Create an interactive maps from location list

In SharePoint Online, I have a list with different stores location. the idea is to work to have a map with all our store on the SharePoint homepage.

I already found something like this but in the old classic view. (i created a new view of the list with all the information) but I can’t find a way to do the same in the modern view.

Does someone have some idea to help to udnerstand how to do this? Thank you

¿Qué necesito para empezar con Google Maps en Laravel 6.0?

me gustaría integrar google Maps con Laravel 6.0 y no sé por dónde empezar, tengo tres combos anidados, uno de comunidad, otro de provincias y otro de municipios, me gustaría mostrar mapas con las búsquedas de los combos, es decir, si buscan el municipio Altea mostrar la ubicación de Altea en mi web. Tengo ya una base de datos que contiene la longitud y latitud de los municipios en Mysql y ya extraigo esos datos.

Mi problema viene, a que no sé si tengo que usar la api javascript de Google maps, ¿que versión sería la 3? ¿y para integrarlo con Laravel que pasos debería seguir? ¿Algún enlace a algún tutorial?

Muchas gracias.

API Google Maps

Me gustaría saber si alguno ha podido trabajar con Google Maps, para poder hacer parámetros como indicar un sitio y que el que visualice el mapa vea una chincheta en ese lugar, o poder coger la ubicación de quién visualice la página y poder mostrar las chinchetas más cercanas a esa ubicación. La verdad es que me ayudaría mucho cualquier consejo al respecto sobre esto. Tanto para hacerlo en versión web como para hacerlo en versión móvil. Muchas gracias de antemano.

Add expires headers for Google Maps and Analytics [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How do I add the an expires header for external URL components as suggested by GTmetrix and YSlow? 3 answers

Can anyone help me to find out that how can we increase website speed to resolve Add expires headers for google maps and Analytics. Please see below images. There are 9 component without expire header tags.

enter image description hereenter image description here

Problema de geolocalizacion con google maps

Hace unas semanas mi api-key empezó a fallar por lo que decidí renovar para una nueva pero al momento de cambiar mi api-key aquí específicamente me manda este error al querer obtener una localización

nuevo:1406 [Deprecation] getCurrentPosition() and watchPosition() no longer work on insecure origins. To use this feature, you should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. Seefor more details.

Mi sitio no es HTTPS es HTTP, pero antes servia a la perfeccion

Maps: How did they do this?

I run a local business, so I've been looking at various ways both SEO and otherwise to improve how my site appears on Google. I noticed today that Oak Furnitureland have managed to get the markers for their locations to contain their logo. Does anyone know how this is achieved? By coincidence I've been looking at improving the Schema markup for my site, and I'm wondering if it's something to do with that. Interestingly the OFL logos only appear on the maps app, not on the web version. Any…

Maps: How did they do this?

Sharepoint and Bing Maps

I’m having some issues with Bing Maps and Sharepoint. I’m trying to create an interactive map that plots locations and details a how much it would cost to transport a vehicle to that location. I need this to be edited by certain members of my team, and I’d like them to be able to pick a point on the map and it adds that to the Sharepoint list database.

Currently i’m having issues with map views as it won’t display as a map view unless i create a Web Part Page. But also to get this working I have to manually add the Geo Locations Long and Lat tags for every location which isn’t very user friendly.

Is there anyway to that a user can enter the address and the geo-tags are populated from the address? or am I am going about it the wrong way ?

Elfsight Google Maps Plugin Version 2.1.0 : Location image input not found

I’m using Elfsight Google Maps Plugin Version 2.1.0 in my WordPress website to create an interactive map.

1- I can’t find the image field in the description section like in the demo to upload an image to my location, and i get google building image by default for every location i create.

2- Also the pointer doesn’t load i must enter “plus codes” instead of address so the location can be loaded.

Can anyone help me with that?