Can I multiclass to a class I only meet the requirements of due to a magic item? [duplicate]

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  • Can multi-classing prerequisite ability score(s) be met through a magic item? 10 answers

Say I have a level 18 bard and want to take the last two levels in paladin. Unfortunately my strength score is only 8, ruling me out. Fortunately a friendly fighter has a belt of hill-giant strength. If I borrow this and attune to this I have a strength score of 21, plenty enough to multiclass to paladin.

My question is this: RAW would the above situation work: can I multiclass to a class I only meet the requirements of due to a magic item?

Bonus points for what happens should I lose attunement.

How do you reward treasure for an encounter using the Magic Item Compendium’s list?

Beginning on page 265 in the Magic Item Compendium, a new system for the generation of random treasure is presented.

While the system presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide beginning on page 51 generates treasure per encounter, the Magic Item Compendium generates treasure per monster CR.

I am not sure in what way an encounter then is supposed to be handled.

  1. Do you generate a single treasure for every monster according to its CR?
  2. Or do you translate CR into encounter level and generate one treasure for the encounter?

Can I cast a Magic Initiate spell using my own spell slots if the spell is also in my class spell list?

yes, I know, this question is very similar to others I’ve found.

Can you cast a magic initiate spell using spell slots?

The above post concludes that if the caster does not choose their own class, they cannot cast the spell learned through the feat Magic Initiate.

My question is this: if the spell learned through Magic Initiate exists in my spell list, but I chose another class for some reason, can I still not cast it using my own spell slots?

For example, let’s say I have a wizard and decided to take the Magic Initiate feat, and chose to take the spell from the bard class. The spell of choice: Tasha’s Hideous Laughter (or Hideous Laughter).

Since this spell is both on the bard and wizard’s spell list, could I use my own spell slots to cast it?

Magento 2 magic methods phpunit tests

I’ve started learning and at the same time writing tests for my Magento 2 custom development. Not a ride in the park. It feels like digging a pit in the sand sometimes. I got to the point where I need to test something like:

$  payment->setPaymentReminderSendStatus(true)->save(); 

Writing something like below won’t work.

$  this->orderPaymentMockSend->expects($  this->once())     ->method('setPaymentReminderSendStatus')     ->with($  paymentReminderSentStatus)     ->willReturnSelf() ; 

It will fail with the message: Trying to configure method setPaymentReminderSendStatus which cannot be configured because it does not exist, has not been specified, is final, or is static, which is true because the setters and getters are handled by \Magento\Framework\DataObject::__call magic method.

A colleague suggested mocking the payment object like below, but to me it feels a bit like hardcoding.

$  this->orderPaymentMockSend = $  this->getMockBuilder(Payment::class)     ->disableOriginalConstructor()     ->setMethods(['setPaymentReminderSendStatus'])     ->getMock() ; 

I’m also looking at maybe mocking the \Magento\Framework\DataObject object to be able to use the __call method (I don’t if this is even possible or if I’m overthinking it).

What would be the best practice in this case?

Is using the Magic Mouse 2 & original Magic Mouse on the same Mac unsupported in High Sierra?

I recently upgraded my mid 2011 Mac Mini to macOS High Sierra. I purchased the Magic Mouse 2 about a year ago, but really loathe the charging port on the bottom (unbelievably stupid design, but I digress). As such, I kept my old (original) Magic Mouse handy for when I needed to charge the MM2. I never had problems with this use case in OS X El Cap.

However, today when I tried to use the old Magic Mouse, macOS absolutely freaked out and neither of the bluetooth mice could connect. I had to use a generic Logitech USB mouse to “forget” both of MM (old and new), then I could reconnect the new MM after it charged.

So my question: is the original Magic Mouse unsupported in macOS High Sierra? Or perhaps I simply can no longer use the MM1 and MM2 interchangeably?

Update: Perhaps forgetting and re-pairing the mice was all that was needed..? Issue looks to be resolved now and I am able to use either mouse. This was just a leftover quirk from the OS upgrade I can only assume…?

When casting a spell using a magic item, is the casting itself visible?

Some magic items allow you to cast spells using them, even if you are normally unable to cast such spells, such as the Wand of Magic Missiles or the Helm of Telepathy.

When you cast a spell with such a magic item, can you be visibly seen to be casting the spell? This is relevant to

  1. Whether or not the spell can be Counterspelled
  2. Whether it is obvious to observers that any magic has occurred, if it’s a spell like Detect Thoughts that has no visible effect after being cast.

Magic Circle: What doesn’t fall under “non-magical means”?

Magic Circle has the following effect on creatures of a specified type:

The creature can’t willingly enter the cylinder by nonmagical means. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to do so, it must first succeed on a Charisma saving throw.

Forcecage has a similar clause:

A creature inside the cage can’t leave it by nonmagical means. If the creature tries to use teleportation or interplanar travel to leave the cage, it must first make a Charisma saving throw.

On Does Otiluke's Resilient Sphere beat Magic Circle?, one insightful answer frame-challenged to suggest that any non-teleportation, non-interplanar-travel means of movement, so long as it were magical, could be used to enter a Magic Circle.

Is this correct? Could a creature unable to enter a Magic Circle use a non-teleportation spell, such as Levitate or Gaseous Form (which would then also allow escape from a cage-shape Forcecage), to move into it? This seems like it might go against the spirit of the spell, if all that is needed to escape is a bit of a magical “push”.

are magic strings as event names okay

I am about to create my own event-driven API in JavaScript.

Most JavaScript that currently exists, e.g. in-browser JS for controlling the DOM, lets you register event handlers like this:

object.on('eventname', function handler() {}); 

'eventname' is basically a magic string, which is generally recommended against (right?)

But I see this pattern in all sorts of JavaScript libraries.

So in creating my own, should I follow the same pattern, or should I limit users to only something like:

object.onEventName(function handler() { }); 

Or is there another way.

Pact of the Blade – do you need to be attuned to bind a magic weapon? [duplicate]

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  • Can you use an unattuned magic weapon (that requires attunement) as a Warlock pact weapon? 2 answers

Pact of the Blade says that

You can transform one magic weapon into your pact weapon by performing a special ritual while you hold the weapon.

It doesn’t specify the need for attunement. Though since the ritual takes one hour, the side-effect is that you’ll attune the weapon anyway.

but, assuming there is a scenario where you’re not attuned to an attunement weapon, can you still bind it as a pact weapon? I assume you won’t gain its additional magic benefits beyond the +x to attack and damage rolls

secondary question: If this is possible, does that mean you won’t be cursed either due to not attuning?