Two questions regarding Audio and Assets management in UE

I’ve got an UE project, and I need to play audio coming from a third-party API.

  1. Audio is in LPCM format, each frame is two bytes signed integer with little-endian byte order. How I can play audio chunks in this format inside Unreal Application?
  2. Is it possible to import newly-generated audio during runtime without re-packaging the final project?

SQL Server Management Studio: Could not load file or assembly ‘Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextManager.Interop.8.0’

I’ve had this problem for a while and can’t find anyone with the exact same issue.

I get the error when trying to select top 1000 rows.

I checked in the PublicAssemblies and it is not there. the lowest version there is 9.0. And I can’t find a copy anywhere else.

Thanks for any help.

Workflow for a data-heavy, almost spreadsheet-like management game

I’m absolutely fascinated by the management games, such as Football Manager, with dozens of spreadsheets and thousand of pieces of data.

Coding it all in Unity, especially for a prototype, feels like a lot of useless UI work. Trying to just make it from scratch with React suffers, at the same time, from architecture problems…

What architecture or approaches would help tackle this problem?

how to make sure vulnerability management does not lead to reduced to compromised security

when running vulnerability scans often a particular version of say Node.js is reported to be vulnerable along with a recommendation to update to a higher version. Then we have also unsecure TLS, SSL protocols like TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 and it’s recommended to disable them altogether. For me, any of the above recommendations is a change that needs to be applied to a given application, host etc. Now I’m wondering have one can make sure that any of two changes does not lead to reduced or compromised security? How one can make sure that the new Node.js version is not introducing even more severe weaknesses / vulnerabilities ? How does change management fit into this ? In the end updating the Node.js version or disabling unsecure TLS/SSL protocols is a change request? Isn’t it?

Looking for Closed Bids Management Script


I am a coach. I need a class of 50 persons maximum on each intake. My selling method is I don't set the price, but I ask clients to give me their best offers. Then I pick from the top 50.

Now use emails. So sometimes I get more than 200 offers and it becomes time-consuming to read them and rank them manually. Is there a WP plugin (or any other website script) that can help me with this task?


Is it possible to debunk Intel Management Engine conspiracy theories using a data usage monitor device?

If there would be any backdoor in recent Intel CPU’s, then it should send and receive data secretly.

Isn’t it possible to easily debunk this conspiracy theory by implementing a third physical device between the computer and the router to find out if there’s a difference between the amount of data transferred as reported inside the operating system and the actual amount of data that the third device in the middle counts?

vulnerability management, risk mitigation vs risk acceptance

I was involved in a conversation concerning the in-house vulnerability management program. One the statements made was that the management is generally not willing to accept risk and it should be aimed to mitigate it preferably in form of patching.

On the other hand, there are cases of applications that are vulnerable (most of them have critical and high severity levels) and they are going to be decommissioned by the end of 2020.

The problem is, that no one wants to put money on the table for fixing the vulnerabilities because the product or products will be decommissioned in a few months’ time.

I’m now wondering, aren’t they somehow already accepting the risk of not providing funds for fixing the vulnerabilities or is it more an example of neglect?

Furthermore, shouldn’t, in this case, a formal process of risk management exist to weigh the cost against the potential loss caused by a possible exploitation leveraging the vulnerability?

Need help for integrating inventory management system with auction sites

Hi guys..

I am currently required to develop an inventory management system for used cars that posts and retrieves data from single/multiple auction sites. The inventory management system should be standalone and it can integrate with the existing auction sites like eBay etc. or for demonstration purposes, can be shown on a separate new auction site. Can you guys please help me as to where to start with this and if there are any ready-made scripts available that suit this purpose? Please help