Yahoo! Mail logging in with 2FA code only

I came across a serious issue with Yahoo! Mail that I hope someone would help to fix or raise awareness for.

I wanted to create an account on Yahoo! Mail. I entered my phone number to the Yahoo! login, and it asked me if I wanted to receive an access key. So I did that, and typed in the access key… Surprise, I logged in ACCIDENTALLY to the Yahoo! Mail of the previous owner of my current phone number! Someone had used the same phone number years ago and connected it to his Yahoo! mail, and once he stopped using the phone number it eventually was bought by me, and I used this phone number to gain access to his email! Yahoo! didn’t even ask me for a name or email, just access to the phone number, and I was able to access his email. I immediately logged out.

Is this a normal thing? Looks like a very serious privacy issue… and Yahoo! could fix it just by requiring the person to enter the full name or email.

High bounce rate due to attacker is using website’s mail system

We got a realatively high bounce rate today, because someone decided to spread some links using our mail server. The implementation looked like this: He used the registration form and planted a link in the firstname field, which appears in the email’s first line. Then he sent out like 1200 emails like this. And my question is what can we do to prevent this? We can use captcha for sure, but can we do more about it?

Regarding Database mail configuration in sql server web edition 2012

I have enabled the database mail and sql agent service both and just to test whether the database mail is working or not, i configured the database mail, created the profile and account along with all the required details like (server name, display name, port, ssl, basic authentication) however when i tried to send test email and i am getting error in the server logs that is “unable to send mail because of the mail server (failure sending email)” something like that. I have checked the server name thrice and it is absolutely correct. Please suggest what am i doing wrong. Any help would be greatly appreciaated.

Note:- The same configuration i am using in enterprise edition and it is working perfectly fine. I am able to get the test email.

How to add an extra button on woocommerce shop page and use to to send the product info with image in mail?

I am using a WooCommerce Catalog Mode plugin and with it, I hid the “add to cart” button and add “enquiry” button. I want an extra button beside it which will share product name, image, info with branding and backlink to the webpage in a proper format.

Deliver Your Direct Mail Campaign With Impact by Using Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing (VDP) by means of definition, is a form of on-call for printing that attracts records from a particular database, to personalize text and photographs from one printed piece to the following, without preventing or slowing down the printing method.

Sounds like a mouthful, but actually a easy concept whilst it comes down to it.

VDP isn’t always a new concept. It has been round for just over a decade but growing in popularity as marketers search for approaches to supply their junk mail campaigns with most effect.

With VDP, entrepreneurs are able to customize their Latest mailings database in lots of distinctive ways. The maximum easy and famous shape is personalizing the salutation (i.E. Dear Mary). As era advances, alternatives are evolving and the capability to customize will become even greater complex. Now you could….
[Image: Canadian-CTOs-CIOs-Email-Lists.png]
• Assign unique promotional codes to sure businesses
• Personalize offers to a selected demographic
• Apply personalised URLs (purls)
• Customize your message primarily based upon past purchases and prediction of destiny needs
• Personalize snap shots (i.E. “Mary” written in an photograph of clouds, a sandy seashore, a constructing, a avenue signal, etc.)

Really, the options have grow to be infinite.

The cutting-edge fashion in variable facts printing today is a method called Door-to-Door Mapping. The call can’t do it better justice; door-to-door mapping provides instructions from the “front door” of the receiver to a destination distinctive by using the sender.

With both B-to-B and B-to-C opportunities, door-to-door mapping offers the closing in ease of response in direct mail campaigns. As the sender, you aren’t simplest handing over a excessive impact message, but now you are making it that a great deal easier for the target audience to reply in your provide by way of giving them directions for your occasion. An ideal application for door-to-door mapping is an occasion invitation.

Here are a few industries in order to gain by the use of door-to-door mapping, and examples of uses:

• Healthcare…..New affected person recruiting by means of a new pressing care center
• Real Estate…..Open residence invite
• Education…..Freshman elegance orientation or alumni event
• Manufacturing…..New product demonstration or manufacturing unit excursion
• Financial/Banking…..Invitation to an estate planning seminar
• Casino…..Entice out of state “excessive rollers”
• Ad organizations…..Invitation to “dealer day” occasion
• Restaurant…..New place announcement and coupon provide
• Non Profit Agencies…..Invitation to fund elevating gala

While door-to-door mapping can produce splendid reaction charges, being a tremendously unique and personal shape of variable facts printing, the important thing to attaining success lies inside the agency’s capability to devise in advance. Segmenting your database and maintaining contemporary records will can help you re-marketplace your data for greater effect. Although time eating, it’s far well really worth it ultimately.

In a era pushed by technological advances, alternatives for junk mail will best keep growing and trade, just as we have visible with the beginning of door-to-door mapping. The strengths and blessings of utilising VDP in direct mail campaigns are enormous but the backside line that marketers need to recall is: the higher the impact, the greater the reaction.

Someone I don’t know is sending me test mail. Is this a scam? [on hold]

In the last couple of weeks I’ve received several e-mails at my work account (a small research non-profit). The format is similar for all:

  • “Test mail” in subject line
  • No content in body
  • Address follows the format: [First name][two or three digit number][last name]
  • I do not recognize the names, and as this is a work account, I generally wouldn’t be receiving messages from someone’s gmail account anyway

This seems suspicious but I can’t figure out what’s going on here.