data from hard disc.

Are you have some ideas how I can fix it ?

macos 10.14 beta 1 download

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