Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 553 Invalid RFC821 mailbox specification. in

Realizo un modulo en el cual los usuario al tener algún incidente de trabajo lo reportan llenándolo, este a su vez lo inserta en la BD y lo envía al correo que le coloco como principal $ to = ‘soporte.it@gmail.com’;, lo que necesito es que también le envié una copia del correo al usuario que inicio sesión con el campo $ user_id, coloque una linea donde le envía la copia pero me sale este error Warning: mail(): SMTP server response: 553 Invalid RFC821 mailbox specification. in C:\xampp\htdocs\tickets.usuarios\action\addticket.php on line 212 y me falla el envio de correo.

la linea 212 contiene if (mail($ to, "Nueva Solicitud de Atención", $ msjCorreo, $ cabeceras))

$  cabeceras = 'From: ' . "Soporte Técnico " . "\r\n"; $  cabeceras .= 'Bcc: ' . "SELECT t.user_id,u.email  FROM ticket t INNER JOIN user u ON u.id = t.user_id order by t.user_id DESC LIMIT 1" . "\r\n"; $  cabeceras .= "Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8";

Send mail notification when node of given type gets created

Use case: a small site where I want to warn all users by mail whenever a new content of a particular type is created. I thought I would try Rules+Actions to handle this.

I’m working on a vanilla Drupal 8 test site on my workstation, so there is just “Article” and “Basic Page”.

I’ve installed the Rules module ok. I’ve looked at several videos explaining how this works in Drupal 7 and they looked reasonable straightforward. Now I’m trying to do something in D8 and finding it less than obvious.

Specifically, I’ve created the rule to fire when new content is created, and now I’m on a page editing Condition, where I want to specify that the node type is “Article”. Using “Data selection” mode in the “Entity” field I select “node.type”. This seems logical, but what on earth do I put in “Type”? No matter what I put I get a message something like this: “Data selector node.entity for context Entity is invalid. Unable to apply data selector ‘entity’ at ‘entity’ ” – which is about as unexplicit as you can get.

Maybe I’m jumping the gun and Rules is not usable yet? Or maybe I’ve just not understood it at all…

But I would really appreciate if somebody could explain to me what seems quite straightforward in principle. How do I add a condition to my Rule that will cause the rule to fire only on a specific content type?

Stopping Junk Mail and Going Green Has Never Been Easier

GreenDimes is a membership service that eliminates your home address from dozens of direct mail lists for you. The service stops:

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This direct mail elimination gadget additionally presents its individuals with pre-revealed put up playing cards that can be mailed to the ones marketers who require a signature to eliminate you from their address e-book. However, this carrier does not forestall or lessen offers you acquire from groups you already have an existing courting with (such as a credit score card or coverage or month-to-month payments) nor does it forestall the  senegal email lists[url=http://www.latestdatabase.com/senegal-email-lists/][/url] of gadgets like alumni facts, mag subscriptions, bank or brokerage statements or membership groups.

What are the benefits to the usage of this product to clear out your direct mail? Here are only some:

You will keep your own treasured time each from not having to type thru your direct mail and actual mail as well as from now not having to spend time getting rid of your self from these mass advertising and marketing campaigns.
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Identity robbery due to “dumpster diving” is a popular approach of acquiring records. The records you throw away with out a 2nd look becomes exactly the information that is so very precious to identity thieves. In some brief mins, the pre accepted credit score card provide is completed, the go back deal with is filled in, and a complete stranger now has a credit card for your name.

[Image: Senegal-Email-Lists.jpg]

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With two levels of service going inexperienced is straightforward and you could hold some of your own “green.” One service product is “FREE ME” which presents a one year membership to GreenDimes for $20.00. The Free Me club gets rid of your cope with from mass mailings, gets rid of unwanted catalogs, monitors your account month-to-month to help you from being delivered to any additional lists, and also vegetation ten timber in your behalf.

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Gift memberships also are available. Free Me provider items could be added through email message indicating the loose gift and the Green Me gift might be brought both via e-mail or for a further $6.00 you can have the package mailed to their cope with.

Members see a dramatic decrease in direct mail deliveries in about three months, because much of the direct mail received is preprinted and organized for mailing months in advance. Three non-profit partners are concerned inside the planting of the trees: American Forests, Sustainable Harvest International, and Trees for the Future. The tree planting programs are carried out within the U.S., Central America, India, Haiti, and Senegal.

Payments for the club are made via credit score card. Each membership covers one residential deal with only. If you need to make a difference as well as do something appropriate for yourself and your circle of relatives that is a one in every of a type possibility. Not most effective can you keep yourself from undesirable direct mail; however you can additionally have an efficient approach of protective yourself from the ever growing chance of identity theft because of direct mail. You additionally acquire the extra advantage of assisting to guard the environment, via the reduction of waste and the planting of timber. It doesn’t be counted in case your desires are egocentric or environmental, GreenDimes offers you with a unique opportunity to perform plenty, saving you time, you and your circle of relatives from identity robbery and protecting the environment.

Unable to mail from command-line – public/pickup: No such file or directory

Attempting to send mails using mail(1) from the macOS terminal shell results in the following message and the mail is not sent.

postdrop: warning: unable to look up public/pickup: No such file or directory 

I have checked for the directory where I think it should be and it’s there:

root# ls -ld /var/spool/postfix/public/pickup prw--w--w-  1 _postfix  _postdrop  0 Dec 31  2016 /var/spool/postfix/public/pickup 

I’ve read that Postfix is launched ephemerally to send mail but I don’t know how – I have no idea how Postfix is configured on macOS. I know Postfix from Linux but am unfamiliar with macOS.

I’d just like to fix this so my script can send email its output.

Pertinent system details:

  System Version: macOS 10.12.6 (16G29) (Sierra)   Kernel Version: Darwin 16.7.0 

Exim – How to reject mail to RCPT ${run

In reference to the recently publicized Exim vulnerability CVE-2019-10149, I am running supposedly patched Exim v. 4.90_1 (built June 4th, 2019) on Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS.

Although it is supposedly patched, according to Canonical, I’m getting a lot of exploit attempt that are ending up as Frozen messages.

This is somewhat worrysome.

Is there a way to reject messages for recipients starting with a ‘$ ‘?

And how could I test to be sure these exploits aren’t working?

Nexus card expired and waiting for new one in the mail

I completed my interview June 10, 2019 for my Nexus and was approved. They said it will take between 3 – 4 weeks to receive my new card in the mail.

I forgot to ask if I can continue to use my old card while I wait for new card. I was able to do this the last time I renewed as I was crossing the border the same day.

Everything is the same except I am now using my maiden name.