SP Search — Managed property missing value

We have SharePoint On Premise. We use managed property to return results for a multi select look up column.

The results are returned with expected values, except for the default pages of the site. For all other content types the managed property has values as expected, as well as for pages other than the default pages of the site.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

How to Install Free Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate on GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

I’m posting this question here along with an answer for reference in case anyone else is wondering how to install free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt on GoDaddy Managed WordPress plans. The answer below is not 100% complete as I was unable to get it working 100% at the very end with certificate generation most likely because I was trying this on a Windows machine. You may have better luck working through the steps on a linux machine.

Map managed properties Path, OriginalPath to a custom property in SharePoint Online Search

We have a custom Content Type which we added to a SharePoint list in each site collection to save site metadata. Content Type has a url field named “Site URL” which just saves the site collection url. Now, when user searching for content the list item will show up and the url shows the list item display form url with ?ID=.

We like to map/prioritize the custom url property “SiteURL” to Path, OriginalPath managed properties, so actual site collection url maps to search result. But, it is not working that way. Properties mapped fine and below is the value for both.

ows_q_URLH_MSCProjectSiteURL, ClientUrl, Basic:11

Any ideas please suggest.


Display templates, managed properties showing null

In Sharepoint Online,trying to display one site collection list columns in another site collection using search and dispaly templates List:/sites/UAT/Lists/SearchTestList/AllItems.aspx enter image description here

1.Mapped the crawled properties with managed properties in both the site collections enter image description here same mapping in /sites/UAT and /sites/Classic

2.Created a basic search center in /Sites/Classic and through query rules I am able to get the results

enter image description here

=>In Item_Default display template , I have added these Properties as ‘RefinableString148′:’RefinableString148′,’RefinableString149′:’RefinableString149′,’RefinableString150′:’RefinableString150’

=>In display templates, I am displaying as below

 <ul> <li>    _#= ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString148 =#_ </li> <li>    _#= ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString149 =#_ </li> <li>    _#= ctx.CurrentItem.RefinableString150 =#_ </li> <li>    _#= ctx.CurrentItem.Title =#_ </li> <li>    _#= ctx.CurrentItem.LastModifiedTime =#_ </li> </ul> 

But the output is only displaying Title and LastModifiedTime of items enter image description here

But the same properties are showing in Refiners enter image description here

Am I missing anything or doing anything wrong? Any help would be appreciated.