“Send an Email invitation” should send mail with user added in bcc list

In SharePoint 2016 On prem evnironment, while providing permission to user, we keep check the send an email invitation, the requirement is that we want end users should not see the other members who received the same mail, so they all should have added in Bcc list instead of To List in the mail invitation.

I tired to fix this, i went to “AclInv.aspx” page and got to know these UpdateSendEmailMessage() and BtnOK_Click_Client() functions, are responsible for sending mail invitation, but i couldn’t get any clue about changing the user form “To” list to “bcc” list.

can anyone please help me on this issue ?

Mail interception fraud

Recently my company has been the target of a mail fraud attempt for the second time this year.

The fraud goes as followed:

1) My company sends an invoice to a customer with the email address alice.smith@mycompany.com (email address from the responsible for invoicing, fake name). This email never reaches the customer.

2) alice.smith@outlook.com sends a mail to the customer that we currently have an other bank account where payments should be made.

3) My company sends a reminder when the payment is late. This mail also doesn’t reach the customer. Instead alice.smith@outlook.com sends the reminder with minor changes (the bank account) to the customer.

The customer always has a conversation with Alice about the change of bank account and always receives answers. My boss is cc’ed in all the emails but he never receives the emails.

The @mycompany.com email addresses are hosted on o365.

In January we have had this for the first time, recently we have had the same thing but with a different client. Both times the emails were send from alice.doe@outlook.com.

How does this fraud work?

What can I do to prevent this from happening?

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

Yahoo has undergone some significant changes in its interface recently. There are still millions of users out there who donā€™t prefer to go with this updated version and wants to stay with the old one. Though the Yahoo newer version is quite intriguing, it tends to consume a lot more data and also requires an additional time to get upload on the system. The answer to this query lies in the Yahoo account settings itself where you can easily switch back to the basic version. Connect with the…

How can I switch back to the older Yahoo mail version?

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Update Libreoffice and Delete Evolution mail client

I just update Libreoffice because it wasn’t working properly by: snap install libreoffice

But I install a newer version and keep the old one. And did not get the programs working yet.

So I update and install Libre office: sudo apt-get update *sudo apt-get install libreoffice**

But I found out that there was two versions of Libre office 6.0 and 6.2 So I decided to remove the older one: sudo apt-get remove libreoffice 6.0

Here comes the problem: I can not explain how but my mail client (Evolution) has gone. With all my job mails.

Can anyone please help me to recover all my mails?