Is public transportation necessary in Madrid?

Flying in about a month to Madrid with my family 🙂

Usually when I’m abroad I get the unlimited public transport weekly ticket and use it a lot. From researching a bit online and viewing the map, it seems that almost all of the places we’re planning to visit so far (Restaurants, Puerta del Sol, Plaza de España, San Miguel, etc.) are only 10-15 minutes walk away from our hotel (located next to Primark in Gran Via).

Will public transportation even be necessary for us in Madrid? or is it better to walk?

Are all of the interesting places actually that close to the city center? Or perhaps I’m missing out on some…


Flight from Morocco to London has a 4S-4 connection in Madrid, do I need to enter Schengen?

Extracting the core question from Panicking: Used all my Schengen days and need to transit.

I looked at and the people mover needs a boarding pass which makes me wonder whether it’s air side.

1h50m is enough to transfer in Madrid Airport?

Next year I will make a cruise that starts in Miami. The best quality-price flight is OPO-MAD-MIA. I arrive in MAD at 13h35 (Terminal 2) and the next flight to MIA is at 15h25 (Terminal 1). Since the flights are both in Air Europa, I guess that we don’t need to check-in again (we just have to pass immigration). Do you think there is time to leave the plane, pass immigration, go to T1 and board on the plane to Miami?

Where can I find 6-month historical flight data for TAP flying from Madrid?

I was on a delayed flight that ended up cancelling my overseas flight because of the delay. The flight was TP021, flying from Barajas to Lisbon on the 15th of June. Because of the delay, I ended up missing my overseas flight. Plus, when I arrived in Portugal, TAP didn’t offer me a hotel in order to take the next day’s flight they booked me on, but only provided me with two food vouchers.

I want to request compensation; however, I need to prove that this flight TP021 was delayed and that it caused me to miss my overseas flight. I am searching online to get a screen print of this record, but everything I find goes back only and, at most, for a 3-month period.

Because this happened on June 15th 2018, I need 6-month historical data. Is there a free tool where I can get these stats and print the screen, so I can attach it to my claim?