What’s the equivalent to a ‘visual site map’ or a ‘product flow’

Basically, if user flows and task flows outline forms of interaction between screens (by tree flows or single linear flows), what is the mapping of all screens (and interactions) that exist in the product? A site map?

I’ve often found site maps are more under the realm of information architecture, so they might not necessarily include interactions or visual fidelity?

Is creating this mapping useless due to its ambiguity? Task flows serve to outline how a user would perform a task, site maps (as a method for information architecture) are based upon user’s mental models, so is there any reason to construct a ‘product flow’?

Porque meu .map não é executado?

Tenho a seguinte função:

function (markers) {   const geocoder = new google.maps.Geocoder()   const geocodingResults = []   markers.forEach((latLong) => {     geocoder.geocode({ 'location': latLong }, (result, status) => {       // console.log(results, status)       if (status !== 'OK') { return false }       geocodingResults.push(result)     })   })   console.log('geocodingResults', geocodingResults)   return geocodingResults.map((address) => {     console.log('address', address)     return address[0].address_components[1].short_name   }) } 

No console eu recebo geocodingResults sendo um array com 2 de tamanho porem nunca recebo o log “address”, oque pode esta acontecendo ? meu map não esta sendo executado ?

How to avoid multiple computations within `map` callback?

I wrote following “one-liner” for normalizing a vector (represented by an usual array here), that means dividing every entry by the euclidean norm of the vector.

normalize = v => v.map(x => x/Math.sqrt(v.map(x => x * x).reduce((a, b) => a + b))) 

Unfortunately it is not very efficient, as the norm is computed over and over again for every entry. Can we modify this “one-liner” in a way that avoids this repeated evaluation?

Angular: La propiedad ‘map’ no existe en el tipo ‘Observable’.ts(2339)

Hola estoy tratado de hacer un map de una respuesta de un web.api rest, al momento de hacer .map sobre el objeto http.get el typescript me devuelve este error:

“La propiedad ‘map’ no existe en el tipo ‘Observable’.ts(2339)”

Aclaro que importe el map de la siguiente manera import ‘rxjs/add/operator/map; también probé con import { map } from ‘rxjs/operators’; y me sigue marcando el mismo error. Alguien tiene idea como solucionar este problema?

las versiones que tengo son

Angular CLI: 7.0.7

Node: 11.1.0

Angular: 7.0.4

rxjs 6.3.3

typescript 3.1.6

Les adjunto el código con el error solo me queda marcado con error el .map

getinfo(){ this.http.get(this.url).map((resp:any) => {   this.info = resp;   return this.info; };