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Am I making my OTP less secure?

I am using some “magic link” one-time passcodes for automatically logging users in for a specific purpose on our website.

My plan is to generate a hash based on the datetime, users specific “ID” and a random int.

Then take this hash and use it a prefix to uniqid as per:

$  hash = sha1(date("Y-m-d H:i:s") . $  memberId . random_int(0, 9999) ); $  OTP = uniqid($  hash, true); 

After a bit of thinking I guess the use of uniqid is pretty redundant, but would it actually make it less secure to do it this way?

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Can a character with the War Caster feat call a bolt with Call Lightning instead of making an opportunity attack?

One of my players has a 6th level druid character, and he asked me if, as long as he had the War Caster feat, he could invoke an active Call Lightning spell and use a reaction to call down a new bolt of lightning as an opportunity attack.

Is it possible to use War Caster and Call Lightning this way?

Cleanest way of making templated friend function with required template parameters visible to ADL

Given the following example:

template<typename T> struct foo {     template<typename O>     friend foo<O> cast(foo const &) { return {}; }     friend foo bar(foo const &) { return {}; } };  int main(int, char**) {     foo<int> a;     auto b = bar(a);     auto c = cast<double>(a);     return 0; } 

cast is not visible for argument dependent lookup (ADL), while bar is. This is due to the fact that cast is a templated friend function with a required template parameter. What is the cleanest way of making cast visible to ADL?

The shortest is probably

template<typename O> void cast(); 

which can be enhanced by adding delete to make it clear that it cannot be called at compile time instead of at link time:

template<typename O> void cast() = delete; 

Furthermore an arbitrary argument could be added as well, to make the expected number of parameters visible, such as

template<typename O> void cast(void *) = delete; 

However the type here does not match the actual final type. In this simple case, I could use

template<typename O, typename T> void cast(foo<T> const &) = delete; 

But if I later add another class, e.g., qux, which also provides a friend cast this might actually be more misleading. A template-template parameter, while possible seems overly complex.

Which version would you prefer, and why, or do you have better suggestions?

The actual code has a specialized cast function (with a longer, more descriptive name).

Making a fake tld complete with domain registration

I am going to make a private, separate wifi network as part of a demonstration. People are going to connect to this network and I would like them to be able to visit fake websites with fake TLDS on their own devices (such as “random.hello”). I also would like to be able to dynamically allocate new domains on this network that will point to different HTML pages on one web server.

Using dnsmasq and Apache Virtual Hosts appear to be the best way to go.

I’m lost on exactly how would I go about doing this.

Rearrange Dock icons without making them stay when the app is closed

Is it possible to rearrange an icon in the Dock without making it stay there when the app is closed?

I don’t have any permanent apps in my Dock, but when I’m working I’d like to rearrange the Dock containing the many open applications. Going through them and unchecking Keep in Dock after rearranging is tedious.

What does it mean: Visa processing Times” you need to “Select the location you are making your application from”

I feel dumb asking about this, but gun shy with the visa process now.

1) under UK Gov site to see “Visa processing Times” you need to “Select the location you are making your application from”

2) The way I read it, that it means either my town, my state or my country.

3) However, in drop down menu it offers limited cities and countries together.

a) It has a few major cities like Chicago, NY and DC, but nothing near me.

b) It does have a option for DHS-Vac, USA, which googled is “Application Support Centers”

4) What exactly does that mean?

5) Since it seems to have limited options, I don’t really understand exactly what it means “Select the location you are making your application from”.