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How to use Pie manual rotation on a phone with physical buttons?

Apparently, since Android Pie the screen can now be locked to landscape orientation (hurray! CyanogenMod (and WP8) has had this since like forever).

However, my device (Nokia 5) has physical buttons, so the method presented in the linked article does not work — and when disabling auto-rotate from the MultiCollider SuperDropdown, the screen reverts to portrait mode. How do i lock my phone into permanent horizontal orientation?

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Cheap secondhand off-camera flash with manual power controls?

I have a Canon 500D and am not overly a fan of portrait shots, but thought I might give it a go with a few simple setup scenes. External lighting would be useful, but the good stuff is very expensive, and as I’m only experimenting I don’t want that. I’ve decided to get myself some wireless flash hotshoes which I now have 4 of and a trigger on the camera. I’ve a couple of basic cheap lighstands for putting any flashes on I get. Now all I need to do is work out what flashes to get.

My criteria are these:

  • I do not plan on using the flashes on the camera hotshoe and will not be requiring any compatible/fancy metering
  • As I do not plan on using the flashes on the camera hotshoe of my camera higher trigger voltage flashes aren’t so much a problem
  • The flash should be cheap and secondhand. By cheap I mean below £30-40 if possible, the cheaper the better.
  • The flash needs the ability to set the power output manually. Obviously the more settings/increments the better

I know I can’t expect much for the cheap price, but I do not require any fancy settings, just the manual options. Whenever I have searched forums and websites online for cheap flashes with manual controls etc I find plenty of good priced flashes that are equivalent to the speedlites for cheaper, but these are all to be used on camera with metering etc and are therefore still far more expensive than what I am looking for. What I want is a cheap flash with manual controls, that could be decades old as long as it still works, with no need for fancy metering as it is just going to be used as a portable light source as opposed to a ‘speedlite’ equivalent.

Any help would be appreciated finding good brands and their models to keep an eye out for on ebay etc.

Thanks in advance

My Camera won’t take pictures in Manual Mode (any of them) until I turn it off

I’m taking this photography course and the guy wants me to take pictures in manual mode. Problem is my camera doesn’t want to do that until I turn it off. Now, I can’t tell if the picture sucks because I’m just really bad at taking pictures or if it’s the camera. Does anyone know what I should do?

Pentax DSLR stopped accepting manual lenses

I’ve upgraded K-S1 camera firmware to latest version, played with some settings and reset them to defaults.
For some reasons, manual (K) lenses aren’t accepted anymore. Modern auto-focus lenses work fine but for my old lenses, the camera doesn’t show focal length setting when turned on. Display shows flashing F– and I can’t take pictures in any mode.