16 year old car website with 140k facebook followers. Made as much as $35,000 from adsense

Why are you selling this site?
I used what I learned from this site and got into a similar method with cell phones and I have just not used this site in a while and I would rather sell it to someone who wants to run it.

How is it monetized?
Right now the site has a few different methods. One is by selling memberships. The site has a brokers account with Copart and the only way individuals can by insurance salvage is if they go through a dealer so we charge a membership fee so…

16 year old car website with 140k facebook followers. Made as much as $ 35,000 from adsense

I made yet another Homebrew, Quaxels, are they balanced?

Okay, I’ll keep this one short by leaving out the fluff of history and such. Soo.. here it is.

Quaxel Traits

Ability Score Increase. Constitution +2, Strength + 2, Charisma – 1

Alignment. Quaxels are typically of a chaotic alignment, and they are sometimes drawn to evil by their monstrous origins

Age. They mature at age 100 and live usually into immortality. The oldest living Quaxel was age 280,383,284,245 years old.

Size. Standing 4’4 and weighing upto 450 pounds due to extremely heavy armor, your size is small.

Speed. You have a burrowing speed of 30 feet, and a walking speed of 30ft as well.

Heavy Natural Armor. Your AC is 18, Regardless of your dexterity and equipped armor. This is responsible for 3/4ths of your weight.

Change Appearance. As an action, you can transform your appearance or revert to your natural form. You can’t duplicate the appearance of a creature you’ve never seen, and you revert to your natural form if you die.

Acid Resistance. You are immune to acid damage.

Acidic Breath. You can spew out a 10ft cone of acidic breath. Everyone inside of this cone must make a d20 constitution save or take 1d8 acid damage or half as much on successful one. This damage increases to 2d8 at level 10 and 3d8 at level 20.

Frightful Appearance. You have advantage on intimidation checks, but disadvantage on persuasion checks.

Languages. You can speak, read, and write Abyssal and Undercommon.

Monster Origin. You count as a monstrosity when determining how spells and effects that depend on creature origin effect you.

What would happen if some random webpage made an Ajax request for

I run a localhost-only webserver (PHP’s built-in one) for all my admin panels and whatnot on my machine. I’m worried that, if any random webpage has a JavaScript snippet which makes an Ajax call to , and I visit that webpage, it will make my browser (Firefox) fetch whatever data is returned from that URL and be able to use it, for example to send it back to their own server in another Ajax request.

Let’s assume that returns my entire diary since 1958. Or anything equally sensitive. I definitely don’t ever want it to interact with anything other than my Firefox browser, but from what I can reckon, this could be a massive privacy/security issue. I hope I’m wrong about my assumption that this request would be allowed. I hope that it has some kind of “cross-domain policy” blocking it or something. Especially since it’s from, which should be some kind of special case.

What would stop it from doing this? What am I missing in my reasoning?

Water Based Parts Cleaning Solvent Made in China

About Us
Rolitom lubricating products are applied successfully around the world on steel mills automobile manufacturing, chemical fiber textile plants, paper making, electrical appliances, hardware accessories and etc. We provide customers with the best application products and more thoughtful professional services, and constantly advanced technology to lead the global. Our products have passed CTI, SGS, RoHS certification and ISO9001 quality system. What is more, our quality standard is higher than the industry standard and enterprise standard.

Rolitom R & D team is led by a Doctor and most of members have over 10 years experience in lubricant, who research and develop new products for the customer. Tens of IPs are our identification of leading in this industry in China. Rolitone is dedicated to providing good quality, reliable and environmental products, and also to provide professional technical service.
Rolitom always implement excellent lubrication and environmentally friendly technology for environmental protection. By integrating modern advanced technology and global raw materials resources, we innovate and improve our product systems constantly. With advanced technology, excellent quality and the tireless efforts in environmental protection, Rolitom is a leader in the development of lubricant and has become a pioneer of water-based lubrication technology in China!

Our products include: Industrial lubricants, anti-wear hydraulic oil, industrial gear oil, grease, special oil for equipment, vacuum pump oil, air compressor oil, steel rolling oil, copper and aluminum wire drawing oil, rail oil, transformer oil, spindle oil, knitting oil, paper machine oil, tempering oil, cutting oil, EDM oil, threading oil, stamping oil, anti-rust oil, cutting fluid, industrial cleaning agent, Die releasing agent, grinding fluid, automatic transmission fluid, heat conduction oil boiler, pipe line cleaning agent, boiler maintenance additive, thermal insulation cotton, food grade white oil, automobile lubricating oil, etc. We are also able to provide you solutions of whole plant lubrication, cleaning, and anti-rust services such as oil monitoring and analysis, metalworking fluid (cleaning agent) and re-use programs, and etc.Water Based Parts Cleaning Solvent Made in China

How to find SSL root cert that made connection to the database in PostgreSQL?

When we connect to postgreSQL via ssl-mode=verify-full how will I make sure if the certificate I passed is used while making the connection?

With ssl_is_used(); shows only true or false. Is there any other extension or pg_catalog views that shows the root cert used in making connection to the DB ?

What happens if modifications are made to the base entity while it is under the effects of a suppressed True Polymorph?

Posit the following situation: A wizard has True Polymorphed a stick into, say, an adult Silver Dragon, and maintained it for the full hour. He uses the thing as a mount, he’s kept it happy with the idea, and all is well with the world. An enemy catches them both in an antimagic field, and while he’s picking himself up off the ground, breaks the stick in half and hands the two halves to two goblins, who start running in opposite directions. What happens when the goblins in question clear the antimagic field?

Useful information for a self made DnD gamemaster screen [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • What sort of cheat sheets should a new DM have for a better flowing 5e game of Dungeons and Dragons? 5 answers

I am currently working on a hand-crafted gamemaster screen made out of wood for a good friend of mine. I am planning on not using the DnD 5e “orignal” GM Screen as inlay, but creating a unique layout. Since I am not that well versed in D&D I am now wondering which information would be good and useful for the DM that might be needed during campaigns.

I was also thinking of adding some blank boxes with headings, where the DM might write some Information that is useful for him depending on the campaign (this would of course be erasable since I am going to foil the inlay to be then written on with whiteboard markers).

Any suggestions for the pre-written information and the blank boxes to be written on are very appreciated. Also any additional advice or ideas are very welcome.

Can we deploy custom apps that is apps made Visual Studio on sharepoint 2013 team site?

If so then how can we deploy it. Because in my case it is hampering the UI of the team site. It is a simple hello world app. How can we add an app for team site I have created an app catalog site for team site and loaded my custom app. It is throwing some error, “Sorry, apps are turned off. If you know who runs the server, tell them to enable apps”.