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2M Fast Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger Charging For iPhone XS X XR 8 7 Samsung S8 Magnet An

1. Small fan for table: the mini fan has 1 speed & a 360 degree pivoting head. This quiet fan is compact enough for on a table.
2. Bring you comfort: fan for air circulation in your home can help increase your comfort and help reduce energy costs, more eco-friendly.
3. Space saving: mini size saves space and allows easy hand-free portability.
Mobile Phone Adapter
4. Can adjust angle: the frame can be adjusted 360 degrees up and down. This design provides comfort anywhere you are.

2M Fast Magnetic Cable Micro USB Type C Charger Charging For iPhone XS X XR 8 7 Samsung S8 Magnet An

How to retrieve magnet link from transmission?

How do I get the magnet links from transmission?

I didn’t [realize this information was stored.

I’d like to use just regular transmission, rather than remote. What I’ve tried:

thufir@dur:~$    thufir@dur:~$   transmission-remote -l -t 13 -i | grep magnet | sed -e "s/^ *Magnet: //" [2019-08-19 20:21:45.080] transmission-remote:  (http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/) Couldn't connect to server [2019-08-19 20:21:45.081] transmission-remote:  (http://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc/) Couldn't connect to server thufir@dur:~$    thufir@dur:~$   lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description:    Ubuntu 18.10 Release:    18.10 Codename:   cosmic thufir@dur:~$    

15 Ways to Create a High-Value Lead Magnet in 30 Minutes or Less

Need ideas to create a lead magnet? Have a look at these ideas:


…Lead magnets are little incentives that lure website readers to become potential buyers in exchange for their email address, or other contact information. And they take less time to create than you think. In fact, a ton of lead magnet options are right under your nose. All it takes is a little clever repackaging!

Here’s a collection of 15 high-value lead magnets to grow your email list. Use any one of these lead magnets to gain list subscribers on your blog, podcast, or through your landing pages. These lead magnets can all be created in 30 minutes or less…

15 Ways to Create a High-Value Lead Magnet in 30 Minutes or Less (No Tech Skills Required)

what file do I alter to turn off internal magnet?

I’m one of those that enjoy bending phones to my will. I’m trying to keep this Nexus 6 useable as long as I can. It’s my favorite phone ever. Anyway, the internal magnet that is supposed to turn the screen on and off when a magnetic case flap is shut is making it really difficult to use my magnetic car mount. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what file I can edit to turn off this function? I’m rooted, running Lineage OS 15.1. Thank you.

setting default magnet app in firefox, but i cant navigate to where the qbitorrent binary file is

ive seen a lot of answers about opening magnet links in firefox. a lot of them tell you to go to about:config and change network protocol handler …….. to false etc. ive done that.

now i get an option to choose which application to open the magnet link with. Now here is where my problem lies. i Have firefox installed as a snap package and qbittorrent as a flatpak. when prompted,i try to choose from firefox which app to use for magnet links. the thing is the executable for qbittorrent lies in my /var/lib/flatpak/apps folder. when i try this from the prompt window within firefox it tells me i dont have permission to open /var
What should i do????

WebTorrent, um magnet link esta apontando para uma pasta em vez do arquivo direto, tem como abrir a pasta? [pendente]

O problema é que o magnet link em vez de apontar para o arquivo .mp4 direto, esta apontando para a pasta que contem o arquivo, quero saber se a um jeito de alguma forma abrir esta pasta e ai poder farzer o streaming do arquivo .mp4?.